Spri xerball medicine ball twin-grip take care of thick walled heavy duty med ball (6lb, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 pound)

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  • make certain this fits
  • via coming into your version range.
  • one loose coaching sheet covered with each ball.
  • twin-cope with clean-grip medicinal drug ball
  • ideal choice for acting rotational abdominal sporting activities.
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after pioneering the idea of rubber resistance extra than 3 decades in the past, spri stays one of the leaders in offering the health enterprise with progressive, powerful, and expert-pleasant fitness solutions. It’s far due to spri’s dedication to presenting the very best-pleasant merchandise that they’re considered through a lot of the biggest gymnasium chains and most prestigious athletic-education centers to be the maximum relied on logo available on the market. Thousands and thousands of health fans round the sector rely upon spri products each day as a part of their health and health exercises, and with spri’s wide sort of products to select from, there’s some thing best for anybody and every fitness intention.

spri dual grip xerball / medicine balls

twin-manage, smooth-grip medication balls provide masses of med ball schooling options. They’re the appropriate desire for performing rotational belly sporting events, top extremity cross-body patterns, decrease-frame dynamic and locomotor drills, and explosive -manage recreation movement activities including golfing swings and tennis strokes.

the weighted ball consists of an practise sheet for secure, effective use. Clean grip weighted ball is good for belly and rotational motions, lower-frame movement drills with spri’s elite xercise balance ball.

  • twin-manage easy-grip medication ball
  • best choice for appearing rotational stomach exercises
  • smooth grip weighted ball is ideal for stomach and rotational motions
  • decrease frame motion drills and wide range of single surpassed
  • includes exercise manual
  • functions

    ideal choice for performing rotational abdominal sports, top extremity pass-frame styles, decrease-frame dynamic and locomotor drills.

    smooth grip weighted ball is right for belly and rotational motions, decrease-body motion drills.

    explosive -handle sport motion sports such as golfing swings and tennis strokes.


    A) 6-Pound (Black), B) 8-Pound (Black), C) 10-Pound (Black), E) 14-Pound (Black), F) 16-Pound (Black), H) 20-Pound (Black)

    8 reviews for Spri xerball medicine ball twin-grip take care of thick walled heavy duty med ball (6lb, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 pound)

    1. Dr. Krappenschitz

      I submitted this review with a picture of the 20lb version next to the Amazon brand 12lb medicine ball. While I love both, they both have advantages. The grips on the SPRI make it easy to incorporate into warm up excercises and cardio work outs. Some complain that it smells and yes, out of the box is smells like rubber. But so do your brand new tires and it will go away in time.Read more

    2. David

      A terrific addition to a home gym.First, people complain about the smell. Yes, there is an initial odor (rubber); however, it dissipated quickly.14 lb was the perfect starter weight for me. Work out regularly and while not a gym rat, put in an hour of exercise 3-5 days a week of cardio and strength training.The instructional DVD and exercises that come with this ball are terrific. In the past month there is definition in my abs that was not there before – so there is no doubt that this ball and it’s suggested techniques do indeed work. Flexibility has also increased as has my range of motion.Simply put. This is a great product. Worth the money and proof that you don’t have to spend $$$’s to achieve solid results.Read more

    3. Michele_Indy

      I was so excited to get this ball, but once i received it, it was deflated weighing 7 lbs instead of 8 lbs. Will return it.Read more

    4. gamma

      Xerball came covered with a “greasy like” very bad smelling substance. Smell permeates room and transfers easily to hands; multiple washings required to remove smell from hands. Not a keeper unless I’m able to find information before my return date on how to permanently remove the smell without damaging the ball. Problem may be that the smell is coming from the material that the ball is made from rather than a coating on the ball.With the above said, without the smell, the ball would be excellent.Read more

    5. SpanishTigerlily

      The reason why I gave it ⭐⭐ is the shape, style, and handles were perfectly ideal. If it came the way it was supposed to, it would have been really awesome to use. And I would have giving it a high rating. But, I need to return it, because it came completely deflated. Instead of weighing the 8.62lbs, The way it was supposed to, it came weighing £7.115, missing a whole #. Also I agree with the other review. There is a very strong chemical Polyethylene/burnt plastic smell to it. While, that’s not the biggest problem, for me, cause that will we’re off with time, I can totally understand. The fact is, I have to either try to find a way to inflate the ball with a whole another #, and the hole is not big enough to put sand in or water, yeah… Forget the whole thing back. That’s an issue. I was willing to work through it, but there’s no way I can without destroying the ballRead more

    6. Alma

      I have a damaged index finger on my right hand so the grips are fantastic and easy to hold while doing core work. I had an 8 pound ball for a long time and decided I needed higher weight. The only reason this ball did not get a 5 is that it has a very strong rubber smell (even after 4 days). I think it will get better over time, but the whole room smells of this ball.Read more

    7. DK

      I really like medicine ball workouts. I, however, have moderate wrist pain, so I started using medicine balls with grips, since it seems to be easier on my wrist and hand muscles. I got a SPRI 8-lb medicine ball on clearance at Dick’s. I liked it so much that I bought a 14-lb SPRI dual grip xerball from Amazon.PROS-I’ve read reviews of some other medicine balls where people said they’re weighted with sand and that the sand shifts in the ball. I have no idea what the SPRI xerball is weighted with, but there’s no shifting of weight.-Big handles. First, let me say that I don’t have big hands for a man. But, I can say with confidence that SPRI leaves enough room for people with big paws.-The SPRI xerball I got from Amazon was fully inflated and holds air well.-I read reviews of other medicine balls where people said they smell bad. Can’t say I’ve ever had that problem with any of my medicine balls.CONS-My 8-lb SPRI xerball will not inflate. Not sure why. Then again, this hasn’t really impacted it’s utility as a medicine ball in my workouts (since I don’t bounce the ball and since medicine balls with grips probably shouldn’t be bounced anyway), but it’s still a flaw.Overall, I’m very happy with my SPRI xerballs. I’d like to get a 20-lb xerball as well. Oh, I think I read somewhere (maybe on the box) that you can do Kettle Bell stuff with this ball. I’d probably disagree with that. Even though there’s handles and the handles are big, if you swing the ball behind your hand and hold it like a kettle bell, it will be uncomfortable for your hand. But, if you are looking for a quality medicine ball with grips, I think SPRI is a great choice.Read more

    8. Jackie Trzeciak

      I bought this product because every kettlebell on the planet is sold out and I wanted something that would work for kettlebell-style workouts at home. Honestly, I think I like this better than I would a kettlebell because of its versatility. It works really well for both kettlebell and medicine ball workouts, and I’ve even been able to use it as a balance ball for push ups/planks/etc. The handle is extremely comfortable to hold on to and the weight is very balanced throughout the ball. Overall, nice quality product and I am happy with my purchase.Read more

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