Spri deluxe xertube resistance band workout cords with foam padded handles (all bands offered one at a time)

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  • ensure this fits by getting into your version range.
  • deluxe xertube resistance band: designed for light and rapid mobility, the workout band can be rolled up to stash in a gym bag, suitcase, or in a single day journey making it best for tour, fitness center, or in-domestic use
  • foam padded handles: deluxe padded handles delivered to the authentic xertube for added consolation and simpler grip
  • tour friendly: designed for mild and rapid mobility, the exercising band can be rolled up to stash in a gymnasium bag, suitcase, or overnight trip making it perfect for journey, gym, or in-home use
  • extraordinary performance: constructed to a expert grade excellent and designed for industrial gyms and golf equipment to be used a hundred instances a day versus 100 instances a 12 months in a home gym
  • brilliant for all types of health: facilitates you isolate goal muscle tissues greater successfully and is best to be used in organization education and electricity-conditioning instructions, pilates and physical therapy and rehabilitation
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product description

the spri deluxe xertube resistance band with foam padded handles offers a padded handle at the unique xertube for added comfort and less difficult grip. The spri xertube resistance band is the suitable exercising tool you may use everywhere, any time for safe and effective total-body conditioning. Spri rubber resistance products are created the use of a ‘dipped technique’ in place of the greater commonplace and less expensive ‘extruded system’ – making it one of the maximum durable and dependable tubes available on the market! The deal with plug, shielding sleeve and grommet reinforcement functions (tuff sleeve) also make contributions to creating spri the tubing product that is tough and dependable enough for most of the us army training kits. All spri rubber resistance products are made using tuff tube, a spri extraordinary. This heavy-duty, excessive excellent material has extra resistance to abrasion and tears to stand up to the rigorous needs of professional use. Constructed to a professional grade first-rate and designed for industrial gyms and clubs to be used a hundred instances a day versus a hundred times a yr in a home gymnasium. Perfect to be used in organization education and power-conditioning training, pilates and bodily therapy and rehabilitation. Tube lengths: very light/light = forty four” — medium = 50″ — heavy/ultra heavy = 53″ yellow (very mild) xertube is for novice males and females. At 1-1/2 times its length, the weight equivalence of this tube is approximately 3-5 pounds. Green (mild) xertube is for novice girls and moderately suit guys. At 1-half of times its period, the weight equivalence of this tube is approximately 6-10 pounds and offers 50-percent more resistance than very mild (yellow). Red (medium) xertube is for moderately suit ladies or suit guys. At 1-half of times its duration, the burden equivalence of this tube is about 10 pounds and gives forty-percentage extra resistance than light (green). Blue (heavy) xertube is for fit women and men. At 1 1/2 instances its period, the blue (heavy) weight equivalence is 15 pounds and offers forty two-percent more resistance than medium (red). Pink (extremely heavy) xertube is for extremely fit males and females. At 1-half instances its length, the weight equivalence of this tube is approximately 20-27 pounds and gives 20-percent more resistance than heavy (blue).


Blue (Heavy), Green (Light), Red (Medium)

8 reviews for Spri deluxe xertube resistance band workout cords with foam padded handles (all bands offered one at a time)

  1. Nancy

    I was skeptical about resistance tubing. I thought that nothing could work my muscles as well as free weights. I now stand corrected. Even this green, light resistance tubing can work my muscles. You can get a great workout with it. Why I love using this tubing: * The versatility. You can use it to work every body part. * The way it really gets into the muscle. Since there is a constant tension, your muscles work on both the concentric and eccentric movements. For example, you feel the burn on both the lift and the lower of your arms for triceps curls. * It’s easier to avoid using momentum when lifting. * It’s challenging. I was pleasantly surprised by this. When I train hard for a few weeks, I’m able to do bicep curls with 20 pound dumbbells. Well, this green tubing got the best of me and I find biceps curls hard! * You can make it more challenging. You can double up the tubing and make exercises even tougher. * The high quality. The handles are padded and are very comfortable to hold. I have had other tubing with hard plastic handles and they hurt my hands, even when I wore lifting gloves. * The construction of the handles and how they’re attached to the tubing. It’s really quite comfortable and doesn’t twist around and pinch my wrists like other tubing does. * It’s very durable. The thickness of the tubing makes it less likely that the tubing will tear, unlike using bands. * It’s portable and light weight. It’s quite easy to slip this into your suitcase to take with you when traveling. You have no excuses for missing a workout. I do recommend this product to anyone wanting to add a versatile piece of equipment to their collection. Read more

  2. Carlos Rivero

    Very bad quality, I used it just a few times in 6 months, after that the band was broken of one of the handle. Also I was very unsatisfied because it was not very stretch, for that reason I knew that it would not last long time. Read more

  3. Roger Wells

    SPRI has reduced the low resistance motion range of this exercise band compared to the older SPRI bands by using a cheap plastic band that does not stretch very much. The band’s full resistance occurs is over a much shorter stretch distance. This results in a limited range of low resistance motion, which is required to properly exercise the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulders. Read more

  4. lilbuck51

    Using the bands to slowly wean my way of free weights. I like the durability so far. The handles are soft enough that gloves are not required. I have been using the product for about a month and no problems, Read more

  5. Mike

    One of the tube connectors broke. Very dangerous when it snaps! I have had it a little over a year using it 3 times a week just for curls and it broke at one of the handle connectors. Cannot buy a new one every 15 months using only 3xs a week. Should last longer. Thought expensive one would last longer than the single band but not so. Have to look elsewhere for alternative or just stick with free weights. Read more

  6. vanashaz

    I am 77 years old andI have been using SPRI resistance cords for years. I travel with them wherever I go. It is like bringing part of my gym with me. It keeps my muscles strong and toned. I have given it as gifts to my children and relatives and recommend it highly. Read more

  7. KW from DC

    Good solid band, well-made and durable. These are the best bands on the market in my view. Read more

  8. Book Fan

    I loved this at first. Was great for home workouts, but it snapped at the handle shortly after purchase. To be fair, I was using it to do serious squats, but it shouldn’t have come appart so quickly. I noticed that the tubbing wall was much thinner on one side where it broke, about 1/3 as think as the opposite side. Luckily, it hit my shoe when it snapped, so only a nasty sting, no serious injury, but it could have been ugly. Read more

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