Ringside smooth stuffed boxing mma muay thai fitness exercising education kicking punching a hundred, 130, a hundred and fifty and 200 lb heavy bag

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  • gentle filled heavy bag
  • to be had weights: a hundred, one hundred thirty, one hundred fifty & two hundred lbs.
  • d-ring on backside
  • size: sixteen” x forty eight”
  • heavy bag chain and swivel are blanketed
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the bigger goal affords a more enforcing opponent to push around. The delivered length also enables build strength and strength in the upper body. Tender shredded fabric filling gives a secure hitting surface. No greater sore knuckles or palms and allows reduce muscle strain on wrist, elbows, and shoulders. Available in a hundred, a hundred thirty, a hundred and fifty and 2 hundred lbs. Fashions. Measures sixteen” x 48″. Available in tender fill simplest. A heavy bag chain and swivel are covered. The bottom weight of the 2 hundred lb. Heavy bag is about one hundred forty lbs. The heavy bag contains an inner, plastic cylinder inside the middle. The heavy bag’s finished weight may be customized everywhere among a hundred and forty and two hundred lbs. By way of really unzipping the pinnacle of the bag and adding the preferred amount of sand to the internal of the cylinder. Additional shipping prices practice for this item.  the precise amount is quoted on the checkout or by using selecting to estimate your shipping prices for your buying cart.



7 reviews for Ringside smooth stuffed boxing mma muay thai fitness exercising education kicking punching a hundred, 130, a hundred and fifty and 200 lb heavy bag

  1. Mike

    I boxed amateur many decades ago as a teenager. At 142 pounds I hit a 200lb water bag routinely and I hit more like a light heavyweight in those days. Now in my 50’s at 185 pounds I wanted to buy a quality heavy bag that I could start training on again. I wanted a bag that I wasn’t going to outgrow as I started getting back in shape and hitting harder again.I got the 150lb bag and it is beautiful. I felt like I could have even got away with the 100 pound bag, but I’m glad I got the 150lb. It’s well made and very solid. I paid for an expensive hanger, so I could professionally hang it from the joists, but otherwise all hanging hardware is included.I’m 100% satisfied with this purchases, even though it was a bit more than I had originally planned on spending, but I think it would outlast a couple of cheaper bags. I fully expect this bag to last me 10 or 15 years.Read more

  2. Dark Drifter

    I had an Everlast C3 Foam bag years back, I got intense workouts from that one, I would punch near where the straps were on that one, and the black leather part above the foam, that one ended up tearing from the strap base so I stopped using it. I didn’t want to run into that issue again so I ended up looking at this bag. I tried using it with 16oz and 12 oz gloves and this thing’s surface feels extremely stiff. It has almost no give compared to the Everlast bag, just a couple of punches makes my knuckles and hands hurt too much, I’ll feel like I’ll wreck them without padding. The Everlast bag I also used to punch with just weight lifting gloves, I could go on it so hard til my punching muscles reached exhaustion. That one must have weighed around 90 lbs but it gave me insanely good workouts. I like the construction of this bag, it looks and feels pretty durable, but I would look back at Everlast as I love heavy bag workouts, I can’t see myself realistically using this one more than once a week, nearly every time after I’ll have finger aches, never had such any issue with the Everlast.Read more

  3. k9wnolegs

    Very happy with this purchase. Great, high quality, leather bag. I did quite a bit of research before I bought this bag, and for the price I’d say it’s the best value out there – especially for an all leather bag. I expect this to last my lifetime. I purchased the 200lb bag, and it weighed in about 130 lbs. I found that to be heavy enough, and do not expect that I’ll be filling the center tube with sand to make it heavier. But, I always have that option.The bag is filled with densely packed cloth and there are no hard spots. The bag ships with the chains and swivel, so there is no need to purchase those separately. I did hang my bag from my garage ceiling rafters using 3 Everlast Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hangers and 3 Ringside Heavy Duty Bag Springs that you can purchase on Amazon. I got the idea from a forum post in A post in there describes hanging the bag from 3 ceiling mounts in an equilateral triangle shape that distributes the weight between 3 rafters. I did kind of a modified version of this and it works great. No issues with the ceiling handling the weight and pounding I’m giving this bag.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I am a 52 year old male who has been to quite a few of those boxing workout classes (think rumble and title boxing). During the Corona pandemic I decided to buy my own to workout at home. I bought the 100 pound bag and I think this is an excellent bag. Very well made. I subscribe to Nate Bower on You Tube and do some of his videos. After the bag came, I noticed Nate has a video on how to pick a bag and he cites this one as one of his 2 favorites. He goes on to say that there is no compensation from either of the manufacturers so he is independent. The 100 pound bag is probably a little light for me as a 200 pound male so I ordered an anchor and will attach it’s the bottom. But I highly recommend this bag.Read more

  5. MickeyC

    Very nice bag. I got the 200lbs. Will need gloves as it’s very hard on the knuckles. If you’re serious about training, this bag is for you. If you want a soft punching bag to slap around with your cotton soft hands, this bag is not for you. If you’re a man or woman that’s ready to fight hard, this is the bag.Read more

  6. K. Gibby

    I got the 150 lb version. It is REALLY hard. Harder than I was expecting. I think it will soften up as I use it more, but I’m having to go a little lighter on my hooks and overhand shots for the moment so I don’t stress out my wrists. I would not recommend using this bag without having high-quality gloves (and wraps, of course). I hung this bag on a stand, and I had to re-hang it because it wasn’t high enough. We hung it as high as the chains would allow with the girth of the bag, and it’s still almost not high enough for overhand shots (I’m only 5’6″)–I’ve hit the rivets a few times, and that does NOT feel good , but if you’re hanging it from the ceiling, this wouldn’t be a problem. I’m limited by how tall the bag stand is. Still a great investment. Best thing I did for myself–especially during the COVID-19 quarantine!Read more

  7. Paul Bernard Fauteux

    Other reviews are saying that this bag doesn’t develop soft spots, but I’ve really put mine through the ringer and it’s a little lumpy and misshapen after about a month. Other people are saying that it doesn’t have enough give, and while it doesn’t buckle as much as other bags in trained for a while on (Thai banana bags), it compresses fine when I hit it. I don’t have a lot of experience with heavy bags, really, but, overall, this one seems like it’ll hold up. It takes a bearing like a champ.I’m hanging it from a fairly low basement ceiling, and I’ve noticed that the hanging hardware occupies a lot of length. I ended up looping the chains through the D rings and choking up on them a little. Works fine, thoughRead more

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