Sporzon! Colored neoprene coated dumbbell set with stand

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  • make sure this suits via getting into your model range.
  • three pairs of dumbbells in three-pound, 5-pound, and 8-pound sizes. Ideal for resistance and other trainings
  • the durable, neoprene cloth coated forged iron is first rate for indoor and out of doors exercises
  • neoprene coating on weights permit for a relaxed grip. The hex shape of the dumbbells prevents them from rolling
  • smooth to assemble. Weight stand is protected. A assembly device is included in your comfort too
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from the manufacturer

32-pound set with stand

dumbbells additionally require extra muscular manipulate than barbells, for this reason enhancing kinesthetic consciousness.

the pleasant part of education with dumbbells is it allows the athlete to train via a greater range of movement than barbells on a few sporting events.

take into account that it’s miles on occasion greater precious to alternate heavy weights (barbells) for greater recreation-particular actions.

sporzon! Dumbbell set with stand

training with dumbbells permits you to select resistance education physical games based on their similarity to actual moves that happens all through sports.

dumbbells require extra stability than schooling with barbells or machines, and balance is important for top of the line performance.

this dumbbell set comes with 3 pairs of dumbbells in three-pound, five-pound and 8-pound sizes.

a weight stand is blanketed as nicely.

  • neoprene covered
  • hex shape
  • weight stand covered
  • an assembly tool blanketed
  • sporzon! All-purpose dumbbells, 32-pound set with stand

    three pairs of dumbbells in three-pound, 5-pound, and 8-pound sizes.

    hexagon fashioned dumbbell heads are designed to prevent rolling.

    neoprene material coating on weights lets in for comfy grip.

    sporzon! All-motive dumbbells, 32-pound set with stand

    contoured (ergo) handles are designed for easy and safe managing.

    an easy to assemble weight stand is covered for neat storage.

    meeting tool is blanketed on your convenience too.


    3 Pairs in 2, 3, 5 Pounds, 3 Pairs in 3, 5, 8 Pounds

    8 reviews for Sporzon! Colored neoprene coated dumbbell set with stand

    1. Amazon Customer

      This item arrived with the flimsy plastic stand only, none of the free weights, and I got charged $90. I will be returning it. Read more

    2. K.M

      Weights are good… stand is flimsy and plastic. Lousy… came missing screws… definitely a crappy stand. Otherwise seems ok Read more

    3. Paola Roldan

      These dumbells sets were a great choice. My son is currently recovering from his shoulder surgery and he needed lightweight dumbells that ranged from 3lbs to 8lbs. The shipping came in with all the weights, screws, plastic holders to assemble the plastic stand and a extra accessory in case of damage for the plastic holder that holds the plastic stand together. Overall great product, but I wish they provided a more durable stand. The price comparison to that of official manufacturers it not that far of like 2 dollars. Please also take note that Neoprene is more expensive than vinyl weights because they provide more grip and do not tear as easily. Again great choice for physical therapy. If you want to compare prices I recommend going to the fitness factory, but again the pricing is small and lucky amazon is in stock during the pandemic while the fitness factory ran out of stock due to the high demand because of closed gyms. Read more

    4. WilleyFam6

      I have four children that span a decade of age difference. So this set is great for my family. It’s great that it comes with a stand. The stand isn’t the most amazing, stable, best quality, but I wasn’t expecting the best product in existence when I was searching for these weights. The weights are great, it arrived quickly with everything in it and not broken. The stand does its job fine. I would definitely recommend Read more

    5. Mandy Applegate

      My 11/13 yr olds have started showing an interest in working out with me. We do not have enough of the smaller dumbbells so I ordered these to add to our collection so we all have the correct sizes. They seem comfortable to use, accurate weight/size and then the stand isn’t super sturdy but definitely great enough to hold our dumbbells and it won’t be moved frequently so it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, it was super easy to assemble as my 11 yr old put it together by himself. Great product for to add so that we can do more and become strong as a family!!! Read more

    6. Candace Brazier

      The weights are exactly as described. They are easy to hold and fit in my hand nicely. The package arrived in very bad condition and not due to the USPS processing. The cardboard was quite old and tore easily. It had water damage at some point and has long dried. Both sides of the stand are damaged. I included pictures. I’m pleased with the weights but the stand and the way the pieces were packaged and shipped were incredibly disappointing for the price point. *Edit: the stand fell over within minutes and I now have to replace it. Do yourself a favor and buy a different product. Read more

    7. Kapaniu

      I started a workout program and needed weights for some of the routines. I found this product and read the reviews and was sold. I have never owned dumbbells before and didn’t really know what to look for to buy them. I love the good great feel on them. The stand was as easy as 1-2-3 to assemble! The only issue I had with assembling the stand was that the screws are stars but it came with a flat head screw driver which was also too big to fit in the star grooves. Not a big deal because I have my own screw drivers to use! Love my dumbbells and stand! Read more

    8. Ans Niles

      I love these weights. I finally got them physically after months of them being out of stock and my order was lost in the mail for 2 months!!! They were worth the weight. They are made of good quality. The stand is a little flimsy but it will do its job if you dont move it alot. Read more

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