Ringside twister free-standing exercise punching heavy bag bk/rd

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  • make sure this fits
  • through getting into your model wide variety.
  • made with long lasting vinyl shell
  • fill base tank with one hundred forty lbs. Of water or sand
  • massive placing surface
  • ideal for fitness center or home exercise boxing health training
  • total top is sixty eight inches assembled

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ringside’s new tornado loose status punching bag is a smaller, faster version of our different unfastened status punching baggage, providing an astounding, actual opponent experience and action. A stable foam core encased in a long lasting vinyl cover offers the right quantity of resistance and shock absorption. The bottom with ease fills with water or sand for amazing balance.

5 reviews for Ringside twister free-standing exercise punching heavy bag bk/rd

  1. Daniel

    Okay so right off the bat I get that this thing isn’t a heavy bag and is more inline with a reflex bag so comparing it to a heavy bag is a little silly. I also understand that it’s a stand alone bag and as such is inherently unstable when you really dig your shots, specifically with hooks, it’s not hanging on a fixed point so there will be some movement. Okay so with those two points out of the way let’s talk about the use cases and aspects of the bag I like/dislike.I got this gab for use during the Stay at Home order currently in effect since I don’t have access to a heavy bag at my home nor is my girlfriend big enough to hold pads for me, 6 foot 1 just a few pounds south of 200lbs at the moment. Was here two days after ordering which was a welcome surprise and took me literally 5 minutes to screw together and maybe 10 minutes to fill up with water. So from the moment I opened the package to the moment I laced up some gloves was about 20-30 mins give or take, super simple set up I would be amazed if you struggled with it.The holes for filling the bags are admittedly small but the hose I have has a small nozzle so I didn’t have any trouble though I did accidentally spray myself a few times. I can see where filling with sand could be a pain but that was not my experience since I filled with water. I think now that I have it set up I would enjoy using sand instead since the cap didn’t seem to be airtight and I noticed that if I tip the base over on its side there was water leaking. Not ideal but I mean I have never used a stand alone bag that hasn’t had that problem, one of the reasons I don’t exactly love using there types of bags but hey no gym for the time being so it’s what I got to work with.The bag itself isn’t heavy and that works in this instance since it swings rather violently if you give it a good crack, feels really nice when you catch it flush and offers enough resistance to really land with confidence. Not too light but light enough that I’m not worried about jamming my wrist when the bag is swinging back towards me. I’m not sure if anyone else has been this dumb but I was working on one of those aqua bags a few weeks back and trying to throw combinations at the very end of my reach but misjudged it and threw a jab as the bag was swinging back towards me. Ended up hyper extending my arm since I didn’t judge the distance right and immediately had my hyper extended arm jammed up with a 75lb aqua bag, made the next few rounds a little unconfortable but that’s not the case here. I mean can you accidentally hyper extend your arm by missing the bag with a jab or a straight? Yea and I did but having the bag swing into my hyper extended arm was a non issue. Plus me hyper extending my arm is not an issue of the bag it’s a matter of me missing and throwing to full extension, as most of you know that’s just poor technique on my part really shouldn’t be throwing to hyper extension but I’m working on it. I want full extension not hyper extension but damn if I didn’t find myself really wanting to tag this bag as it was flying around, it’s really quite addictive.The bag tends to move a good amount on heavy hooks but if you just throw good technical hooks you won’t run into issues, it’s just when you really put some umph into your hooks that you might wobble the base a little. On these instances I noticed some water, just a little bit a lot, leaking out of the bag and onto the ground which I was not a fan of. Created a slippery surface around the bag, I set mine up in the garage without mats, still have gotten around to getting those not sure if it’s worth the investment yet if the gym isn’t going to be closed for another few months but we’ll see how this COVID thing plays out.To be honest though that’s the only real grip I have with this bag and as I stated earlier that’s a common issue with basically all stand alone bags. They universally are not great about staying stable on power shots and all have leaking issues if you fill them with water, at least in my experiences with using them. Will this bag become my favorite bag to use? Probably not since I have a special place in my heart for the aqua bag at my gym, gotta love the versatility in terms of angles you can through on those things. I will say that this bag was a welcome surprise for me. Was really fun to find a rhythm with it, had enough feedback/resistance where I could through stiffer shots, and is super easy to set up and move around.Would I recommend this for a gym? Nah just get a double end bag, there’s no need for a hybrid bag like this at a gym if you got a bag rack to hang some heavy bags and a double end from. But for the house especially when the gyms are closed? This thing is a pretty good option. Not crazy about the price when I’m still experiencing those standard free standing bag pitfalls of instability and leakage but if you can stomach the $300 I would pull the trigger. Lots of fun, allows you to practice your timing/target tracking, and offers a halfway point between a stand alone heavy bag and a cobra bag. I’m happy with it but can’t wait to get back to my aqua bag in the corner of the gym, this will remain a fixture of my boxing work but can’t replace the aqua bag for me though I’m not sure it was ever meant to. As a supplementary/home bag it excels, solid pickup for beginners and advanced boxers alike.Okay wait one thing, if you are an avid boxer who has a heavy bag at the house and wants something for reflex training I wouldn’t go with this. I would get yourself a double end bag if you have a rack, a cobra bag If you can’t hang a double end, or one of those head banda with a ball attached to it if you are tight on cash. All those options are waaay cheaper than this bag and accomplish the same goals essentially.Hopefully this helps and if you skipped to the end since you didn’t want to read this super long winded essay here’s the basic overview:It’s a stand alone bag that suffers from typical stand alone bag issues. Not always the most stable and can be prone to leaking water from the base. The bag itself feels good, is responsive, and fun as hell to track with combos. Well worth it if you don’t have other hanging options available though if you do have the ability to hang bags there are cheaper ways to accomplish the same goal. End of story if you can hang something then do that instead, if you can’t this is a fantastic product that I am having a lot of fun with.Read more

