Sisu aero 1. 6mm sports mouth defend for basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse, custom-match for adults and children

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  • make certain this suits
  • by coming into your model variety.
  • small sports mouthguard offers top rate warrantied dental protection; fits smaller mouths of youngsters a while 7-10, or athletes as much as five toes tall
  • at most effective 1. 6mm thick, the ultralight design of the aero is 50 percentage thinner than traditional sports activities mouth guards, supplying most consolation and comfort
  • the slim, custom match makes it easy to speak, breathe and drink with out eliminating the shield, which contributes to higher hygiene
  • diffusix generation scientifically distributes effect forces from soccer, hockey, curler derby, lacrosse, basketball, and different contact group sports activities
  • sisu guards characteristic a wider chunk pad, rounded edges for comfort and improved mould-ability to make sure an excellent suit; quick and without difficulty mildew (and re-mold) at home with hot water
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sisu aero

the most particular feature of the sisu aero is its fantastic-slender, ultralight design. At a lean 1. 6 mm, the aero is 50% thinner than a popular mouthguard. Blended with its short, custom and remoldable match, it’s easy to forget about there is something excellent and plastic inside the mouth. Sisu aero is available in three sizes; small, medium, and big.

sisu max

even if carrying a max defend, there’s no want to sacrifice a greater secure mouth. The sisu max is handiest 2. Four mm thick. It’s custom-becoming and making it easy to talk, breathe and drink higher than ever earlier than. It’s actually the best of both worlds.

sisu move

the sisu cross custom healthy minimalist sports activities mouthguard for teens/adults is an ultra-thin, shorter mouth defend that gives crucial dental protection, even if it’s not required, for sports inclusive of basketball, soccer, water polo, baseball, volleyball, and skateboarding.

sisu aero

sisu max

sisu go


sisu guards are crafted from a material that absorbs and diffuses effect in the course of the complete mouthguard, that means that a good deal less impact force is transferred to the teeth.

the use of one-of-a-kind diffusix generation, the effect force is distributed over large regions, which means that less chance of dental damage all through competition.

conventional mouthguards are made from a cloth it is too gentle to fully protect tooth from harm.

product description

the sisu aero mouth shield offers greater safety with less mouth guard. Best for football, hockey, roller derby, lacrosse, basketball, and other touch group sports activities, sisu mouthguards characteristic a huge bite pad, rounded edges for consolation, and easy mildew-capacity to ensure an ideal suit. All sisu guards may be quick and without difficulty molded (and re-molded) at domestic with warm water. At most effective 1. 6mm thick, or 50 percent thinner than traditional mouthguards, gamers carrying the super slim aero can speak, breathe and hydrate with the defend in-vicinity. Scientifically engineered with diffusix era, the non-compressible, perforated protect material distributes forces over a larger place to reduce threat of dental injury throughout competition. Shield is compatible with braces, however a dental expert should be consulted for becoming (sizes medium and large are endorsed for every age carrying braces). Available in 3 sizes: small fits the mouths of kids a long time 7-10, or athletes as much as 5 ft tall; medium fits average mouths, or athletes between 5 toes and six toes tall; massive suits larger mouths, or athletes over 6 toes tall. Sisu mouth guards are subsidized by using a $35,000, one-yr restricted dental guarantee. Shield is free of bpa, percent, phthalates, and latex. Made in the usa.


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8 reviews for Sisu aero 1. 6mm sports mouth defend for basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse, custom-match for adults and children

  1. The Mendietas

    Admittedly, I don’t use this for sports. I have a horrible case of bruxism (sleep grinding) and bought this to help me because most products OTC are so thick they trigger my gag reflex. Because of the slim size and unique material of this mouthguard, it has been helping me finally get a night of sleep. I have chewed it up a bit, but it still works. I cut the excess off the corners and stuck it to the pressure points on my mouthguard to reinforce it. You guys should really consider making a product for bruxism. This is different than most other things. Thanks!Read more

