Spri workout mat bi-fold fitness mat (available in 60-inch or seventy two-inch duration)

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  • soft, cushioned, at ease aid for a ramification of floor sporting activities and mat paintings
  • folds in half for easy garage and journey, triple-layer foam production
  • short and clean to smooth
  • infinite packages yield extremely good price
  • 2″ thick, clean with a moist material
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available in two lengths (60 inch and seventy two inch)

after pioneering the concept of rubber resistance extra than three a long time ago, spri is still considered nowadays to be the leader in imparting the health industry with innovative, effective, and expert-best health answers. It is due to spri’s willpower to supplying the very best-fine products that they may be considered by many of the most important health club chains and maximum prestigious athletic-education centers to be the most trusted emblem in the marketplace. Thousands and thousands of fitness fans round the sector depend on spri products each day as a part of their health and health routines, and with spri’s wide kind of products to select from, there’s some thing perfect for all of us and every fitness aim.

spri bi-fold workout mat

the utmost in consolation and cleanliness, with a triple-layer creation of excessive-density foam for long-lasting durability and a softer center layer for consolation. Mat wipes easy without problems with a damp fabric, is lightweight, and folds up for easy storage.

positioned extreme consolation behind your subsequent workout with the relaxed support you need. With its extra soft cushioning, the spri bi-fold exercising mat makes it clean to carry out a extensive sort of exercises inside the comfort of your home.

  • smooth, cushioned, secure assist for a diffusion of ground physical games and mat work
  • folds for easy storage
  • brief and clean to smooth
  • limitless applications yield incredible cost
  • consists of practise/care sheet
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    spri offers specialized mats for almost any kind of exerciser, consisting of the ones appearing flexibility moves, traditional core paintings, stretching, muscle isolation, frame planking, and dynamic range-of-motion activities in seated, kneeling, or status positions.

    the maximum in consolation and cleanliness, with a triple-layer construction of excessive-density foam for long-lasting sturdiness and a softer center layer for comfort. Mat wipes easy easily with a damp cloth, is lightweight, and folds up for clean garage.

    positioned extreme consolation at the back of your next exercise with the relaxed support you want. With its more smooth cushioning, the spri bi-fold exercising mat makes it smooth to carry out a wide form of physical activities within the consolation of your home.

    product description

    put severe comfort at the back of your next exercise! Spri folding mat offers you the cozy support you need. With its more tender cushioning, the spri folding mat makes it easy to carry out a wide style of physical activities in the comfort of your house. To be had in two lengths (60-inch or 72-inch).


    Long (72-Inch), Standard (60-Inch)

    8 reviews for Spri workout mat bi-fold fitness mat (available in 60-inch or seventy two-inch duration)

    1. AndAnotherThing

      We bought what was nominally the same mat several years ago. Though it endured years of hard use, the covering had begun to stretch and minor tears had begun to form. Its replacement, the current incarnation of the SPRI mat (72″, in our case), seems even more durable than its predecessor as the covering is thicker and more dense. Flimsy workout products simply do not cut the mustard. The SPRI bi-fold is ready to take you on.Read more

    2. Ashley L.

      I bought this to replace a mat that I purchased that was far too solid and felt like a piece of styrofoam. This is thankfully much softer and comfortable to use. I use this to do mostly ab exercises on my bedroom floor which is carpeted but not comfortable to try and work out on. This helps a ton and the only downside I found compared to other mats I’ve used is that it’s almost too soft and when I’m doing regular planks my hands will sink into this and bend my wrists into an uncomfortable place. Other than that it’s great for all of my other exercises and would highly recommend this! It’s long enough that I have a ton of space to work with and i never find myself falling off either side. For reference I’m 5’4” and petite so I can’t speak for anyone tall or broad. It’s a bit bulky with only two folds instead of three so you’ll definitely want some good space to store it!Read more

    3. Sharon

      I LOVE this mat! Every morning I do a yoga wakeup routine for an hour, most of it on the floor, so I’ve accumulated some experience with mats and this mat is totally awesome! For years the best mat I could find came from Academy – a thick roll – and this Spri mat makes that one pale in comparison. It’s super thick and cushy – the thickness of a wrestling mat, but softer and more comfy, of good quality materials. I first came across it at the Marriot – the hotel gym had hard floors – linoleum over concrete – and these mats. The mat was so thick that I couldn’t feel the hard floor at all and did my whole floor workout with ease. Now I have one in my living room for the early morning and I’m buying another today for my little mini-gym on the porch.Read more

    4. writergrl

      Great exercise mat! I had knee replacement surgery and have had to do exercise after exercise daily for the past three months. I got the mat soon after I got home from surgery – the floor was impossible and the bed or sofa much too soft. The first day I knew we’d become great friends. I mean, if you gotta do PT exercises – or any other kind – you need something comfy but sturdy. The pad is thick enough, the cover comfortable and attractive enough, with a handle that makes using it easy enough, that even exercise is doable – enough. PS – Thanks to all the previous reviewers who helped guide me to it!Read more

    5. CAD

      Bought this to replace a similar mat made by Harbinger which was starting to tear on me (after many years of use). This mat is much heavier and the foam is way denser. In my tiled workout room, the more padding, the better when doing floor exercises (situps, planks,ect.). I also have one of those 3/4 inch yoga mats which are great for grip but worthless for actual cushioning. If you need padding this is the mat to get.Read more

    6. ambnd

      I love the cushion and quality of the mat. Unfortunately I have ordered it and returned it twice. The mat arrives in a card board wrapper labeled 72 inches long but when measured it is only 59 inches long. It is too short . I need the extra long version. Must be a quality control issue. I would really like this mat if it was 72 inches. Will look elsewhere.Read more

    7. Nil

      I was so happy when I got the mat and tried it for the first time. It gives me great support when I do my physical therapy exercises that I must do for my back. A BIG difference from my old mat that I had to retire. The expense and quality are great!Read more

    8. Pearls’ Wisdom

      This is exactly what I was needing. My knees were sore on the yoga mats. It’s easy to pull out and use. I am glad I got the 72″ over the smaller. I am 5’6″ and don’t feel like I am falling off the mat. Highly recco.!Read more

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