Stamina 36-inch folding trampoline safe bounce get entry to to free online workouts covered helps as much as 250 pounds

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  • make sure this suits by means of coming into your model number.
  • amusing, solid soar: leap for your coronary heart’s content with the stamina 36-inch folding trampoline. 30 tension bands offer a safe, quiet, and supportive soar. The safety pad covers the bands to hold you bouncing appropriately.
  • burn energy and tone muscle: use a rebounder to acquire your preferred fitness desires. Operating out with the aid of rebounding facilitates burn calories and improves heart health with low impact exercise
  • unfastened on-line workout routines: get the maximum out of your trampoline with three on line exercising movies. Films include an creation and a pair of excessive-power workouts.
  • durable, heavy-obligation design: the trampoline helps up to 250 kilos and is straightforward to gather. Six detachable, rubber-tipped legs guard your floor area.
  • compact and lightweight: take your exercise anywhere – this rebounder folds and simplest weighs 14 kilos. Polypropylene mat

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stamina 36-inch folding trampoline

rebounding is a secure, powerful and a laugh manner to enhance cardiovascular fitness, tone decrease-body muscle corporations, burn energy and enhance coordination.

the stamina 36-inch folding trampoline affords the supportive leap you need to get the activity completed. The heavy-obligation rebounding surface supports users up to 250 kilos. Thirty anxiety bands assure a strong and gentle movement with every jump. This trampoline is also equipped with a border protection skirt to guard the feet and hands from harm while jumping.

take your capacity a step in addition and comply with along side 3 on-line, professional-guided exercising movies (access code covered with purchase). Streams from any cellphone, tablet, laptop or clever television tool.

it’s simplest 36 inches in diameter, making it a notable fit for nearly any domestic or office exercising area. Six removable rubber-tipped legs shield your floor and provide a solid foundation for the rugged metallic body. When you’re done rebounding, the stamina 36-inch trampoline without difficulty folds for smooth storage.

  • heavy-obligation rebounding floor
  • border protection pad
  • six detachable rubber-tipped legs
  • folds for clean storage
  • 36-inch diameter metal body supports as much as 250 kilos
  • includes 3 expert-guided, streaming video exercises with buy
  • a laugh and powerful aerobic

    resistance bands offer a gentle, supportive bounce that is best for burning energy, firming muscle and extra.

    follow along with jen and jamie in 3 fun, in-depth workouts to beautify your capability. Streams for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or clever tv.

    fold the trampoline if you’re confined on area.

    product description

    product description

    the stamina 36 inch folding trampoline is an effective, secure, progressive manner to workout at domestic or on the office for improved cardiovascular health, general muscle energy, to useful resource in weight loss, and to enhance stream. Studies have proven that rebounding has many tremendous fitness benefits. Rebounding can cross nearly everywhere–fold it and take it with you–so that you’ll persist with your exercise ordinary and get in shape. Begin slowly and progress at your personal pace. By including hand or ankle weights on your routine, you may progress to a more whole cardiovascular exercising. You don’t need an costly fitness center membership to get in shape. And you do not need a massive exercising area at domestic. Rebound at the same time as you watch television, then fold and save it away in a closet or under the mattress. Improves coordination at some stage in the frame.

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    the stamina 36-inch folding trampoline is an effective, safe, revolutionary way to exercise at home, the office, or maybe while traveling, thanks to a completely unique design that folds down into smaller additives when not in use.


  • folding design saves space while no longer in use
  • 36-inch diameter
  • rugged, all-metallic body creation
  • safety pad
  • heavy-obligation rebounding floor
  • thirty-band anxiety resistance; every band is two inches huge for durability and balance
  • six removable legs
  • flow into oxygen to the body’s tissues
  • useful resource lymphatic stream, in addition to blood glide in the veins of the circulatory device
  • lower expanded cholesterol and triglyceride ranges
  • stimulate the metabolism, lowering the probability of weight problems
  • enhance coordination at some stage in the body
  • 5 reviews for Stamina 36-inch folding trampoline safe bounce get entry to to free online workouts covered helps as much as 250 pounds

    1. B. Q.

      I bought this one about 2.5 years ago when I first heard about rebounder exercises. Thought it was a good price and I wouldn’t regret much even if I didn’t like it. Liked it when it first came. Seemed neat-looking and sturdy and bouncy enough to be fun. I put it in front of the TV and the kid and I both enjoyed jumping on it from time to time. But after a while, we lost interest and it was moved to the basement and barely used again. Then several months ago, I read a blog article talking about the health benefits that the blogger had by doing rebounder exercises in the past 2 years and how he eventually bought three different rebounders ($ to $$$, with this one being the first bought) and how the expensive one felt so much better. So I thought, hm, maybe I should try a better one too. Did some research and bought another quite popular model by another brand at about $300 to $350. “Wow” was how we felt when jumping on the new expensive one. So much bouncier and you can jump very comfortably for so much longer with little effort. We couldn’t stop laughing when we compared the two side by side because jumping on them felt SO different. Now my 12 year old enjoys jumping on the new one so much that she often stays on it for half an hour or more until I push her to do something else. Still think the old one – the one that I am reviewing – is decent for the price. But it seems you do get what you pay for in this case. Not sure whether this one was less bouncy to start with or eventually lost its elasticity over the past 2 years even though it was barely used. Read more

