Spri xerball medicinal drug ball thick walled heavy duty textured surface (2lb, 4, 6, eight, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30 pound)

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  • traditional med ball: body schooling device that enables increase muscular power, endurance, energy, stability and joint integrity
  • thick walled: thick partitions boom durability and extend the lifestyles of the ball and the better rubber content material affords a better jump – add air to boom the bounce and upload variety for your workout
  • textured basketball-like surface: allows for a greater cozy and comfortable grip even at some point of the maximum strenuous exercises
  • constructed for repeated use: medicine ball will retain form after repeated use and is constructed to a professional grade first-class and designed for industrial gyms and clubs to be used a hundred times a day versus one hundred instances a year in a home fitness center
  • formidable color coded: easy to study weight stamps allow for brief identity of weight preferred
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after pioneering the concept of rubber resistance greater than 3 a long time ago, spri stays a frontrunner in supplying the health industry with progressive, powerful, and expert-exceptional health answers. It is because of spri’s determination to presenting the best-first-class products that they’re taken into consideration by using many of the most important gym chains and most prestigious athletic-schooling facilities to be the most depended on brand available on the market. Tens of millions of fitness enthusiasts around the arena rely upon spri products daily as a part of their health and fitness workouts, and with spri’s wide kind of products to select from, there’s something best for each person and every health goal.

spri xerball remedy balls

the spri xerball is a completely unique and versatile, general-frame schooling tool that helps develop muscular power, endurance, strength, stability, and joint integrity. The color-coded xerball will jump and preserve its form, and it is extraordinarily durable. Redesigned with comfort and function in mind.

remedy balls may be used for a wide variety of programs — from slow and managed movements all the manner as much as very rapid-transferring, extremely-dynamic ones. They can be held onto, tossed, bounced, or even slammed in opposition to almost any floor, like rubber or hardwood flooring, grass or artificial turf, even concrete.

  • higher rubber content presents a better soar
  • thick partitions growth sturdiness and amplify the life of the ball
  • textured surface lets in for a better and extra comfy grip even in the course of the maximum strenuous exercises
  • formidable colours and clean study weight stamps permit for quick identity of weight preferred
  • consists of full shade practise sheet
  • functions

    general-frame training device that helps increase muscular electricity, endurance, electricity, stability, and joint integrity.

    higher rubber content gives a higher bounce while the thick walls growth durability and amplify the existence of the ball. The textured surface allows for a better and extra comfortable grip even at some stage in the most strenuous workout routines.

    from sluggish and managed actions all the way up to very speedy-transferring, extremely-dynamic ones.

    they may be held onto, tossed, bounced, and even slammed against nearly any surface, like rubber or hardwood floors, grass or artificial turf, even concrete.


    A) 2-Pound (Yellow), D) 8-Pound (Rosewood), E) 10-Pound (Purple), F) 12-Pound (Blue), G) 15-Pound (Teal), J) 25-Pound (Brown)

    8 reviews for Spri xerball medicinal drug ball thick walled heavy duty textured surface (2lb, 4, 6, eight, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30 pound)

    1. Bill McNeil

      SPRI’s medicine balls are awesome. We picked this 4-pounder up after a good experience with their 2-pounder. It has a nice grip and is very evenly weighted, making it great for workouts. It has some bounce, but as long as you do not add extra air, it is nothing like, say, a basketball. We do smashes and on a soft surface and it bounces back up about chest high, making for an easy retrieval. When our little leaguer is ready for a 6-pounder, it will be an SPRI again. My only complaint is that it is latex and is a bit stinky out of the box. Nothing terrible, but you might want to air it out in the garage for a bit before using, and even then, in the first few uses you will notice a slight residue and smell on your hands. That seems typical for medicine balls and goes away after a few uses. But, don’t let that scare you away, it really is not a big deal and you will be pleased in the long-term.Read more

    2. MrRoss

      SPRI is usually reliable but this particular medball cracked within 4 months of purchasing. I never used it on anything harder then grass, so it baffles me how it would crack. Unfortunately they only have a 90 limited warranty. My other medball is Nike brand and I’ve had it for 9 years. It’s still going strong.Read more

    3. Carl Bond

      This item appears to be well made and should provide years of service. However, the smell emanating from the ball is so intense and unpleasant that I have left it in the garage for several weeks in the hope that the smell will dissipate.Read more

    4. Michael

      I got a set of 2-12 to replace my old beat up spri medicine balls (exact same balls). I thought the old balls were damaged from use but apparently they are made like that for some reason. Cracks and scratches all over the outside. It’s hard to see in the pics but the spri being one of the more expensive brands, I really expected better quality. They didn’t even bother to make the paint line up in a few places. The surface scratches may be a result of packaging but the paint not lining up with the grooves on the ball is ugly and looks very cheap!The balls are very much usable but with the price on them, I expected something I knew would hold up against workouts but surface scratches and sloppy paint jobs leaves me skeptical of their quality and how long they will last. Their presentation is not up to par for the price they’re asking, double the price of other medicine balls.Scratches and misaligned paint in the pics was spotted as soon as they were removed from the boxes, so there’s no chance that it happened during use. The page said they were new, they don’t appear used so I’m assuming these are all manufacturing flaws.Read more

    5. Hart30

      I thought I was buying a new item. The box smells like mildew and the ball has dust and dirt all over it. It will do what I need it to do but not a new item.Read more

    6. John L Hooper

      This is used a couple times a week by a 75 year old lady. After just 6 months the ball split open! If used by anyone actually fit would probably not last a month.Read more

    7. DayLight

      There are less expensive and more expensive balls to consider. As one who is serious about exercise, I considered the more expensive for better quality and durability, but after working with SPRI balls I discovered they have the utmost quality for the price. I use my SPRI balls almost every day before my weight training – they’re different, they’re fun, and they improve my focus. I highly recommend the use of medicine balls in your exercise program and SPRI balls will not disappoint in quality, feel, and enjoyment.Read more

    8. Wendy O’Neil

      Best I especially like bc of the size and shape of a regular basketball…and has nice texture so gives me a good grip.Read more

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