  2. TV Dude

    Read up on a few different bags and decided on this one. Was looking for something to get a great cardio workout, if nothing else — this definitely fits the bill! Doesn’t take up a ton of space, and you don’t need to drill anything to hang it.. Took a little while to fill it with sand (I used fine playground sand and a funnel) but the base is solid. It gives a lot when you hit it hard — but I like that it bounces back at you — you can really develop a cool rhythm with it. Definitely recommend it!Read more

  3. David R. Williams

    My boxing gym has been closed since March. I spent the summer biking but now that cold weather is coming in, that’s just not possible. I always enjoyed hitting the heavy bags and the challenge of the double end bags. This sort of combines the best of both. You start wailing on this thing and it starts moving. Definitely keeps you on your toes. Typically I find assembling anything frustrating, but this was easy as pie. I used sand to weight down the base. If you prop the base on its side and use a funnel, the sand pours easily in. If you try to pour in sand with the base flat – you will be there for a few hours lol. I quickly figured that out. Highly recommended.Read more

  4. Kendall Giles

    I’ve enjoyed using Ringside heavy bags, Muay Thai bags, and gloves over the years, so I was excited to try out the Ringside Tornado Punching Bag. This bag is free-standing and combines elements of a heavy bag with a double-end bag.In the box you get the empty plastic base, the stand and spring, the bag, and all hardware and instructions needed to put everything together.The base comes in two halves, and you can fill each half with sand or water. I filled my base with sand, and this was a tedious process as the holes are very narrow–I recommend using a funnel (not included) to make things easier. Once filled, the two halves clip together and a cap screws on to cover the filling holes. The picture shows the clipped together halves right before I added the cap.The metal stand is secured to the base with four bolts. A hex key to tighten the bolts is included. Remember to put the plastic black cap covering the filling holes to prevent spilling water (or sand) before you mount the stand to the base.What sets this punching bag apart is the heavy metal spring that connects the punching bag to the base and stand. When punching a traditional heavy bag, there is some movement as the bag swings on its chain, but for the most part the heavy bag does not force you to react. However, with the Tornado, when you punch the bag the spring causes the bag to swing back at you, forcing you to react to each of your own punches. The spring causes the bag to bob for some time, meaning you will need to actively target the bag with your punches, similar to having to track the double-end bag.The bag itself has a foam core covered with a durable vinyl shell. The bag dimensions are 24” tall by 11” diameter. Fully assembled the bag is 68” tall. I wish the bag was height adjustable, though to be fair I guess a given opponent is not height adjustable either! Also note that the bag itself is not as dense as a heavy bag.All in all I enjoy using the Ringside Tornado Punching Bag, though you need to keep in mind that it is not meant to be used like a heavy bag–the spring and bag do not provide much resistance, so it is not really meant for power punches. Rather, it is a tool meant to help with your punching speed, precision, and timing. I found the quality of the materials high, like with the other Ringside products I have. The only issue I have with this bag is that the spring unscrews from the stand if you throw too many left hooks. The spring just screws into the red plastic connector on the metal stand–a left hook causes the bag to rotate counter-clockwise, which unscrews the spring. Having the bag fall off the stand in the middle of a round can really interrupt your workout. Because of this flaw I would say this should be used in the home only and I would not recommend this for use in a gym.Thanks for reading. By the way, if my review was helpful to you in choosing or not choosing this product, please consider clicking on the “was this review helpful” link at the end of this review—this motivates me to write more reviews!Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Incredible bag. The spring action on it makes it as fun as a cobra bag but the large cushy padding allows for power punches. But be careful this thing will break your wrist or knuckles if you aren’t wearing wraps and gloves and also be careful when it comes back fast st you. It can pop ya good. Best almost quiet versatile non ceiling bag I’ve experienced.Read more

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