Ringside youngsters boxing handwraps

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  • ensure this suits
  • by using entering your version variety.
  • every wrap is 1″ x a hundred and twenty”
  • intended for boxers with smaller arms
  • hook & loop closure and thumb loop
  • offered in pairs

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product description

a brand new compact handwrap for smaller boxers and youngsters underneath 100lbs. The narrower width contours to smaller fingers higher and affords the first-rate protection with out extra wrap. Offered in pairs.

8 reviews for Ringside youngsters boxing handwraps

  1. B.F. Skinner

    Bought these for my girlfriend because regular hand wraps were too long for her. Purchased half jokingly, these fit her hands perfectly, I will be buying more!Read more

  2. Honest FeedBack

    The wraps were frayed and filthy. They had a wrapper but apparently were used or damaged and resold. They were so dirty, I would not let my son put them on… yuk!Read more

  3. KiKi

    Rough edges on the material ended up scraping my knuckles raw through rounds of padwork. The wrap is sturdy but definitely not stretchy or comfy as the Masters brand.Read more

  4. TommyTx

    These get the job done (protection of the connective tissue, tendons, and skin) for youngsters wanting to get into boxing or striking arts that may involve hitting a heavy bag. The wraps are pretty short, but for a 6 to 12 year old average size child, they will work well. If your child is on the larger side or is maturing more quickly than their peers, you may want to go with a larger wrap. They work great for my 85lb girl, her 100lb brother and my other 115lb boy. All are just under 5ft tall. The wrap itself seems durable and we anticipate getting some good use out of them.Read more

  5. Jan Cameron

    I’m a woman that likes to hit the heavy bag for therapy. I wrap my hands and then put on bag gloves. The “mexican style” wraps were too long and too time consuming to wrap, and the older “canvas” wraps were too short. These Ringside “child” wraps are the perfect fit.Read more

  6. ashley

    Love these for my 9 year old. Much thinner & shorter than the regular adult wraps. I would say probably good for kids up to age 11or 12Read more

  7. Mia’s Mom

    My daughter is using these for boxing. They are great. Long enough to give her the coverage and support she needs.Read more

  8. Micah

    For people who use cheapy hand wraps, you will instantly know the difference when you put these on. Solid wraps!!Read more

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