Shock health practitioner mouth shield case. Preserve your mouthguard clean / secure. Reduces publicity to bacteria, orange

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  • make sure this suits
  • by means of getting into your model number.
  • storage – shop your mouthguard retainer competently.
  • smooth – maintain away for dirty garments in your bag. Reduces publicity to bacteria.
  • dry – heavy duty ventilation promotes rapid drying of the mouthguard.
  • common – suits all mouthguard manufacturers, strap or strapless. Youngsters, adolescents or adult mouthpieces.
  • connect – carabiner attachment for clean get admission to and might relaxed in your athletic bag.

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heavy-responsibility ventilated case so mouthguards dry speedy, stink much less.

carabiner clip so you can easily attach for your fitness center bag or keys, and take anywhere.

roomy enough to in shape one lip defend or two mouthguards.

closes securely, offers a micro organism-free environment for mouth protect.

8 reviews for Shock health practitioner mouth shield case. Preserve your mouthguard clean / secure. Reduces publicity to bacteria, orange

  1. Amzn Customer

    I purchased this to hold my Shock Doctor 3300 Max Air Flow Lipguard. I wasn’t sure if it would fit so I asked the question here and was told by one of the sellers “we do not know of any reason why it would not,” so I ordered it. The lipguard does fit though the case squashes it down when it’s closed. Since the guard is made of soft silicone I’m sure that’s not a problem.For anyone wondering what mouthguards this case fits there’s a list of Shock Doctor brand mouthguards that it works with on the back of the packaging.- Custom- Nano 3D- Nano 3D Lower- Nano Double- Gel Nano- Gel Max- Ultra Braces- Braces- Soccer STC- Baseball/Softball STC- Basketball STC- Gravity 2 STCAs far as the design of the case goes, I like it. There’s a slot in the front for the tether to slit stick out through. The case is ventilated so the guard dries. I find the latch to be secure even with the guard pushing against it (despite what some other reviewer’s have said about it opening easily). The carabiner is very handy. My only complaints are the hinge and the place for your name, phone, and team. Given the price of the case the hinge seems inadequate, it’s just a thinner piece of plastic and not a real hinge – I’m not sure how long it will last. The ID area on the back is just the words “name;,” “phone:,” and “team:” followed by a line embossed into the plastic. It’s not a material you can write on (even with a Sharpie). I would’ve been better off if it had just been flat so I could use a label maker and stuck my name on it that way.Other than those two complaints I’m happy with it and would buy it again.Read more

  2. Scott Z.

    This is not a two-piece case, with a true hinge. Top lid is molded onto the bottom piece, and “hinged” via a thin flap of plastic. Top broke off after about 6 months, which is not surprising. So, into the trash it goes, like everything else made to be disposable these days…Update:Shock Doctor contacted me and sent not one, but 3 replacements. The design is the same, flaws and all, but the extra ones somewhat make up for the fact they’ll probably all break eventually. Added 1 more star for good customer service.Read more

  3. D-Ack

    Bought due to having to wear a mouth splint & wanted an extra case for it. This is sturdy but has a large hole in the front. Am afraid my splint would slide out so doctored it up with waterproof tape. Easy fix. Might be a bit too roomy (don’t want my EXPENSIVE appliance jostled and break/crack) but will put some cloth padding in it. Another easy fix. Gave four stars due to having to adjust it for my purpose (&the oddly large hole in the front) but would be great for LARGE mouthpieces. (Tried to include pictures but would not let me.)Read more

  4. Susan A Griffin

    I love all things Shock Doctor. They are super durable, great value for the money and they have a great assortment of items. This one clips on to just about anything with a loop. My son keeps his attached to his gym bag because he looses EVERYTHING and we’ve yet to have to search frantically 20min before practice for his mouthpiece. It says closed too even after getting tossed from car to car or in the locker room or wherever. Really greatRead more

  5. wild child

    Bought this for an overnight mouth guard I wear when I sleep. The guard I use is pretty small. The photos of this item fails to show the huge gaping hole that is made on the front of it. My guard is small enough to fall out through the hole so cannot use. Clearly the hole in the front is because this is for a football guard that attaches to a player’s helmet. Added a start for the intention there — Should have been added in the description especially since they do not accept returns.Read more

  6. Nick Waggood

    Opens with just the tiniest drop, I’m talking 4″ off the ground. It pops right open and your mouthpiece falls right out. Totally useless since you can’t attach it to their sports bags.Read more

  7. user

    this thing was the same price as the basic case with tons more features.1. the simmulated carbonfiber cap on top is vented along the 4 sides, allowing your mouth guard to dry out (instead of grow mold, stink)2. the carabener clip is great for attaching it to your gym bag, outside and away from the sweaty clothes if you wish3. it has about 3 different close heights. so whether you have a double (tall) guard or a single (short), it should fit nicely4. there’s a gap at the bottom that allows for fluids to drain out. so if you rinse the guard off before putting it in the case, you don’t need to dry it off. just throw it in and gravity will drain it out.Read more

  8. Julie P

    Okay so I bought this for my daughter, she likes it because it’s got a clip and not strap. Evidently most if them either don’t have anything at all to attach it to the bag or they have a rubber strap and she feels better knowing that it won’t get caught in anything and break without her noticing.Read more

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