Stott pilates health circle lite power p. C.

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  • plastic
  • ring provides resistance to your mat-based sporting activities to growth your power, strength, and persistence
  • additionally provides torso balance and facilitates you sculpt and tone particular muscles
  • inner and outer foam grips provide extra comfort
  • measures 14 inches in diameter; has lightweight construction; perfect for novices

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product description

product description

the health circle lite facilitates develop torso stability, goals and tones unique muscular tissues. Simulates the resistance and flexibility of exercises completed on the reformer. Questions or concerns? Our customer support team might be glad to help you at 1-800-910-0001 ext. 250

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8 reviews for Stott pilates health circle lite power p. C.

  1. Grace Friend

    So far, this is as advertised. I’ve already been a Pilates fan for the last 9/10 months but even still, I like the added exercises that this dvd offers. The ring so far has been ok, but due to other reviews, I’ve taken it a little easy on it until I receive my back up ring. That way if this does break, which I don’t anticipate it to based on the usage suggested, I will have an extra.Read more

  2. Susan Jenkins

    Despite the word ‘lite’ in the product description, this tool is sturdy and beneficial to any fitness/weight loss regimen. I have gone from 270 to 160 in the last two years. It has helped immensely to strengthen my core, flatten my belly and improve my body. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get fit. I would advise that you consult a Pilates instructor so you’ll know how to use it properly. If you don’t have access to one (I live out in the boonies; I think the closest Pilates instructor is probably fifty miles from here) do your research. Good luck!Read more

  3. Jannet

    I bought to work y arms and legs. I wasn’t decided if I should buy this one or the thigh master and decided myself for this one, Don’t have any regrets. I used it yesterday and it really works, you can feel it. And the dvd that brings explains the basics, but made want to buy the whole line of fitness this instructor has. She’s very clear on the way you have to make the exercises. The circle has a good resistance, I can feel it today. I would recommend it if you want to tone your body, you can work abs, arms, legs, thighs..Read more

  4. S. Hsieh

    After being in a terrible accident that broke my neck and fractured my eye socket (among other things), I ended up in physical therapy. First, the PT clinic at the hospital told me to use Leslie Sansone “Walk Away the Pounds” DVDs to gently rebuild my stamina. After getting me ambulatory, I then found a truly great PT sports therapy clinic where their philosophy is to strengthen the core first while at the same time using ultrasound and cranio-sacral therapy to alleviate the horrible pain.When I began there, I decided to get the Stott Pilates ring as a symbol of recovery. In the last month, I finally began to use it, also using Pilates exercises to strengthen my neck, shoulders, and of course my core.A warning to those who are quite strong or already very active — this ring is for beginners only. You could easily snap it if you are strong already. That being said, it is a great device for beginners in Pilates, and not just people who have been injured. I use it at home daily doing the exercises and the Stott instructor at the sport physical therapy clinic has shown me modifications so that I can use it while doing exercises like the hundred, to further strengthen my core.Stott Pilates is a fantastic form of Pilates. They are willing to accommodate people who are in different circumstances, and the ring truly bolsters your strength, stamina, and coordination with its emphasis on form. I highly recommend this product to all beginners. I also strongly advocate that you use the ring and start Pilates ONLY under the personal instruction of a certified instructor. This applies to everyone, and you have probably heard it elsewhere, but Pilates requires proper form and proper breathing. If you do not even know how to “imprint,” then you will not be doing Pilates.The ring is an essential tool. It makes the workouts fun, and you can hold it between your legs to strengthen your abs, quads, and glutes while learning how to do a proper chin tuck before rolling your head, neck, and shoulders up off the floor. I take the ring wherever I go because it is easy to pack, lightweight, and a real workout tool that uses your own body weight as resistance. Get this ring — you won’t regret it.Read more

  5. Suzann z

    No poster included as stated in the advertising. Video is very beginner level.Read more

  6. Ashleigh R.

    One of the best purchases I have made other than actual Pilates classes. I use my STOTT PILATES ring all the time and I have recommended it to others that love doing Pilates but don’t always have the time to go to a class.Read more

  7. Amanda

    Nice set for a good price, definitely a good routine for the days I can’t / don’t feel like exercising outdoors.Read more

  8. Amani

    A great prop…. I’m used to using it in the gym. It really tones. Since my pilates instructor is away on vacation for a month I had to buy it to stay in shape… The bonus is the DVD.Read more

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