Sklz middle wheels dynamic power and ab teacher curler, set of 2 , yellow/black/yellow

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  • ensure this fits by way of getting into your version wide variety.
  • enhance conventional plank and push up exercises
  • expand pillar power (shoulders, torso and hips) through a diffusion of physical activities
  • wheels on each aspect circulate collectively for safety and ground manage
  • lightweight and transportable ergonomic foam handles for consolation
  • beautify conventional plank and push up physical games
  • increase pillar power (shoulders, torso and hips) through a selection of sports
  • wheels on each side pass collectively for protection and ground control
  • light-weight and transportable
  • includes (2) middle wheels and a training guide

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from the manufacturer

sklz center wheels

take your planks, pushups and pillar exercises to a new stage with the corewheels dynamic center power teacher. The sklz core wheels characteristic ergonomic foam handles, light-weight design, and a education manual to get you started.

beautify your exercise

beautify traditional plank and push-up exercises. Develop pillar electricity (shoulders, torso and hips) through a variety of physical games with sklz middle wheels.

benefit middle strength

blast your center and max your flexibility with this dynamic core strength instructor. Develop dynamic center strength with the ability to tone muscle mass of the complete midsection at once from an expansion of different angles.

educate harder

the rolling wheels on every aspect destabilize your actions, inflicting your shoulders, torso and hips to work harder than ever earlier than. Wheels on every side flow collectively for safety and floor control.

product description

from the manufacturer

sklz middle wheels dynamic energy and ab teacher

take your planks, pushups and pillar sports to a brand new degree with the middle wheels dynamic middle energy instructor. The rolling wheels on every aspect destabilize your moves, inflicting your shoulders, torso and hips to work harder than ever before. Features ergonomic foam handles, lightweight design, and a schooling guide to get you started out.

  • enhance conventional plank and push-up exercises
  • develop pillar energy (shoulders, torso and hips) through a diffusion of sports
  • wheels on every side pass together for protection and floor manage
  • lightweight and transportable ergonomic foam handles for comfort
  • sklz is dedicated to elevating the athlete in each of us through guiding and serving athletes on their journeys to be their personal exceptional. As the flagship brand of pro performance sports, primarily based in san diego california, sklz develops innovative athletic overall performance and ability improvement training merchandise, era and knowledge for serious athletes of all ages, talent degrees and sports activities along with baseball, soccer, soccer, golfing, softball and basketball. Sklz is understood round the sector for delivering long lasting, high-performance education merchandise utilized by expert and amateur athletes in addition to their coaches and running shoes seeking to enhance on a recreation-particular ability or a performance-focused aim together with speed, agility, stability or center electricity.

    7 reviews for Sklz middle wheels dynamic power and ab teacher curler, set of 2 , yellow/black/yellow

    1. Slade

      I travel a lot for work (pilot) and I was looking for something that was easily packed and would allow for multiple exercises while on the road. I saw this and it looked promising as I could do pushups and ab rollers/extensions all in 1 piece of exercise equipment. I tried it out at home, thankfully, before taking it on my first trip. It works fairly well for an ab workout – if that is the only exercise you want it for you should be fine. I then started doing pushups and everything went downhill (literally). Everything happened so quickly I can’t explain what happened with any detail so I’ll give the big picture events. Near the top of one of my last pushup, for some unknown reason, the left handle rolled from just outside shoulder width to the centerline of my body. When my weight shifted from going up during the pushup to the downward part there was nothing I could do to stop the crash that was about to happen. I found myself about 3 feet off the ground with no support or way to stop my fall…fortunately one of the wheels on this machine broke my fall. I ended up landing on the wheel and broke some ribs. Buyer beware…if you want to do anything other than an ab workout on this, please be warned. Broken ribs HURT!!! Read more

    2. Samson

      Pound for pound, this is the most effective piece of fitness equipment I have ever owned. I think they both weigh under two pounds together. You can throw them in a bag. Put them somewhere you will want to pick them up, near the door, the fridge, the tv; You won’t trip over them, like a weight bench. They are kinda stylish. But for two pairs of wheels on a foam handle, I’m getting cut. I do not recommend this product to those without already modest core strength, and exceptional balance. That being said, you can combine butterfly presses, push ups, and a complete core workout while walking across a tightrope on your hands. It’s kind of a rush. I have fallen on my face several times. Be prepared. Read more

    3. BodeMeister

      I have 3 ab wheels and wanted something different to change things up. These do that. I don’t think it actually works the abs better but it does offer the advantage of going in different directions than just forward and back. This then changes the muscles used and I can actually use it to focus chest/pecks/shoulder muscles that aren’t used with the usual ab wheel. It is just the usual for ab muscles if used that way but these provide many alternative wayps to workout different muscles. A great device that I highly recommend. The only reason for 4 stars is because it could easily have been manufactured better to provide independent rotation of the wheels so that every angle could be rolled out for optimal core balance workout instead of starting one way directionaly and remaining in that position. If they could perhaps add ball bearings and independently having the wheels spin at different speeds this would be the ultimate core body workout!!! I upgraded to 5* since it is giving me great workouts. It could be even better but so far the best out there Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Just when you think your chest muscles are strong you try to roll these rollers out to your sides – and can’t go very far. Better do it from your knees when beginning. I’m trying to strengthen my chest muscles from all angles to improve my shotputting and discus throwing. These rollers showed that I have some weak links in my strength chain. Read more

    5. Gdog

      I originally bought these for working out while traveling bu thave ended up using them everyday in my daily workout. I am a female who runs and has recently picked up weight lifting therefore my arm muscles were weak, to say the least. 3 months of these guys and people keep asking how much I lift. I just use these to do butterfly push-ups and it gives my chest and arms a beautiful shape. I was able to recently take these on a camping trip and they were super durable and were easy to pack/carry. You can use one of these as an ab roller but yikes it’s hard. I love these and think anyone should have them. Even my husband who lifts 400lb thinks they are a great workout!! Read more

    6. Tony J

      This product is well thought out, high quality and works. Prepare to feel the burn, and have strength over wide range of motion. Real functional strength, not just single plane of motion gym strength. Think gymnast strength, aka dynamic, flexible and above all else powerful. This focusing on connected strength which is absolutely necessary to use functional strength. You want injury, work your body only with single plane strengthening excersices. You want a strong body capable of producing dynamic strength and developing power, use products like this. It’s not just muscle strength, it’s tendons and ligaments.. aka the pieces that hold you muscles to bones and muscles to other muscles. If they arnt trained.. prepare to break, and be injury prone. If you don’t believe, try it. Get on you toes and do 30 full motion movements where you have to support every muscle in your body. If you’ve done nothing but single plan motion, I doubt you could do it at all. I’ve tried tons of “strengthing” equipment, but most fall short of producing the dynamic results of this product. If I was only allowed to pick 3 strengthing tools to use for the rest of my life, this hands down is in those 3. The other being kettle bell, and plyo box. It’s rare for me to love a product so much, but when someone makes something this simple and efficient and just nails it, I have to give them credit. I personally wish they had a little mechanism to disconnect the tandem wheels motion for even for control, but I think I’ll make do haha Read more

    7. E. A Young

      I got these for greater workout flexibility than a single 2-handed roller unit. I have a long ways to go before I can meaningfully use them as independent rollers. They are sturdy, but I am a small and light (130lb) frame. I can see the foam padding wearing off after a few years of use, but that is easy to replace if needed (or duct tape…) I think most people (myself included) would be more than satisfied with a single, 2-handed ab roller. But I have these now, they work for their intended purpose, and maybe some day my core strength will be great enough that the independent movement will be relevant to me. Read more

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