Stott pilates mini balance ball

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  • use in complete-frame sporting events & to tone hassle areas
  • use in self-massage to lessen adhesions and rehydrate connective tissue
  • non-poisonous, hypoallergenic and phthalate-loose
  • effortlessly slips right into a suitcase or convey-on for travel
  • consists of bonus workout manual
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at merrithew, we believe that humans of all ages and lifestyles ranges can lead healthier lives through safe and responsible exercise. Our thoughts-frame education, equipment and add-ons come up with the gear you want to be a healthier you. Our workout programs include stott pilates, zen∙ga, middle , total barre and halo schooling. Whether you’re simply beginning out, exercising often or are a health expert, we let you attain your health dreams. We’re converting lives and we are hoping to alternate yours.

stott pilates mini balance ball

the mini balance ball could have a huge impact for your exercising and posture! Use this accent to growth muscle activation in sitting, status or mendacity sporting activities that focus on hands, tummy, buns, and thighs. By using bringing instability on your movements, you’ll turn on your deep stabilizing muscle tissue, firing up the center while demonstrating the gaps to your form. You could also use your ball to roll out sore muscle tissues or to help low again or neck for the duration of exercise.

  • with a international presence in over a hundred international locations, millions of fitness specialists and fans have loved our exercises in studios and at domestic.
  • makes use of for the mini stability ball

    our exercise balls without problems inflate in your desired firmness which may range relying on use.

    the mini stability ball is first-rate for concentrated on those mainly hard to reach areas like hands, abs, hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

    product description

    live on pinnacle of your fitness at all times with the stott pilates mini balance ball. Attain a complete-frame exercising and enhance your posture at domestic or on the pass. This lightweight and transportable mini ball, affords an volatile base of assist, designed to prompt your deepest stabilizing muscles. Comes with a straw for smooth inflation or deflation. Bought for my part. The way to inflate: get rid of plug from ball, insert straw, inflate to preferred firmness and update plug. (a small pump also can be used when you have one). Care and cleansing: maintain manage of the ball at all times whilst exercising, do now not kneel or stand on the ball, preserve sharp gadgets far from the mini stability ball, do now not use the ball if it appears worn or damaged. Keep in a dry vicinity far from direct sunlight, never use corrosive cleaning merchandise on ball. If vital, smooth grimy spots with a combination of tea tree oil and water on a lightly moistened fabric. A aggregate of slight cleaning soap and water can be used to get rid of more persistent dust. Make sure purifier used does now not make surfaces slippery.


    10 – inch, 12 – inch, 7.5 – inch


    Blue, Lime, orange

    8 reviews for Stott pilates mini balance ball

    1. Carsi

      I thought I was getting better quality by ordering Stott. Don’t put this on any painted or stained surface. It will remove the paint. Not sure how this can be non-toxic (as listed) if it removes paint. Very mad that the top of my cabinet is ruined. Read more

    2. dalepres

      This ball comes with a straw that you have to push into a hole and blow it up through the straw. Then, once blown up, you pull the straw out and race the air as you try to get the loose plug that goes into the hole where the straw was…Move fast.. you might have enough pressure in the ball to use it…. maybe… Just keep trying. With enough practice you’ll get it to a useful pressure Read more

    3. beauti8

      I bought this a while ago from Services LLC (sold by), and something didn’t feel right about it, but I decided to keep it. The shape isn’t really a sphere, and the logo was a cheap looking sticker. It just didn’t feel like the ones I’ve used from the gym. I recently purchased the same ball from one of the big chain sports stores, and this new ball definitely seems authentic in every way. I’m sure it depends on the store/sold by, but it was literally shipped/sold by Amazon and was still fake. I’m now afraid to make any purchase from Amazon. Read more

    4. Cyan

      I think others would prefer the larger blue ball but I liked the smaller one. The larger one is the 7.5. Bought at different times. I use these for doing body rolling. Softer than Yamuna balls, they are better for my body. They dont smell toxic and they are great for traveling. The blue ball is my most used ball. The other two larger ones and wonderfully large and so good for belly rolling. Very happy with balls Read more

    5. T. Kaczmar

      I use this ball when I do the Mutu System exercises to correct diastasis recti. It’s a good size for the in- between- knees squeezing I have to do, although I purposely did not fill it to capacity because this is how I use it most and I like it ever so slightly squishy. I like that I can use it the way I have been, or to stabilize my back if I want – its size is flexible. I did not have a difficult time filling it up, the straw might be a little fiddly, but I didn’t find it frustrating. You do need a bicycle pump or something of the sort. Mine hasn’t lost any air since I filled months ago. I think it’s of good quality – I use mine several times a day and my child-hellions kick, throw, toss, stand on, and abuse it all the time. And can I say that it’s cute? Because it is. I realize that doesn’t matter to a lot of people, but my heart gives a happy sigh when things are cute. Very pleased. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      These balls are fantastic. As a Pilates and Barre instructor it is important that my clients not only get a great workout, but that they also feel safe and secure lying on the balls etc. I use these for alignment issues (when placed between also great for activating inner thighs when squeezed). They are also great for placing under the sacrum for an amazing lower back massage. I must agree with a previous buyer though, there is a very clear difference in sizing. Mine all look slightly different and a couple of them are considerably smaller than the others.. Thankfully this works quite well as some clients prefer a slightly smaller/larger ball depending on their body type. Read more

    7. Ali

      Gym quality product. Doesn’t lose shape after repeated use with entire body weight. Perfect size for most Pilates and yoga exercise (ideal for doing crunches with it behind you) Easy to inflate, comes with inserts to blow it up yourself and if needs more air. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      Ball comes with a straw with which to inflate. Difficult for the ball to obtain full capacity (air up completely). Still appears to have the “wrinkles” from the fold lines it had via packing & shipping.(after a week inflated). With the size of the box my products were shipped in, it could have come ready to use. Concerned the “plug”&/ the “straw” will become lost rendering product totally unusable. Have a different exercise ball which we are able to inflate with an air pump/compressor: better design would be to make the ball in way which could be aired up with a bicycle pump, in my opinion. My grandson enjoys playing with the ball, so can be used around the house, just not quite the way I originally planned. Read more

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