Stott pilates guide – intermediate reformer, 2d version (english)

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  • 93 sporting activities and 97 adjustments; 162 pages
  • guide covers are laminated with a mylar matte lamination to offer extended existence and greater durability
  • text pages are not covered so that you can write on them
  • sure using recycled plasti-coil binding, permitting the manuals to be opened flat. Revealed using vegetable-based inks that include low vocs (unstable organic compounds)

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product description

product description

the intermediate reformer manual offers step-through-step training for every exercise within the intermediate-degree reformer repertoire. The clean descriptions consist of breath pattern, movement essence and cognizance and are accompanied by using certain pix. The e book features close to two hundred sporting events and changes designed for those who have finished the essential-level reformer repertoire.


8 reviews for Stott pilates guide – intermediate reformer, 2d version (english)

  1. V. Iverson

    I was afraid to buy this because of the reviews on the poor quality of the construction of the book. They’ve resolved that and this is a comprehensive, detailed instruction book with lots of illustrations and directions. I’ve done studio Pilates for two years, but with Covid, decided to invest in a machine. This Manual is a great guide and yes, very technical terms, but exactly what I needed to do a routine. I did buy the intermediate because another reviewer said there was repetition from beginning level manual. I highly recommend this book to continue your Pilates routine at home.Read more

  2. Emma the Chilly

    I bought both this and the Essential, notice so much of the same in both books, I put post-it notes on the repeated material. Had to stop. Ran out of post-its.Otherwise, it’s a good guide.Read more

  3. Irene Schenkl

    Great purchase to help with exercising on my reformer. I do not have the Reformer it shows but had worked out one with a trainer. My only word of caution is that it is pretty technical as to body muscles etc. the wording is foreign to me but it’s just a matter of looking them up and making sense. One thing that would be most helpful is a diagram that refer to the specific names. It’s a learning tool and I have found it extremely useful on how to perform a exercise. A bit pricey – part of my investment.Read more

  4. Lucy Beale

    During the Covid isolationI pulled out my dusty and dormant Pilates Reformer and luckily, found this book on Amazon. The book gives clear instructions and step-by-step pictures of each intermediate exercise with suggested modifications. My home Pilates program has pulled me out of the Covid doldrums. Plus, I am re-gaining balanced strength and elongated posture. Thank, Stott, Pilates for creating this excellent book that works for home use.Read more

  5. DiscerningTiger

    Love the product but the print is really small (especially on older eyes).PLEASE increase the font size – seems like there is room to do so without compromising the photos/illustrations.Thank you.Otherwise, it is solid/useful/helpful/well-made product.Read more

  6. MPaige

    Pricey but a good resource for a home pilates reformer user. I assume it is priced like a textbook for certification. I am simply a home user who wanted more options than the poster that came with my machine. This provides many more options with step by step instructions, photos, and specific notes on form. I prefer this method to dvd instruction which seems rushed. I glad I got the intermediate book instead of beginner as all of the basic info is also in this guide.Read more

  7. yetisaurus

    I bought a reformer for home use, and thought I remembered most of the Pilates exercises from the classes I’ve taken over the years. Boy, was I wrong. There are way more exercises in this one and the beginner book than I remembered. Glad I bought the book!Read more

  8. smilemore

    Excellent reference for Pilates reformer exercises! Stott Pilates always delivers high quality!Read more

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