Sisu max 2. 4mm sports activities mouth protect for football, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, custom fit for teenagers/adults

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  • make certain this fits
  • by getting into your version range.
  • sisu max nextgen mouth guards provide premium, warrantied dental protection for gamers age eleven and up, inclusive of adults
  • 2. 4mm thick, the max offers the most protection of any sisu shield, but is still 30% thinner than traditional sports mouth guards
  • the slender, custom in shape makes it smooth to talk, breathe and drink without eliminating the protect, which contributes to better hygiene
  • diffusix generation scientifically distributes impact forces from football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and different contact games
  • in comparison to the unique, nextgen sisu guards function a much wider bite pad, rounded edges for comfort, and advanced mould-capacity to make certain a great match
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sisu aero

the maximum specific characteristic of the sisu aero is its exceptional-slender, ultralight design. At a lean 1. 6 mm, the aero is 50% thinner than a general mouthguard. Combined with its short, custom and remoldable healthy, it’s smooth to overlook there may be some thing wonderful and plastic in the mouth.

sisu max

even when wearing a max guard, there’s no need to sacrifice a greater secure mouth. The sisu max is handiest 2. Four mm thick. It’s custom-fitting and making it easy to talk, breathe and drink higher than ever before. It’s simply the exceptional of both worlds.

sisu pass

the sisu pass custom in shape minimalist sports activities mouthguard for kids/adults is an extremely-skinny, shorter mouth protect that gives essential dental protection, even if it’s no longer required, for sports such as basketball, football, water polo, baseball, volleyball, and skateboarding.

sisu aero

sisu max

sisu cross


sisu guards are made from a material that absorbs and diffuses impact at some stage in the whole mouthguard, that means that a good deal less impact pressure is transferred the tooth.

the use of one-of-a-kind diffusix generation, the effect force is distributed over larger regions, which means that much less danger of dental harm at some stage in opposition.

conventional mouthguards are made from a fabric that’s too gentle to absolutely protect teeth from damage.

product description

the sisu max nextgen mouth protect offers more protection with much less mouth defend. The max nextgen is designed to fit players age eleven and up, which includes adults, and is right for soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, boxing and other high-effect group sports activities. Sisu’s nextgen fashions function improvements over the original that include a much wider bite pad, rounded edges for comfort and improved mold-capacity to make sure an ideal suit. All sisu guards may be fast and easily molded (and re-molded) to the man or woman consumer at domestic with hot water. At simplest 2. 4mm thick, or 30% thinner than traditional, bulky mouth guards, gamers wearing the slender sisu max nextgen can communicate, breathe and hydrate typically with the guard in-area. With sisu guards, advanced consolation does now not suggest sacrificing protection. The sisu max nextgen is scientifically engineered with diffusix era, which uses a non-compressible, perforated material to distribute effect forces over a larger area and reduce risk of dental damage for the duration of opposition. Sisu guards are well matched with braces, however a dental expert ought to be consulted for correct fitting (adult-sized defend recommended for all ages sporting braces). For younger athletes, search for the sisu junior nextgen. The sisu aero nextgen offers an even slimmer profile for youth and adults. Sisu mouth guards are backed by way of a $35,000, 365 days limited dental guarantee protection. Protect is free of bpa, percent, phthalates, and latex. Made inside the united states of america.


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7 reviews for Sisu max 2. 4mm sports activities mouth protect for football, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, custom fit for teenagers/adults

  1. A. Morales

    This is the first mouthguard of any kind that I’ve owned or used. I picked up the next gen after bouncing around Amazon, looking for recommendations on mouthguards for BJJ. This is a little more expensive than other pieces, but so far I’m in love. It comes flat, you drop it in hot water for a minute, and then fold it up over your teeth.It took me a few tries to get the molding just right, and then a few more minor alterations to get rid of sharp ridges. Every time you drop it in the water, it magically flattens out back to its original shape, or you can dip a specific part in to remold just a bit. Awesome!I can drink out of a wide mouth nalgene just fine, can breathe with ease and can more or less communicate with training partners, although it’s not perfect for that.Happy to recommend this as a guard for BJJ. J haven’t taken any large impacts yet, but I’m hopeful that when I do, this bad boy has me covered.Read more

