Shock medical doctor pro mouth shield, sports mouth protect for football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, mma, boxing, jiu jitsu, person & youth mouth shield, works w/braces mouth guard

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  • sports: our sports mouth protect is suitable for all contact sports in which a mouth guard is required or encouraged like: football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, mma, boxing, jiu jitsu and much extra
  • comfort & suit: boil & bite fit offers a at ease fit and can be reformed as needed
  • protection: surprise absorbing front bumper protects towards impact
  • dental assure: $10,000 dental warranty for peace of mind
  • braces compatible: works with braces to protect your orthodontic investment
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  • does it include a top and bottom, or do you have to buy it separately?
  • query: does it include a pinnacle and backside, or do you have got to shop for it separately? Answer: the mouthguard only comes with one piece. This is a “unmarried” mouthguard. If you want one protects each top and bottom teeth, pick a “double” mouthguard. By using geekie on march 29, 2014 failed to get answers. See greater solutions (3) fall apart all solutions

  • is it correct of rugby?
  • i have performed rugby for 12 years – that is the best mouthguard i like to apply. I have used this precise style for 10 years. It molds well – has sufficient padding for absorbing contact – and most importantly i’m able to breathe and speak while wearing it. I overlook i’ve it in. After they stopped selling them in local sports activities shops and simplest bought bulkier shock medical doctor mouthguards, i bought five of these on amazon. Can not endorse this mouthguard strongly sufficient… See much less

  • does it include a case for the mouthguard?
  • query: does it include a case for the mouthguard? Answer: please forgive me for the past due reaction. Unfortunately, the mouth shield did not include a case. Through marie on march 26, 2014 didn’t get answers. See more answers (3) disintegrate all solutions

  • is that this a boil and bite mouth protect to conform in your enamel?
  • query: is that this a boil and chew mouth guard to conform for your enamel? Answer: it fits tons better in case you do boil & chunk. It’s a fantastic mouth guard. Nice safety. With the aid of bdeb on march 18, 2015 didn’t get answers. See extra answers (1) collapse all solutions


    Youth (10 yrs & below), Adult (11 yrs & above)



    5 reviews for Shock medical doctor pro mouth shield, sports mouth protect for football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, mma, boxing, jiu jitsu, person & youth mouth shield, works w/braces mouth guard

    1. J. Haynes

      I’m perfectly satisfied with this mouthguard. I read a number of the one star reviews and can say with a high degree of confidence that the problems they experienced were due to user error. For example, people mentioned the mouthguard collapsing after being boiled. The directions are very clear that you boil the water, REMOVE the water from heat, drop the mouthguard in for twelve seconds. I had zero issues forming my mouthguard. Some others said that the mouthguard could only be molded once. Again, not true. I actually re-heated and re-formed mine three times without issue. Read more

    2. JV

      You don’t want your kid’s wedding picture to have him with his two front teeth missing because that really aggressive kid at karate decided to take a punch at your kid’s face, right? Yeah, me too, that’s why I bought this and it seems to be working for now. I know, in all reality, one of his sisters will probably knock out one of his teeth by throwing the timer from the game of Sorry at him for some randomly stupid reason, but I’ll try to protect him in the mean-time (and protect the investment I’ve made in braces) when I know there’s a higher probability of issues such as karate class. Read more

    3. Holly

      Honestly, I have spend a small fortune over the past 3 years trying to find a good night mouth guard for my clenching. I didn’t want to pay the over $800 for a professionally made one. So, after almost giving in, it bought this because it was rather cheap and I had assumed it would be a total flop, considering I paid 5x the price for “better” guards in the past. I was genuinely surprised at how well this product worked. The material is sturdy and well designed, it’s not hard enough to hurt my teeth after a night of clenching/grinding, but tough enough to relieve some of the symptoms I have. only one caveat, it’s not very mouldable as others on the market. so if you have an oddly shaped mouth or a small one, this might not be for yours. Read more

    4. Patrick Bohrman

      I’m a 34 year old male who ordered the larger size. It formed and fit perfectly fine. My best guess is that most of the bad reviews and bad pictures were from people who didn’t properly follow the instructions. Per the instructions, I left mine in the boiling water for only 12 seconds, bit down hard with my tongue tight to the roof of my mouth while sucking the air and water out of it, and then I immediately put it in cold water for 30 seconds after doing all that. I ended up doing this process twice biting down harder the second time to make deeper teeth imprints. I didn’t have any problem at all, and it formed perfectly. Also per a suggestion on the instructions, I trimmed the back a little bit because the original length made me gag a little. Fits perfect now, and feels durable. Edit: My friend formed his the next day while I was instructing him. His did not form properly the first attempt because he put it into his mouth and quickly bit down without first making certain that it was positioned correctly. He realized after that his back teeth were biting down on the inner edge instead of the middle. So, it formed crooked. This was easily corrected by properly repeating the process a second time while making sure to position it properly around his teeth before biting down hard. His is perfect now also. Read more

    5. Rock

      First off.. I had this mouthguard for about 15 minutes of playing time until I took a ball being kicked inbounds directly into my face! This is in a competitive indoor adult league with some serious players, so it was like I took a full speed punch. I ended up in the emergency room with a serious concussion and thankfully all my teeth. I got hit so hard they thought my cheek my have a break and my neck was injured from the whiplash. I had 3 cat scans due to the severity of the facial injury. I can’t say if I’d actually had lost any teeth, but I was extremely glad that I had this in even if it helped a little. I can fully say it helped my jaw stay in place and my teeth not clamp down on something other than the guard. It definitely gave me some big time piece of mind after the ER visit and of course on the field. (I started wearing one because of being hit in the face a couple years ago from a swinging hand to the face that resulted in months of teeth pain, which has now subsided.) I had a previous “soccer” mouthguard from Shock Doctor that was larger and held up pretty well. I needed a new one after a couple years and went with this model. I had no issues with the fitment at all. I boiled a cup of water in the microwave, dropped in the mouthguard for 12 seconds, took it out and formed it to my top teeth. Pushed it up with my tongue and then rinsed under cold water.. easy as that. Perfect fit for only $6.. I can’t complain. If you’re doing that part wrong it’s seriously user error and not the mouthguard. For anyone who plays soccer.. this was easy to use and comfortable. I could talk much better than the previous soccer version and it is nice it’s black vs. white also like the soccer version SD makes. Don’t worry about looking dumb on the field.. do you know who looks silly? People missing a bunch of teeth who were too cool.. do yourself a favor and get one. I hope this review helps, I rarely write them. I just wanted to share a unique real world experience. This is not a sponsored or paid for post by the way… Only my honest thoughts and opinions. Thank you! Read more

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