Stott pilates electricity paced fitness circle (english/french)

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  • insturctional stage: intermediate audiences (stage three of 5)
  • quantity of sporting events: 32
  • gadget required: health circle, exercising mat

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tone your frame and goal key areas in this amusing, fast-paced exercise. This dynamic and quick-paced stott pilates® fitness circle® exercise will leave you feeling bendy, sturdy and empowered. Comply with along side master teacher instructor moira merrithew as you add a few intense conditioning of legs and arms to the all-crucial center paintings. Suitable for: intermediate audiences (degree three of 5) gadget required: health circle®, exercise mat soundtrack languages: english, français

3 reviews for Stott pilates electricity paced fitness circle (english/french)

  1. Valerie M

    The DVD is only 31 minutes long, and the first 4 1/2 minutes are breathing “exercises”. The DVD is not fast paced or “power paced” by any definition. The music is horribly relaxing. I had to turn on some other music in order to feel motivated to work out; the music on the DVD is for relaxation. The exercises are not strenous. But most of all, there are glaring omissions in the exercises you can do with the circle. There are so many other ways the circle can be used that are not on this DVD.This DVD states that there is a bonus workout to “take it to the next level”. Well it is actually an advertisement for another DVD. The short routine does not use the fitness circle at all. It uses small balls (that you would have to purchase). Then it ends with a picture of the Stott DVD they are trying to sell.I recommend “Pilates Complete for Everyone” by bodywisdom media. Even though the fitness circle is only a small part of the workout(s), I feel I get more results for my time spent working out.I can’t see myself ever doing the “Power Paced Fitness Circle” again, unless I was very sick or injured. Like most people, I don’t have unlimited time to work out. I need every minute to count toward results. This DVD was a huge disappointment.Read more

  2. Patti Henshaw

    This works great … love the work out!!!Read more

  3. K. Allen

    Moira is the best fitness instructer; very soft spoken, and tells you how to do every move, as well as when to breathe in and out. She targets all parts of your body, arms, back, legs, inner thights, outer thighs, abs, and chest muscles. If you don’t already have a Magic Circle, I would get the 14 inch for greater resistence. The circle adds just the right amount of resistence. I would like to get the Amazing Tone DVD next, with the little weight balls. Since I’ve been exercising for most of my life, I will buy the 3 pound balls instead of the 2 pound.Read more

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