Spri braided xertube resistance band exercise cords (all bands offered one by one)

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  • make certain this suits by using coming into your version wide variety.
  • braided resistance band: designed for mild and speedy mobility, the exercising band may be rolled as much as stash in a fitness center bag, suitcase, or in a single day experience making it perfect for journey, fitness center, or in-domestic use
  • tuff-tube long lasting rubber: this heavy-duty, high quality cloth has greater resistance to abrasion and tears to get up to the rigorous demands of professional use
  • tuff sleeve defensive cope with: the handle plug, protective sleeve and grommet reinforcement functions assist to make the xertube one of the maximum long lasting and reliable resistance bands on the market
  • terrific for all styles of fitness: allows you isolate goal muscle groups more effectively and is best for use in group schooling and energy-conditioning classes, pilates and bodily remedy and rehabilitation
  • blessings of braided tubing: four tubes braided collectively for a rope-like creation to carry you the ultimate dynamic complete-frame exercise tool – use indoors or out, wrap them around, underneath or over – it’s far the hardest tube on the market
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upload energy to your power with spri’s line of braided tubing. Rubber resistance is redefined. Spri has braided four tubes together to carry you the closing dynamic full-frame exercise equipment. Use the spri braided tubing indoors or out, wrap them round, below, over. They’re hard enough to take whatever you throw at them. The braided xertube gives all around the versatility of the authentic xertube and with its braided rope-like production it’s miles the toughest tube on the market. Built to a professional grade exceptional and designed for commercial gyms and golf equipment for use one hundred times a day versus 100 times a yr in a home health club. Spri rubber resistance merchandise are created the usage of a ‘dipped process’ instead of the greater common and less expensive ‘extruded process’ – making it one of the maximum long lasting and dependable tubes available on the market! The take care of plug, shielding sleeve and grommet reinforcement functions (tuff sleeve) also contribute to making spri the tubing product that is difficult and dependable enough for the various us navy education kits. All spri rubber resistance products are made the usage of tuff tube, a spri specific. This heavy-responsibility, high first-class cloth has more resistance to abrasion and tears to arise to the rigorous needs of expert use. Constructed to a professional grade high-quality and designed for business gyms and golf equipment to be used 100 instances a day versus one hundred instances a yr in a home gym. Perfect for use in organization schooling and power-conditioning instructions, pilates and physical therapy and rehabilitation.


Blue (Level 4), Green (Level 2), Purple (Level 5), Red (Level 3), Yellow (Level 1)

8 reviews for Spri braided xertube resistance band exercise cords (all bands offered one by one)

  1. Kevin P. Barnes

    Purchased in March, broken by September. I do not use it often, let alone the one that is easiest do I use most often. I think it was a defect in the product and now unfortunately, passed its return date. Attaching pics to show it was a defect. Read more

  2. AK-NJ

    I bought the heaviest version for a 2-week trip to Australia where I wouldn’t have any access to a gym. I like it much more than non-braided versions because I am not nearly as worried about the band breaking. And the built-in handle is a plus over continuous loop ones (typically the style for heavier resistance). I did three main exercises with it: a seated row, a standing press and a squat so I could effectively work my whole body (even without attaching it to a door etc). In all cases, I either stood feel shoulder width apart (press) on the band, more than shoulder width apart on the band (squat) or placed my feet spread widely apart on the band (seated row). This provided heavy resistance (I am 5’11” as a frame of reference) for the standing press, moderate resistance for the row, and fairly light resistance for the squat. So to me, I would say it’s roughly the equivalent of working out with 50-55lbs dumbbells at least for these exercises. For one arm exercises like curls, it is very easy to change the resistance by moving your foot that is anchoring the cable to ground either toward or away from the handle you are lifting. When I did these three exercises in rapid sequence, it gives a decent circuit training/metabolic training effect. I wouldn’t want this to be my main training modality, but for a portable option, I think it’s the best I have found (it’s hard to work your pulling muscles without equipment). I think it’s also particularly good option for older adults who wish to add some strength training to their regimen but aren’t inclined to lift weights or go to a gym – as there is significant resistance but risk of injury is relatively low. Overall pleased with the product given my expectations and needs. Read more

  3. TEJ

    This is the response I received from Customer Service (GAIAM.COM & SPRI.COM) when I let them know their product was poorly made: “Thanks for reaching out however I apologize to see this! Unfortunately we only offer a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects with this item. This appears to be accidental damage as you can see several areas where the band was abraded. Since we’re past the warranty I can only offer 15% off and free shipping on the purchase of a new band”. So they acknowledge most likely its a factory default but will not refund me or provide me another one (hopefully without factory defaults). Buy from another company that backs the products they sell. Especially the companies that acknowledge it was most likely a factory default. Read more

  4. Bookworm

    I wanted to get in some upper body resistance work, but I’m no spring chicken and after years of overuse my shoulders are not what they used to be, so I thought resistance bands would be better than free weights. I ordered the red resistance level, which turned out to be absolutely perfect for me. I will say that if you order this you should ALSO order a door adapter that hangs at the hinge of a door, which makes the band much more versatile. I’ve been using this about 3 days a week. Takes up NO room, unlike heavy free weights it’s not something you’re going to be stubbing a toe on or accidentally dropping and damaging something. Unlike MOST resistance bands, I have no worries about this separating from the handle, which is apparently a thing with cheaper tubing bands with only one point of connection at the handle. This is solidly made, and I expect to continue enjoying it for many years. Read more

  5. Robert

    This might help you gauge the resistance: Curling with this feels the same to me as curling with the 27.5-lb dumbbells at the gym. When I stand on the band, my feet are about 8″ apart, from big toe to big toe. I am 5-11. I repeat sets of 10 reps, on short rest. The handles are very comfortable; no problems whatsoever. Besides curls, I use this for upper-back pullbacks, and triceps push backs, by looping the band through a secure holder. For these two exercises, I repeat sets of 25 reps, on very short rest. There’s nothing like “working the pump” with a resistance band. Read more

  6. Martin Stevenson

    I have been using surgical tubing exercise bands with the door attachment for many years. The bands rub against the attachment’s loop and chafe. This results in their failure after a little more than a year’s use. (That corresponds to somewhat over 4,000 repetitions.) I had been using the single tube bands. Then one failed unexpectedly when I was pulling my arms back away from the door. I landed on my back & head. I switched to the 4 tube braided version. I have had to replace the quad bands twice since I switched so far. There is essentially no chance that more than one tube will fail at a time. Lasted 1 year 4 months Read more

  7. A. Allen

    Had the band for about 4 months now and average a 4-5 day/week usage. It’s been heavy enough resistance for bicep curls and shoulder raises when I brace it under my feet. Slightly lagging in resistance when I try back exercises by wrapping it around a pole or tree. But overall it provides great, stable resistance. Love the rotating hand grips so I can rotate my wrists when doing curls. No issues of the band snapping which is something I was worried about. I plan to order the next resistance level up. Read more

  8. maguaman

    So the bands are fine and they offer good amount of resistance depending on how long or short you make it. My main issue is the plastic piece that connect the handles and the individual bands. Depending on how you use them, like standing curls, these pieces rub against your wrists at the top. You can definitely feel the edges and they can get irritating. Read more

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