Spri resistance band kit (5 workout bands, ankle/wrist strap, door anchor, foam padded handles, convey bag, exercising guide)

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  • ensure this fits by way of coming into your version number.
  • resistance band package: interchangeable tubing machine with five resistance bands in various resistance stages
  • simulates pulley fashion sporting activities on a gadget: allows for the same physical games you will normally do with pulley-type exercising machines
  • long lasting steel clips: relaxed clip open and close metallic clasps for easy on-off to alternate between tubing and add-ons (door anchor, ankle strap, handles)
  • wearing bag: kit capabilities a nylon drawstring closure sporting bag to hold all of the resistance tubes and accessories – super for travel use within the lodge room or at home
  • kit consists of: five resistance exercise bands, door anchor, foam handles, ankle strap, exercise chart and wearing bag

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spri resistance band kit


perform any practical-resistance pulley physical games with this simple and specific interchangeable tubing system. Connect the smooth open-close tubing clip to a diffusion of accessories for a whole head-to-toe strength-constructing solution. 5 ranges of resistance that are perfect for any schooling degree and permit you to paintings your way up. Clean-to-use interchangeable system allows for a multitude of resistance schooling sporting events. Strong and durable production, constructed for repeated use.


  • five shade-coded clip in resistance cords, starting from very light to extremely heavy
  • 2 resistance wire handles
  • 1 ankle strap
  • 1 door attachment
  • 1 garage bag
  • product description

    spri resistance band kit is an interchangeable tubing system that permits for the same fashion of physical activities you would usually do with pulley-type workout machines. All you need is a door frame to connect the blanketed door anchor and you have an entire gyms really worth of physical activities at your fingertips.

    spri rubber resistance merchandise are created with tuff tube, a spri specific, the usage of a ‘dipped technique’ in place of the more commonplace and cheaper ‘extruded process’. This heavy-duty, high excellent cloth has extra resistance to abrasion and tears to stand up to the rigorous demands of professional use – making it one of the maximum long lasting and dependable tubes in the marketplace! The tuff sleeve deal with plug, protective sleeve and grommet reinforcement features additionally make contributions to creating spri the desired tubing product for non-public running shoes and athletes.

    perfect for use in energy-conditioning, pilates and bodily rehabilitation. Exercising bands additionally feature comfy clip open-near metal clips for smooth on and off to alternate out tubing and accessories. A nylon drawstring closure wearing bag is likewise blanketed so that you can save all the resistance tubes and accessories in a small pouch – extraordinary for tour use inside the inn room or at domestic. Package consists of: 5 resistance bands, door anchor, foam handles, ankle strap, exercising chart and carrying bag.

    8 reviews for Spri resistance band kit (5 workout bands, ankle/wrist strap, door anchor, foam padded handles, convey bag, exercising guide)

    1. Sam

      I purchased this set and a competing set for comparison. The competition is far superior in every way, including price. The carabiners are larger on the competition, the handles and straps are made better and more substantial, the weight equivalents are clearly marked on the competition and I could go on, but you get the point. Will I use the SPRI? Yes. But, I would not buy them again when there is a far superior product available at a better price. Read more

    2. Cvh

      Longer and cheap low quality fabrication compared to my last set. (The shorter set is my old one). The elastic is longer than last set as seen in photo by almost 10” and quality is not there. All the elastics are apparently for real tall people or just not well planned. I had thrown away the container or I would’ve sent them back once I tried them out. I am going to use part of my old set with some of the new set. But even the handles were smaller in size and have cheaper quality than what I have ordered before from different purveyors. Do your home work. I just threw $30 away, usable as extra parts only. Read more

    3. David Gonzalez

      They don’t have much resistance for a normal adult. Even the strongest band is not very hard. I don’t like continually switching over handles to change bands. My Black Mountain set of bands seem to do a better job and each band have handles of their own. I wouldn’t recommend these bands, or I would just go with Black Mountain. Read more

    4. Ml

      I love these bands! I was hesitant to buy them because I wanted something decent for the reasonable price. Super easy to change out for different exercises. The handles are comfortable & I love the door stop so I can work my lower & upper body. The ankle strap was confusing to me at first but now that I know how to wrap it correctly, it is very secure. I did have to google how to use it since there was no instructions included. It does include several exercises with photos which was very helpful in getting started to use them. I take them to my exercise class every day. I am very happy with my purchase!! Read more

    5. Phillippe

      It is soooo convenient having good functioning clips at each of the ends of each of the bands. Ulitmate in flexibility and ease in changing of tensions on the fly. No more fighting with rings, bulky hooks and carabiners. The ring at the handle is large enough to accommodate them all yet not too bulky to get in the way or bang against your wrists/arms when you use it. One 3″ carabiner clip at the fence end is all you need for uber convenience. Read more

    6. 000

      What I liked was that great range of motion if you have a bad back or a bad shoulder they are top quality. The soft material rubber band makes it more durable. I was surprised that I haven’t had any rubber bands snap so far like the single SPRI rubber bands that I bought at Sears. This set of five rubber bands is way more superior quality just that it on comes with one set of handles. I bought 4 more sets of handles on EBAY which were pretty cheap under $4.00 dollars and good quality even though they are from China. Read more

    7. Eric Gauthier

      Overall the product is pretty good, but – I am not finding the handles to be sturdy enough. They feel quite “cheap”. – the poster manual is only listing a few exercises; Many are missing. Very surprising that they did not do a better job, listing them all, or most of them. – There is no explanation about the 5 cords of 5 different colors. So, you have to figure out on your own how they rank from easiest to hardest; Not too difficult, but a little description would have been useful. Read more

    8. Ryan

      I like everything about this kit except that it didn’t come with a chart of resistances for each color band. They’re all relatively close in strength, so it’s hard to tell just by feel. Other than that, seems to be pretty decent quality and this kit has more to it than some other similarly priced kits. Read more

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