Stott pilates mini stability ball, pink, 5″”/13cm (st-06215)

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  • make sure this fits by using entering your model range.
  • use in complete-frame sporting activities & to tone problem areas
  • use in self-massage to reduce adhesions and rehydrate connective tissue
  • non-poisonous, hypoallergenic and phthalate-unfastened
  • without problems slips into a suitcase or bring-on for travel
  • consists of bonus exercising guide

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from the producer

at merrithew, we agree with that human beings of all ages and life ranges can lead healthier lives through safe and accountable exercising. Our mind-frame schooling, device and add-ons provide you with the gear you want to be a more healthy you. Our exercise packages include stott pilates, zen∙ga, center , total barre and halo training. Whether you’re simply beginning out, workout often or are a fitness professional, we will let you reach your health goals. We’re converting lives and we are hoping to exchange yours.

stott pilates mini balance ball

at 5 inches in diameter this small accent packs a powerful punch. Use to exercise session the complete frame or in healing self-massage. Sculpt hassle areas with out adding bulk with the aid of growing instability that recruits your deep stabilizers for a lean and balanced frame. Post exercise or a protracted day at sitting, perform deep release self-rub down, stretching and stimulating your connective tissue, ligaments, blood vessels and fascia.

  • with a global presence in over a hundred international locations, tens of millions of health experts and lovers have loved our exercises in studios and at home.
  • our exercise balls effortlessly inflate in your preferred firmness which would possibly range relying on use. Imparting traction and comfort percent surface, and is straightforward to wipe easy. The mini balance ball is amazing for targeting those mainly tough to reach areas like palms, abs, hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

    product description

    best for incorporating right into a exercising or for enhancing your posture whilst sitting on the office, this smooth, pliable ball helps have interaction deep stabilizing muscle mass to improve overall shape. Use it in your pilates, yoga or health software in sitting, status or mendacity positions to target difficult-to-reach muscle tissue in your fingers, abs, glutes and thighs.

    8 reviews for Stott pilates mini stability ball, pink, 5″”/13cm (st-06215)

    1. Julie

      I am trying to make my own p.ball, this ball is the perfect size and would be perfect in every way if they could fix the inflation issue. I was unable to use the straw to blow it up, as soon as I removed it, it would deflate. Frustrating and something they NEED to address. They have instructions on their website for how to inflate the ball. You need lungs of steel to be able to blow it up enough that is doesn’t end up with creases from under inflation, but necessity is the mother of invention and I intended to make it work. I ended up taking a small strip of duct tape to cover the hole and used a pump that I had from another stability ball that I have. I was able to pump it up enough with the duct tape, and I was able to use the tip of the pump along with the tape to hold the air in long enough to get the plug in. Read more

    2. Kerri

      This one was a little too small for my Barre class needs. I ultimately bought the next size up…blue size small. Don’t be afraid of inflating with a straw if you plan to use one of these for barre class. The squishiness of the ball is perfect for holding it firmly between your leg and glute. I tried a regular playground ball first, and that was too big, too overinflated and too slippery for barre. Read more

    3. V. Escobar

      The ball is the perfect size for pilates or barre. However, once you stop inflating it the ball will start to deflate rather quickly. Ball isn’t as taut or round as it should be. I will see if that changes with an electronic inflator. Read more

    4. Lester Fein

      This ball is a piece of garbage. It’s impossible to inflate properly because the diameter of the inflating straw and the diameter of the plug are identical, so you cannot put both into the opening. Consequently, every time you inflate the ball, it deflates while you try to insert the plug. Buyer beware. I’m asking for a refund! Read more

    5. Paula Smith

      Horrible! Blow it up with a straw. Really! It almost deflates before you get the plug in the hole. Read more

    6. Susan Morrison

      I wanted something with a little give to it. This is hard as a rock, and I couldn’t tell from the description or photo. Read more

    7. Gail Sieberts

      I love this ball. It is the perfect size for inner thighs. The material is great as well. It is totally worth the value. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      One of the worst things I’ve bought on Amazon. The design is horrible. Theres no reverse valve to keep the air from escaping once you inflate it with your mouth through the stupid straw they give you. Read more

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