Ringside youngsters boxing present set (2-5 year antique)

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  • it is never too early to begin building the next day’s champions and this youngsters boxing set gift includes the whole thing you want to get began
  • this bundle is the proper present for your infant boxer – awesome for boys and ladies (age 2-5)
  • amateur boxing set consists of a couple of young people boxing gloves, kids slip-on headgear with an elastic chin strap and a 2 pound mini-heavy bag (17″ long x five” diameter)
  • to be had in a variety of colors with ringside logos like your favored expert and novice health gymnasium system
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ringside children boxing present set (2-five year antique)

it is in no way too early to begin building the following day’s champions. This adolescents boxing set consists of everything you need to get started. This toy is designed for kids 5 years and beneath.

  • 17″ lengthy x five” diameter mini-heavy bag weighs 2 lbs
  • slip-on headgear with an elastic chin strap
  • pair of slip-on gloves
  • 3 fun colour alternatives!

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  • 17″ lengthy x five” diameter mini-heavy bag weighs 2 lbs
  • slip-on headgear with an elastic chin strap
  • pair of slip-on gloves
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    Black, Pink, Royal

    8 reviews for Ringside youngsters boxing present set (2-5 year antique)

    1. Nate and Steph

      I read tons of reviews (I don’t really take customer reviews too seriously), I knew the bag would be small. I was good with that, I feel like it would be a bad idea for a child’s developing body (joints and bones) to have the impact of a larger bag (that wouldn’t move when they hit it) rattling through their body. Anyway, I liked everything about this kit except the gloves. The thumb holes on all the gloves (I ordered 2 of these sets) were so small, my kids could not get their thumbs in the thumb hole. I checked each glove out thoroughly, the problem is there is way to much padding in the thumbs. I worked on the thumb to try and get it to be more flexible and stretch it out a bit, I wanted it to work. I felt like I got the thumb hole more flexible so I kind of, forced my kids thumb inside. BTW, my 5 year old is small child, weighs 37 lbs and super skinny. I could tell he was uncomfortable but he wanted the gloves to fit. Believe it or not, I bought these for my kids at their request, they wanted punching bags for Xmas! So the gloves are on and due to the excessive padding, he could not curl his thumb to make a proper fist like you do with boxing gloves. Anyone who has used boxing gloves knows what I’m talking about. Yes, my other child is older than 5 but also super tiny, the problem with the thumbs has nothing to do with my child’s size. So I set up the return and I saw that Amazon offered me a few different options, one of them being that I could contact Ringside, I thought maybe they would appreciate the feedback (I’m including this in my review just so you don’t waste your time like I did). I called Ringside and got Victoria on the phone, not only did she not give two s***’s about anything I had to say, she was super rude. Whatever, it’s not like she hurt my feeling’s, haha, I honestly thought I was being helpful and after I hung up I felt like an idiot for thinking they might care about their product. Eat a turd Victoria!Read more

    2. Lumen Pierce

      These came in the mail today. My nephew is 8 years old and weighs about 80-85 lbs and this was a little small for him. The gloves is tight but the head piece fits him just fine. The punching bag itself is small. My nephew even said, “I almost have to hit at the same spot!” If only the punching bag were bigger, he has options to hit everywhere.Of course, everyone’s preference is different.Read more

    3. Jason Bourne

      The head gear and the gloves are ok but the punching bag is very small. My wife and I cried out in laughter when we opened the box. There is no way to use it properly as a punching bag it is just too small in my opinion. We purchased this for a 4yr old and the gloves and head gear fit fine.Read more

    4. SHOPPER

      This is the cutest bag ever! We use it for the kids in our boxing gym. We promote adults come work out with their kids. This is awesome. We use it for kids under 5 as it is a smaller bag. We plan on purchasing a few more.Read more

    5. Chris

      I can’t praise this boxing kit more highly. My 3 year old wanted boxing gloves for Christmas and we found this set. The quality of the product is top notch. The stitching his very high quality and looks like it will last a long time. In fact, they look like high priced professional gloves but for kids. Now the product is small but is perfect for my 3 year old. He loves putting on the gloves and punching the little bag. The price was incredible and I could not be more pleased!Read more

    6. M. Hadden

      We purchased this for our kindergartner as he is starting karate and needed some sparing gear at home. This suffices. The punching bag works well and has some decent weight for being only 2 foot tall. The gloves are well built. The only disappointment, per se, is the headgear. There is not enough padding for blows but fortunately for us, he doesn’t need the head gear as he’s only sparring with his little brother. Otherwise, well constructed for your toddler to first grader.Read more

    7. catskinner29

      My son (5 year old) loves it. We’ve had it a few months, and it has been outside the entire time. Material hasn’t degraded yet. Would buy again!Read more

    8. Hello

      This had the potential of being awesome but……….. The bag is a joke it is small and not at all worth it. The head gear would totally readeem the price but yet again it was paper thin and gives little to no protection for actual sparing. Then we have the gloves the one thing that if it were great might make the whole set worth it but they are not adjustable they have no strap to tighten and they are to soft so if you tried to use it on a bag your child would hurt there hands. I bought gloves and helmet separate cost about 10 dollars more but we’re actually functional for sparing and training. Spend a little more money so you don’t waist your money all together.Read more

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