    2. Reidalong

      UPDATE: 15 days of using this just to get my blood pumping because I do so much work on the computer, and I am pleasantly surprised to find that I have lost a little over 2 pounds! I usually use it for 10 minutes at a time, at least 3 times per day (just before mealtime, usually). I’ve also notice that my cardio fitness has improved. I don’t wear myself out on the trampoline – I just put some Motown music on and bounce to the beat – it doesn’t seem like much effort, but apparently, it’s enough for overall health improvements in a very short time. ORIGINAL REVIEW: By the time I was done reading all of the warnings, etc, I must confess, I was scared of severe injury or death and started having doubts about whether I even wanted to try it! I got it so that I could get some low-impact cardio as a way to break up the vast amount of time that I must spend on the computer (my job – but I mostly work from home). Going to the gym is great, but it’s a minimum of 2 hours out of my day which is not always reasonable. Going for a walk is also great, but not always feasible (weather, etc). I looked into under-desk cyclers, etc, but I knew my knees would bang the underside of the desk (and it probably wouldn’t add much cardio), so I decided to try the trampoline – it was very reasonably priced, and the reviews seemed good. Of course, it arrived on a day that I was home by myself, so I read all of the instructions where it says you must use 2 STRONG people to unfold it. I don’t consider myself to be STRONG (they put the word STRONG in all caps – and I definitely don’t consider myself STRONG in the all caps sense). In fact, they say you risk death if you try to unfold it by yourself as it could spring back and kill you – so you’re supposed to get 2 STRONG people and hope that they trust each other enough that neither lets go while folding it back. I thought at first they might be over-exaggerating about how strong the tension was in the spring, but they weren’t kidding – no way was I going to unfold this by myself without risking death…unless, as many of us weaklings discovered long ago, we use something as leverage. I took it outside and placed half of the trampoline under my porch railing – I fully trusted that my porch railing would not give way, and then pushed down on the other half of the trampoline railings until it popped open. It didn’t appear completely locked in place, so I gingerly removed it, turned it right side up and pushed down on the rails until it was flat on the ground all the way around. I added the legs and then had fun figuring out how to get the protective coverring on it – the trick to getting that on by yourself is to hook one hole (there are 6 holes in the cover) over one of the leg threads, then screw on the leg to hold it in place. Pull it all the way across to the other side and do the same with that side. Then just work your way around.for each leg – it’s actually pretty easy to do by yourself if you do it that way. So, within minutes I had it put together and jumping away! It seems quite sturdy and well-made, I think I will enjoy being able to get in some quick exercises while I’m working 🙂 Oh, and there’s no way I’m undoing it – it will stay open forever as far as I’m concerned…it’s low enough to fit under a bed if you need to get it out of the way. Read more

    3. bri

      We love it. Me and my husband both use it everyday. Its helped us both to loose weight in one month 🙂 UPDATED 2/27/18! It’s been damn near a year (11 months) with our trampoline, and here’s how it worked out. After hours everyday of my four year old and my husband (seperately!) jumping on this, a few of the stretchy bands underneath tore/ripped off completely. No one was hurt when our trampoline broke🤗 Thankfully it didn’t violently snap in half or anything. So with my boys very upset. I immediately reordered this! We also had bought a toddler trampoline last year and it broke in pieces after two months. This trampoline held up a long time after heavy use! These photos are the ONLY wear and tear on this trampoline after a year of everyday use. Update: 06/11/19 We are still on our second trampoline with zero issues this time around 🙂 Read more

    4. TW in WF

      Terrible design. Bought for Christmas. It was easy to assemble, not very bouncy, but it was okay for the first two months or so when my 90 pound daughter was the only one using it. After a few weeks with my 120 pound daughter bouncing on it for an hour or so daily, it is no longer bouncy and the bouncing surface is stretched out and distorted. No one in the house weighs more than 130. There is no way this thing should be on its last leg with less than three months of use! I would say it is great for little jumpers but, since the cover around the rim quickly tears where the screws are, I can’t in good conscience recommend it; those screws are sharp!. Read more

    5. Mark T. Brody

      I have no idea why someone would pay $200 for one of these trampoline’s. It’s actually mind boggling. I have used very expensive ones, and can’t understand for the life of me why they even exist. This one was super cheap, and is amazing. I have used it almost every day since I first got it for rebounding/lymph drainage, and the thing is incredible! This is the only thing you need, if you are also looking to gain the health benefits of rebounding. Awesome! Read more

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