Speedo unisex swim aqua fitness barbell

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  • ensure this fits
  • by using getting into your version number.
  • provides floatation support while constructing top frame strength
  • tender padded grips for extended exercises
  • light-weight chlorine-resistant eva foam
  • use both barbells for maximum resistance in the course of aquatic health activities
  • forty five pounds of resistance

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from the manufacturer

floatation support

gives floatation aid while building upper body energy.

45 kilos of resistance

forty five kilos of resistance for accelerated higher frame electricity training.

chlorine-resistant eva foam

light-weight chlorine-resistant eva foam for superior color retention.

padded grips

tender padded grips permit for extended workout routines.

aqua health barbell

experience a subsequent-degree upper frame exercise within the water with this aqua health barbell. Made from chlorine-resistant foam, it’s ideal whether you’re practicing a way to float or including resistance to health activities.

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product description

the speedo aquatic health barbells (1-lb, five-oz. Every) may be used for max resistance all through aquatic health sports. They may be constructed with light-weight eva foam and might without problems be packed and brought with you.

8 reviews for Speedo unisex swim aqua fitness barbell

  1. tablet AT

    I use these daily and love them!!! They are a much better resistance for folks that have been doing water aerobics or have good arm strength already. I purchased these over a year ago and use them daily and they are still in fantastic condition!Read more

  2. Fritz R. Ward

    These “barbells” weigh only about a pound. But, underwater they provide considerably more resistance. How much more? About 25 lbs worth. You can buy aqua fitness “weights” (I think resistance bars are a more appropriate term) that offer more resistance, but none can beat the price of these from Speedo. And if you aren’t reasonably fit before using them, you will find an hour of use in a typical aqua class will be fairly challenging.It is worth noting that floatations resistance bars like these are different from the fanned plastic versions found in most gyms. Those work by using the resistance of the water as you push and pull through it. These however, work by forcing them under. Therefore, the biggest difference is you have resistance in only one direction. The practical effect is that you work the opposite muscles that you would on land. Thus, arm curls work triceps, not biceps, when done with these resistance bars. And tricep curls work the biceps. That said, these will significantly to your aqua workout and are well worth the purchase.price.Read more

  3. Annie “history buff”

    A friend turned me onto these in Arizona…where I have easy access to pools. I use them frequently and they REALLY make a difference… arms get a good workout and it also helps tone my core. I’m a “senior citizen”….and I can choose the level of workout I want and also target where my body needs toning up. I also use them when swimming laps to get extra resistance in my strokes. There are endless uses of these barbells… is up to the individual to use them as desired….great to have such freedom for a workout…and they really DO work!!!Read more

  4. Super K

    Perfect for water aerobics. I’ve had mine for almost a year and I use them three to four times a week. They’re still sturdy. If you get a pair of these, don’t forget to rinse them after use and to dry them well so that they will last a long time.Read more

  5. SCarr

    I use these aqua barbells every day in the pool, doing 100 repetitions of at least 8-10 different arm exercises (no flabby underarms on this 66-year old!). They are perfect for this purpose, except watch out for trying to put both barbells together (i.e., using both hands to hold them and move them around from side to side), as it must create too much resistance and one end of one of the barbells pops off every time. I have to then put the barbell back together (which is easy to do), but I am afraid I will break it permanently if I try to do this one exercise. There are plenty of exercises to do without the dual resistance side to side exercise, so I would recommend these to anyone. The minor draining that occurs after taking them out of the water is a normal way to get the water out of the center piece, so it’s not a big deal; just let them drain before putting them in the car or on your towel.Read more

  6. KJP-EAG

    I love these Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells, BUT, after my first use one of cap ends popped off! It was the result of poor workmanship and poor quality control inspection. The PVC tube was ruff cut with bits of white plastic still attached, the cut was uneven so the two plastic pin catches on the end cap that are suppose to snap into the PVC tube holes don’t match up. Great design, poor workmanship. Hopefully I just got a Monday morning built unit!Read more

  7. YVM37

    One of the barbells fell apart after the second use. Unfortunately for me, the date of return through Amazon has expired and I’m unable to do a return. I called Speedo when I saw that they gave a 90 day guarantee. Speedo DOESE NOT guarantee their product and will not replace the defective barbell since it was purchased through Amazon.The red cap at the end pops out and the barbell falls apart each time it is submerged. If you need this product I would go with another brand or order it directly through the speedo website.Read more

  8. Linda Ellis

    I bought these after trying a similar product in a water aerobics class, and am completely happy with them. They are well-constructed and provide great resistance for my exercise program. I have used them every day for a 1.5 hour workout since they arrived about six weeks ago. I have an arthritic hip, and even walking was painful at the beginning of the summer. I finally had daily access to a swimming pool, and tried a class using hand buoys. It was immediately clear to me that I could build strength and range of motion in the pool, and I’ve tailored a program to strengthen the hip and hopefully push off a hip replacement into the future. While my main focus is my hip, the hand buoys help me maintain balance, and I find that I’m getting a good upper-body workout with these in the bargain! My hip has improved markedly. I no longer depend on a grocery cart for support walking through stores; my husband has remarked that I’m parking further from our destinations; when I started I couldn’t do a single frog-kick in the pool due to the pain of the “snap,” and now I’m doing eight laps of frog kicks, using the hand buoys to do “pushups” “rowing” or curls as I “swim.”Read more

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