  2. Brittany Gilbert

    Never had this much frustration with a mouth guard before.Forming is easy, and can be repeated multiple times to get the right fit. The problem for me was it never fit.The mouth guard molds into a very hard plastic that is extremely uncomfortable when fully formed. It’ll dig into your gums, and could easily bust the inside of your lip if you took a fall.Once the mouth guard is formed it’ll distort and it won’t fit your mouth like it did when you initially formed it.Don’t buy this mouth guard. You’ll be out $30, and frustrated to all hell trying to fit it, just to find out it’s hard as a rock and uncomfortable in your mouth. Couldn’t imagine rolling or wrestling with this thing in.Read more

  3. W

    I saw one of these in use in a sparring session one day. The owner of it remarked how comfortable and unobstructive it was. So, I ordered one that day.When I got this mouthpiece, I was surprised at its flatness. I showed my coach and he asked, Where’s the rest of it? I was excited to form this to my teeth and try it out. I have not been able to test this though, as the top edge of it flares out a tiny bit, no matter how many times I re-form it. Enough to worry that it’s going to cut up the inside of my lip every time I get punched.I’ll try again, but I am really disappointed not to be able to wear this.Read more

  4. Renimus Maximus

    I love being able to remold for a perfect fit. It took me a few tries to get it. If you have a friend to help you line it up, use them! For me the back teeth were the hardest. If you have a thermometer, check how hot your hot tap water gets. I found that mine got to 150 degrees so I didn’t have to worry about accidentally boiling the guard. Instructions are easy to follow. If you do have to remold it, it actually reverts to it’s original form. Even the bite marks revert so you don’t have to worry about thin spots. Unlike most other guards I didn’t have issues with temperature/sensitivity. Most guards require boiling water (212 degrees) SISU only needs 140-160 degrees or molding which meant not only could I handle the mouth guard but it wasn’t painful AT ALL during fitting.It fits a little tight at first but stays in place. I may get used to it or I may have to remold and not create as much suction. Time will tell but I’m not worried. I use it for Kenpo Karate. I didn’t have any issues with it during sparring. I had my partner intentionally hit me (lightly) in the face to check the fit. It didn’t rub, or have any clicking in my back teeth, I was able to breathe easily, and never worried about it falling out. Drinking with the guard was strange at first but I got used to it fast. I wish I could say the same for talking with it in place haha.I’ll update this if anything changes.Read more

  5. SClark

    I have to admit, this product was NOT what I expected. It arrived as a very thin single piece of very hard plastic. I was leary about even opening it vs. returning it. After checking out the reviews and the company website a bit more, I decided to give it a try! If you follow the directions to mold it properly, it is an extremely comfortable fit. The profile is very slim and you can talk, breath and drink with no issues! It even offers a $35,000.00 dental warranty! I am still baffled how this device will protect as well as the larger gel types, but I figured it can’t hurt to give it a try! The only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars is because I don’t feel I’ve put it through it’s paces yet.Read more

  6. mr_smart

    This feels way higher quality than my old shock doctor. I can talk in it, but it does feel a little funny because of the perforations. I use it for b-ball and took a shot to the chin and it held up fine.It fits super tight and feels like it’s going to pull my tooth out. I recommend forming it without sucking so it doesn’t pull your teeth loose.Read more

  7. James S.

    It takes about 4 or 5 times to mold the first time. After purchasing second one as a back up it took one try. It has a very tight fit and provides the protection needed for grappling arts, soccer, basketball, maybe baseball. You can easily talk with it in your mouth. The perforations provide an easy way to hydrate without removing the mouth piece. As for full contact sports, I definitely would get a custom fit one and spend the $70-$100 to protect the pearly whites. It does not provide that shock absorption needed from jarring hits to keep teeth from being damaged or protect from concussions.Read more

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