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  • make sure this fits by means of coming into your model quantity.
  • domestic exercising essential: spri mini exercise ball is a 9″ smooth and extremely squishy inflatable exercising ball meant to add intensity & excitement to mat and floor exercises and workout routines. This light-weight ball is perfect for extra help and task with out the burden.
  • multi-use: the ab ball is high-quality for reinforcing core muscle activation, frame rolling techniques and postural re-setting activities. Remarkable for additionally improving posture, flexibility, and coordination.
  • advanced grip: center ball for workout functions a smooth, spongy grip layout to be non-slip so that you have control over your habitual and positioning. Ball is ideal for positive alignment or for variety of movement.
  • includes exercise guide: an exercise practise sheet is covered for recommended uses.
  • easy to inflate: pilates ball comes with a straw tube for clean inflation, so that you can jumpstart your exercising habitual speedy.
  • free exercising manual: our small yoga ball includes a guide for the style of suggestive makes use of the ball may be used for. Use in pilates, yoga, or even barre for most advantageous overall performance. Use before exercising to spark off the body, boom movement, and decorate muscle readiness.

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the spri spongeball is a tender, mild inflatable 8″ ball that provides strength, exhilaration, variant and versatility to any mat primarily based exercise recurring. Ideal for boosting middle muscle activation, frame rolling strategies and postural re-putting activities. An exercise education sheet is included for advised makes use of.

use before exercise to activate the frame, growth flow, and decorate muscle readiness. Use after exercising to relax the lower again, spark off center muscle groups and improve healing time even as decreasing soreness and restoring frame alignment.

after pioneering the idea of rubber resistance extra than 3 a long time in the past, spri® is still considered today to be the chief in offering the health industry with innovative, powerful, and professional-excellent health answers. It’s miles due to spri®’s dedication to providing the best-first-class products that they may be considered through many of the biggest health club chains and maximum prestigious athletic-schooling centers to be the most depended on emblem available on the market. Millions of fitness lovers around the world rely on spri® merchandise day by day as part of their fitness and fitness routines, and with spri®’s wide variety of merchandise to pick out from, there’s some thing perfect for all and sundry and every health intention.

  • adds strength & pleasure to mat workouts
  • ideal for plenty programs
  • gentle, light, scented eight-inch ball
  • 8 reviews for Spri spongeball sponge ball,crimson

    1. Ash

      I chose this ball because I’ve used spri balls at my gym and been very pleased with them. Unfortunately this product did not remotely live up to those standards. Upon arrival, the ball had a really noxious odor. I could smell it even though it was contained in a plastic bag. It was also VERY sticky and left a residue on my hands. (The kind of sticky to which lent is easily attracted.) I washed the ball twice with dish soap, blew it up, and washed it again. The stink, stickiness, and residue did not improve. Also, it’s somewhat difficult to get enough air in the ball and get the plug in before air escapes. There are no directions, but I was moderately successful in getting more air to hold when I pushed the plug into the hole with the straw was still inserted. A little air escaped when I forced the straw to pull out, so the ball was still not totally full (firm with moderate give). All and all it’s a pretty sad item. I returned it because I had no desire to workout with a ball that left residue on my hands. The return process was a little difficult, as the normal Amazon return process did not seem to be available. I started the return process, but after selecting “defective item” was taken to a page that indicated I needed to choose another option or contact the company for return. I backed up and tried to select two other reasons for return but was given a notice that “this item is not eligible for return.” The link given as the company website led to a completed different company than Spri, that I’m pretty sure is in no way related. I finally just opened a chat with an Amazon rep and they issued a no-return refund that would process within a few days. I’d suggest you look elsewhere for an excercize ball. Read more

    2. Mihaya

      pros: -pretty -easy to inflate -very tacky, which could be helpful for some people when exercising cons: -disgusting slightly sweet smell which does not seem to go away with time, at least not fast enough for me. I did wash it with soap several times to no avail. -the straw that is included for inflation was badly bent because of how it had been packed. it was still usable, but it is basically just a straw of the same quality as a drinking straw even though I’m not sure if it is of the same diameter. -extremely tacky I ended up throwing it away rather than bothering to return it. I just could not stand the smell anymore. Read more

    3. Olytown

      My private yoga instructor and my barre instructor uses these. I ordered them so I’ll have them at home. The flexibility of the ball allows me to flex just a little further in the poses and the slight instability in balancing my hand in poses provides a flexible base that challenges the core muscles more effectively. Try sit ups while rolling the ball up the legs. Most mat exercises can be extended and enhanced using the Spri balls. Read more

    4. Rochelle Fogg

      “I ordered a second ball. I ordered a duplicate to be sure that if SPRI changes this product, I will still have one. I have used this for about 4 years to stretch my back. I am elderly, but I still do heavy work that requires bending over. I roll on this ball to get a good stretch. The non-slippery surface makes it easy to control, unlike a sports ball. This is NOT a sports ball like some reviewers claim. The surface makes it unique. You blow this up with a straw. Easy. My ball does not leak air. This is much better than the knobby massage ball I used before. There is a small ball that can be used to stretch your scapula.” This is a quote from my husband who uses the ball. Read more

    5. Sheldon B.

      I purchased this ball to help with certain workouts and what little I do with yoga. It fits the job and isn’t expensive. I’m somewhat curious of the literal drinking straw they provide to inflate the ball, but it did the job. The plug seems as though it may pop out with enough pressure but I haven’t had this experience (it’s just a gut feeling based on the shape of the plug and how ‘snug’ it appears to fit). Read more

    6. AM

      The ball seems to be well made, but where it falls apart is holding air. First, the straw supplied to blow the ball up is smaller than the opening, resulting in it losing air as you are inflating, and the plug is not much better. I’m having to refill every other time I use it. It is not unusual to have to refill air in balls, but this is worse than usual. For the price, I expected better. Read more

    7. Pam Slade

      The ball is serviceable and can do what I need. However, it is not made with the same material the SPRI balls at my Silver Sneakers class are. I was expecting a very soft plastic ball that is pliable. Your SPRI ball has a texture that is soft but slightly course and loses air much more quickly. In addition, you blow it up with a straw. What does a person do if they have weak lungs. It should be blown up with a ball pump like most others are. Read more

    8. Estimed_customer

      I would give it zero star if I could. Sticky and smelly, in a disgusting, icky way: left its odor on skin too. Vendor doesn’t make it easy to return, and I simply threw that thing away so that I wouldn’t have it in the house or have to deal with it anymore. A repellent product: can’t even think of why a manufacturer would produce something like that. Read more

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