Stamina fold-to-healthy folding gadget mat (84-inch via 36-inch)

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  • make sure this suits through coming into your version wide variety.
  • vicinity below equipment to defend carpet and flooring
  • textured, non-slip pebble surface is easily cleaned
  • length: three’ extensive x 7′ long;use with maximum workout device like desk bound bikes, rowers, treadmills, inversion tables, pilates reformers, ellipticals, rebounders, weights, go trainers and extra
  • divided into seven 12″ folds
  • 1/four” thick closed cell foam fabric ; weight: approximately 7 lbs

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from the producer

why spend money on an equipment mat?

despite the fact that most exercise machines have endcaps to prevent floor harm, endcaps can most effective accomplish that plenty. Even greater, the fold-to-suit folding system mat does more than defend your floor; it protects your system. Dust and carpet fibers are the bane of tricky hardware. Thankfully, this folding device mat can ebb some of that dirt.

secondly, the textured, grippy surface of the stamina fold-to-fit folding system mat can prevent undesirable slippage. This is specially important for the ones whom workout vigorously on their machines or have their gadget on a easy floor, like hardwood or a cement floor.

it folds to fit any of your exercising system (despite the fact that it is not ours)

product description

product description

get the most from your gadget this high first-class equipment mat facilitates defend your flooring from damage that workouts can inflict. Use the stamina fold-to-in shape system mat with almost any of your workout device in any space. The closed cell foam fabric is difficult yet soft enough to soak up effect, dispose of vibration and forestall carpet fibers from entering into the transferring components of your equipment. Ideal for stationary motorcycles, elliptical trainers, steppers, rowing machines, aeropilates reformers, weight benches, mini trampolines and many other pieces of workout gadget that you can have.

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shield your floor from ugly blemishes and nasty gouges with this stamina fold-to-match device mat. Designed to sit down beneath maximum exercise system or to function a surprise absorber for cardio workouts, the mat is manufactured from a closed-mobile foam cloth that is difficult but smooth, helping it take in effect, put off vibration, and prevent carpet fibers from migrating into the moving components of your device. In addition, the mat measures a sturdy eighty four by 36 inches (w x l), making it large enough to house desk bound bikes, elliptical trainers, stair steppers, rowing machines, pilates reformers, ski machines, home gyms, weight benches, and mini trampolines. As a end result, you needn’t worry about scuffing your hardwood ground with gouges and scrapes, or developing nasty tears in your carpet. Ultimately, the mat is split into seven folding sections, so you can without difficulty personalize it to any length of gadget. The mat–which includes a textured, nonslip pebble surface that cleans easily–measures 1/four inch thick and weighs kind of 7 kilos.

8 reviews for Stamina fold-to-healthy folding gadget mat (84-inch via 36-inch)

  1. Wingnut

    I used this mat underneath an Elliptical to ensure no damage to the floor. 9 years later and it’s still holding up great – even outside in a humid garage. Worked exactly as needed and has lasted. Very impressed Read more

  2. Jeremy Howard

    We LOVE these mats. Yet I only give it 4 stars.. hmmmmm well I have to be honest they are expensive mats. especially when you had to buy 3 of them. The quality is excellent. they allow you to slide your equipment much easier than trying to do it just on the floor and with no scuffing. It took about 48 hours unfolded flippping over a few times to get all of the fold ridges out but other than that they were ready to go. I don’t have a machine that would be a candidate for using only part of one so the folding part is not necessary for me but it is a nice feature if I did have one. You could even trim it down on the folds very easily if need be. Read more

  3. FPoole

    This Matt is the perfect size for our new rower on the laminate floor. It’s thin enough to be manageable and thick enough to be durable. I havent had any tear or other issues moving the rower on it. Big plus, there is no smell to it. I bought a thicker pad from Home Depot but, after 2 weeks in the garage, I still couldn’t stand the smell so never brought it into the house. Read more

  4. drumwraith

    I ordered two of these to go under a bench and a rower. I was afraid the folds might be a problem, but went ahead and ordered them anyway based on good reviews. Well, they are actually a problem….the mats never sit nice and flat against the floor. They are pretty thin so any weight makes them curl up like you would expect and any movement; and I mean ANY movement makes the folds push up for a trip hazard. Also, there is no way they will stay together if you try them side by side….any activity or weight makes them shift around so there is always an uneven gap between them. I’m using them but just for a carpet protector and since it’s just me working out, it is tolerable…but just barely. Read more

