Sierracomfort sierra comfort low-stage transportable massage desk (black), sc-1004

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  • ensure this fits by means of coming into your model number.
  • beech hardwood body / a couple of body assist cables / threaded help bar
  • 2” excessive density foam deck / water & oil resistant pu leather upholstery
  • tabletop dimensions: seventy three” x 33. 5” / peak (adjustable): sixteen. Five” x 24. 5” / folded/closed desk: 37” x 33. Five” x 7”
  • desk weight: 38 lbs / 400 lbs running weight capacity
  • covered accessories: threaded assist bar, 2-12 months limited guarantee

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sierra consolation low-level transportable massage table, sc-1004

the sierra comfort low-level portable rubdown desk (sc-1004) is a completely unique portable massage desk with greater width designed to be closer to the floor. The beech hardwood frame and a couple of” of high density foam allows for a light-weight, but durable design. The double guide wires and threaded assist bar upload stability to the frame.

the adjustable table top consists of nine-points of adjustment, ranging from sixteen. Five” to 24. 5”. The table quite simply folds in 1/2 to allow for easy transport and mobility. The sc-1004 is a really perfect technique to pleasing your rub down therapy wishes.

as our brand continues to develop and strengthen its recognition, it stays our priority to hold a healthful dating with our clients. We apprehend the significance of organising agree with with our customers. We recognize the competitiveness and call for in today’s markets. It is our absolute hobby to preserve up with new traits and progressions so as to remain a valuable player within the fitness and splendor enterprise.

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low-stage transportable rubdown table (black), sc-1004

7 reviews for Sierracomfort sierra comfort low-stage transportable massage desk (black), sc-1004

  1. C. Alesiani

    I purchaced this table to do physical therapy exercises for my back and knees. I cannot easily get up off the floor. I had considered purchasing an actual PT table, but the cost and delivery charges were out of sight. This is firm enough to do my exercises and sits at a perfect height for me. It is very sturdy and is stable as I do my exercises. Read more

  2. Kindle Reader

    This table was just as I expected and better. Easy setup and outstanding quality. I am looking forward to exercising on this table, rather than the floor. Initially seems sturdy. A little awkward to remove from the box because I am an 80-year-old female living alone but managed and after that, it was a cinch to unfold and move into upright position. Didn’t even break a nail. Nothing to assemble, unless one counts placing the headrest prongs into the easily fitted openings. Even the carrying bag, which I don’t need, seemed well made. As others have mentioned, it is a much better surface than floor or bed for stretches and exercise. Will edit review if, after use, I am less satisfied with the table. Read more

  3. Elena

    I very rarely take the time for a review – not unless I am VERY impressed or VERY disappointed. It happens to be the latter for this item. While I still believe it serves my purpose because of how low and firm it is (stretching and bodywork) – it totally does not justify the cheap quality of materials, both for table and case and metal security poles, nor is the cheap labor to put it together justified. My friend got a $100 table at Costco that has withheld hundreds of uses over almost 10 years. The only problem I had with my 7 year old $500 table, was a latch that needed to be tightened. My new SIERRA table surface has abrasions after less than a month of gentle handling. The case is a joke – rips and tears along seams and handles, and just in random places. Started after I used it maybe 2-3 times? Come on, how hard does one have to drag it on asphalt to get this to happen? Just marvelling at the beyond cheap quality of material and labor. It wasn’t exactly free either. Almost $200, pretty comparable to a lower price range of a medium decent massage table. As the saying goes, a stingy person pays double. I only got this table for its low height and firmness – I wasn’t trying to save $ – but what a waste of money? To top all the above, the security poles that you need to connect for every use – SECURITY – what’s in the word? – came apart! Yes that’s right, to hell with security. Was it going to be even more prone to collapsing under my patient? I did not take a picture of this flaw (but look at photo describing it) before my friend had it welded for me. Who will call it a one unit manufacturer’s defect? Shameful quality. At least it is satisfying to make other potential buyers aware. Good luck! Read more

  4. Just Curious

    Like many people who need to perform “floor” exercises re: a physical therapy treatment program, I have trouble getting up/down from the floor…This table allows a patient to DO the required exercises on a firm surface w/o being on the floor…This particular table is perfect for back, hip and other rehab work as prescribed by the PT. I tried a portable massage table and, while these massage tables can be used for PT, I found mine to be unstable and a bit to unwieldy to fold/unfold…This Sierra table is, for me, the perfect height range…it is adjustable from 16-inches to 24-inches in height…I keep mine at the 16-inch height. I find this table to be sturdy, with very little “movement” and Not “noisy/creaky” at all…There are probably “better” table for more money, but @ under $200.00 (two-hundred dollars) I don’t think there’s better for the price…($200.00 is about the limit of what I would pay for this particular table, and one must remember the relatively low price when comparing this table with others) The stated Weight Limit is 450 pounds…It Does come with a “head rest” and will also accommodate the “face cradle” from Sierra massage tables) The table is 33-inches wide and 72-inches long, w/o the attachable head rest… Read more

  5. Ms. Particular

    Oh my gosh! This is a GREAT product! Easy to unfold. Extremely sturdy and versatile. Comes with a heavy duty storage case and a shoulder strap. Adjusts to various heights. Dense foam pad is thick, well-secured and sanitizes easily. I have arthritic knees and my husband is a big guy. Getting down on the floor is difficult for both of us. We bought this to encourage us to do exercises. It has done just that. It is nice and wide and the headrest removes very easily. We set this up at the foot of a bed in one of our guest bedrooms and pretty much leave it up. With the headrest removed, which couldn’t be easier, you could cover with a decorative throw for a bench-like look or even make an fitted cover from a matching bedspread and it would look very much at home. When we need every bedroom, we just fold it up and tuck it away in a closet. Can’t believe we were considering using plywood on a bed to creative an elevated area! This is WAY better and a great value! Read more

  6. Heather L Powers

    After a left leg amputation I began the hard work of physical therapy to build strength for a prosthesis. I go to PT twice a week, but wanted to be able to do the exercises and stretches at home too. This table came in 2 days via Amazon Prime and I was super impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the table. I originally saw it for over $200 and then snatched it up when the price dropped to $177! It comes with a nice case and is easily folded up for storage! My only problem is convincing my 130 lb dog that it is not for him. Oh and I can’t fail to mention that the table says it holds up to 400 lbs. Did I say super sturdy!!! Read more

  7. G. A. Rush

    Excellent product. I needed something to support my physical therapy after knee surgery. Bed was to soft and floor was to hard to get back up. The type of table used in professional physical therapy would be perfect but where would I keep it? This portable bed folds nicely for storage. It is easy to set up, comfortable, and easily taken down and stored in its own canvas bag. It easily holds my weight through various exercises. I also purchased a bolster for knee support and I can duplicate everything the physical therapist recommended. Read more

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