  2. Real Reviewer

    I don’t know how anyone gave this thing a positive review, it’s quite possibly the dumbest and poorest designed product I’ve ever seen. Does not mold to mouth correctly. There is not enough material to mold it effectively and there is not enough material to enable this to provide any reasonable protection whether playing sports or using as a bite guard while sleeping. You might as well shape a large wad of gum into a mouth guard shape…you’d get the same result, and prob more comfortable. This is garbage and shouldn’t be allowed to be sold.Read more

  3. Melissa

    My daughters are in love with this mouthguard. Both play lacrosse and they say they will never go back to the traditional mouthguards. These mold tightly to your teeth almost like the invisalign braces do you literally need to “pop” it out with your fingers so they can open their mouths and talk or yell during a game without fear of the mouth guard falling out. It also a whole lot easier to breath since they don’t have to keep their teeth clinched to hold it in while running.You do need to watch the videos to learn how to mold it but they are clear and straight forward. It took us 2-3 tries the first time to get the hang of it but you can remold it over and over if you don’t get it right the first time. My older daughter has braces and they recommend letting the orthodontist mold it but she didn’t have an appointment coming up so we lined her top teeth with tin foil and molded them over that it and it worked fine – again took a few tries and adjustments to get the final fit.Plan on molding it when you have plenty of time to work with it – it’s not something to try for the first time 5 minutes before you need to leave for a game.Read more

  4. Dad of 3

    I would have loved to loved this product. My 13yr old daughter has used a heavier mouth guard for a while and has not been happy with it. This seemed lightweight and allowed breathability. However, the process of molding it to her teeth was arduous to say the least. After 45 minutes of constantly having to take it out and start over became too much. since you can’t return a mouth guard it ended up in the trash (along with my money).I would say her mouth is average size for her age, however each time it either folded on itsself, missed teeth, didn’t cover gums, etc and we had to start over. I think the premise is great, however the product falls flat…or crumpled and folded in this case.Read more

  5. Charles C.

    As most reviews have stated once molded correctly this mouthpiece has an almost retainer like fit. You can talk, drink, and spar freely without ever having to take out the mouthpiece. I used this for BJJ training and really liked the fact I would breath freely without obstruction. However, my issues with the mouthpiece and the reason I don’t give it 5 stars is:1) There is a slight learning curve to getting the mouth piece molded properly. This isn’t a simple boil and bite sort of mouth piece. The instructions are pretty good but it’s still easy to make mistake. Thankfully, the material is very forgiving and allows you to re-boil and start over till you get it right up to a certain point.2) The best benefits of this mouth piece are also part of it’s weakness. The mouth piece is very thin and lightweight and I don’t know if I would be comfortable taking a hard strike to mouth. BJJ training is one thing but wearing this while striking would be another story.I went with Damage Control mouth guards as my daily go to and haven’t looked back.Read more

  6. 2Boys3Dogs

    I don’t even know where to start with this one. Maybe just don’t buy it?We have owned a lot of mouthguards with 2 sporty kids and this – by far – was the worst of the bunch. It pinched my son’s cheeks in that it would catch (yet it was super easy to mold). He also felt like there was zero protection provided. It didn’t really “lock in” and he didn’t feel like he could bite or clamp down quite right. Convenient- yes. Protective – didn’t seem like it. Comfortable – definitely not.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I play rugby was constantly gagging on a mouth guard I bought at a sporting good store so I tried this one and it’s amazing. It did take several times of reheating to get it to fit right however, I wore it an entire match and didn’t notice it, could talk, drink, with no problem. Glad I switched.Read more

  8. staffordScott

    Excellent product. Works exactly as advertised. My kid can breath easier, drink and speak clearly. But even better is that it took us 4 attempts to mold it correctly and each time we put it back into the hot water, it unfolded and looked new. One time he even bit through the material, causing holes and I figured I’d have to buy another one. But, after placing back in the water, it flattened out again and the holes even sealed up. Remarkable product. And let me add that my kid turned 12 last month and we got the adult size. Nice fit.Read more

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