  5. Alexia

    I bought this to protect my carpet from my rowing machine when a friend wisely advised that I get one for that reason alone. It feels nice and thick, lays flat, does not move an inch when using the machine, and has shown to be able to endure the trampling of pets as well. The vacuum hasn’t harmed it when I vacuum around the edges, and most important of all, the carpet beneath is completely safe. I recently pulled it up after months of use and found the carpet to be absolutely fine. I love that you can either fold or cut it to fit your personal needs. It’s a bit on the heavy side so I wouldn’t take this to go do yoga or something. This definitely is best staying in place. But it is a great mat and well worth the investment. Read more

  6. Tyler Forge

    Finally, a wide enough mat. Wide enough for a man. Actually, a smallish sweaty man. Sweating on the carpet is not cool. Working out partially on a mat and partially on tile/wood just plain sux. Mostly though, I want a mat large enough to catch all that drippage so I can hose the thing off every now and then and make things clean again. This mat is large enough that I can have both hands and both feet on it during push-ups. Those little yoga roll ups and stuff aren’t sufficient. Also, my recumbent stationary bike fits completely over it. Once again, no sweat on the carpet. This mat does fold up for storage/haulage and isn’t very heavy. The material isn’t nearly as robust as the stuff my treadmill mat is made from. On the other hand, that mat isn’t going anywhere because it’s too heavy and doesn’t roll up well or easily. This mat, however, is just about perfect for plopping on the carpet and getting some exercise. Read more

  7. D. W. Adams

    I looked at a great number of options before selecting this mat (bought 2), and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. One advantage for me is that this mat is larger than most offered in the “exercise” and “equipment” categories on most Web sites. The extra square-footage offered a better fit for the space available in my exercise area, which was important in protecting the carpet in a rented apartment. The two mats, together, provide an almost perfect fit, while offering plenty of space for my purpose–exercise, not equipment support. With regard to equipment support, however, I can say that the treadmill in my exercise area would be supported much better by one of these mats than it is by a discount store pad, which is what it now stands on. No comparison in quality between the mat being reviewed and the equipment pad in use now. The mat wins, hands down. For a small apartment, with limited open floor space, the fold-up feature of these mats is a real winner. The folded size of the mat (36Lx12Wx1.5H) makes it easy to store under a bed or other furniture, or even on a shelf in a closet, as the weight of each mat is quite manageable for overhead storage. The “folds lines” for each 12″ section are somewhat thinner than the “mat” sections, which is what allows the sections to be folded, but the relative thinness in no way compromises the durability of the mat. I’ve used the mats for several months, folding and unfolding regularly, and there are no signs of wear or deterioration of either the folds or the section surfaces. The convenience of folding for storage, along with the compact, folded size, has made the mats the perfect choice for exercise where floor protection is necessary. I’ve had the interlocking squares, roll-out mats, yoga mats, etc., and none compare with the quality and durability of this fold-up mat. The mat’s textured surface provides a bit of grip, even when exercising with socks on the feet. The surface is even more “grippy” when barefoot. The mat can be used with either side “up,” so you don’t have to wrestle with deciding how to unfold the mat for use. The folds keep the mat from lying completely flat, due to the “memory effect” of the material after being folded, but the effect isn’t enough to cause any real problems when exercising. I’ve never tripped over a fold, for example, as the very slight protrusion isn’t enough to cause tripping. Only mentioned here because the mat doesn’t lie perfectly flat when unfolded after being stored, then used again for short duration before being folded again. I’m not sure whether the mat would flatten completely if left unfolded for a period of time, but I suspect the slightly raised areas would eventually flatten completely. I can imagine the mat might shift during exercise when placed over some surfaces, but I haven’t experienced that problem when placed over fairly dense carpet. The “slipping” problem could be addressed easily with some strategically placed Velcro or tape or weights. For exercising, this mat (2x, in my case) has been an excellent choice: quality material, easy to move and to store, protects the carpet perfectly, provides some cushioning for exercise, and is inexpensive compared to a number of other options. Highly recommended, based on my experience. Read more

  8. Keith Ramsey

    A low air vent in my basement ceiling meant I needed to orient my treadmill toward the stairway coming down. It would have presented a tripping hazard, except that the treadmill folds up when not in use. I needed the same in a pad, and got exactly what I wanted. It folds out when the treadmill is being used and easily folds up out of the way when it isn’t. No carpet wear and no tripping! Bonus points for the pad not having a strong plastic smell! Read more

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