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  • perfect for pilates or yoga, this 10mm greater thick mat provides added assist to defend your backbone, ultimate consolation and sturdiness
  • 22-inch x 70-inch x zero. 4-inch
  • closed-cell foam with ribbed texture
  • convenient included velcro straps can help you truly roll and pass
  • wash and care – technique 1: fill a sprig bottle with water and add 20-30 drops of tea tree oil. Spray the mat and wipe with a easy fabric. Permit it air dry unrolled.
  • method 2: wipe the mat with cloth dipped in cleaning soap suds or laundry powder solution. Rinse with water and wipe dry with towel or fabric
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for our complete line of pilates mats, see chart beneath.

at merrithew, we trust that humans of all ages and lifestyles ranges can lead more healthy lives through safe and accountable exercising. Our mind-frame schooling, system and accessories give you the equipment you want to be a more healthy you. Our workout applications encompass stott pilates, zen∙ga, center,, general barre and halo education. Whether or not you’re simply starting out, exercise frequently or are a fitness expert, we will let you attain your health dreams. We’re converting lives, and we hope to alternate yours.

stott pilates pilates explicit mats

designed to protect your backbone from hard surfaces, our greater-thick pilates mats keep you cozy even as you exercising. Used global in personal houses, licensed training centers and other commercial settings, the merrithew line of mats is thought for its notable, innovation and durability.

  • awesome performance
  • durable
  • professional-best
  • greater-thick to defend the backbone
  • four t’s of purchasing an exercising mat

    pilates and popular workout mats are regularly constructed of both closed-mobile foam or thermal plastic elastomer (tpe) to provide preferrred protection towards difficult surfaces.

    yoga mats require a greater ‘stickiness’ to help with poses. Many yoga mats are crafted from p. C, herbal rubber, and jute.

    look for a thick mat whilst shopping a pilates or general workout mat to help support and cushion your exercising. This will help guard the wrists, knees, elbows and backbone. (range between zero. 2 inch/5mm – zero. 6 inch/15mm).

    yoga mats tend to be thin so you can feel a sturdy connection to the floor at some point of poses, even though thicker mats are to be had. (range among 0. 06 inch/1. 4mm – zero. 25 inch/6 mm).

    mats with easy surfaces offer the ability to without difficulty transition among poses and help with sliding moves — great for pilates.

    mats with a ribbed or textured floor can assist save you slipping and provide suitable grip to deal with rapid units and reps while stopping the mat from transferring towards the ground — best for yoga and popular exercise.

    thinner mats made with lightweight substances like tpe are effortlessly saved in a mat bag or may be carried over the shoulder the use of a mat strap.

    mats with a permanent domestic tend to be more-thick and are regularly product of closed-cell foam or rubber.


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    8 reviews for Stott pilates pilates express mat

    1. Amazon Customer

      I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my knees (and elsewhere). This Stott’s mat makes it totally comfortable for me to exercise!! It can be used for Pilates, Yoga, or general exercise. I could not live without it! Ladies in my Pilates class told me about it, because my Yoga mat was not making it possible to do all the exercises. Now, I am excited that I can do ALL exercises without any pain, in my classes & at home!! I’m so happy!! I am passing this information along to help anyone like me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Stott’s mat!!!Read more

    2. EL

      This mat is great for the barre classes I take online. My yoga mat was too sticky and stretched when I did, for example, a curtsy lunge.It is soft enough to provide cushion to my foot and ankle when I do exercises standing on one leg, but not so squishy that I wobble. ( I wobbled on my yoga mat.)It cushions my spine and hips during sit ups. I never feel the floor and I never feel the mat itself either.It doesn’t slip on the floor. Great mat.Read more

    3. Skip

      My bottom is very bony, thus when doing some exercises on a hardwood floor, I need a lot of padding for comfort. This mat is very good for that. I can be balanced in a “V” position (half-sit up with legs in the air), or balance my weight on my elbow, or knee, or any other bony parts, and it give adequate cushioning, and I do not feel the hardwood floor through it. the attached velcro strap is convenient, but occasionally does get in the way.the mat is sponge-like, but seems resilient enough not to fall apart easily. I’ve only used it for 3 months, twice weekly, and it still looks new. There are others in the class with the same mat, and they seem have been using it for a while with no far I have not had any problems with the mat moving or sliding around when I’m using it in Pilates. it is pretty thick, so some of the standing balance exercises can be more challenging if you’re standing one-legged on it for a long time. Otherwise, I really like this mat, and am happy that I got it instead of those thinner yoga mats that would have been inadequate in terms of cushioning capability.Read more

    4. Jill B

      I thought this was the same mat as I used at a pilates studio for a few years, but it’s not quite the same. I’ve been doing pilates for ~ 10 years. Near my previous home, I went to a studio that supplied mats – and I was hoping this was it. Now, I’m in a place that requires our own mats – and it’s on a VERY hard cement floor – so comfort is key.It’s very comfy – much better than using too thin of a mat when you need to do moves that put pressure on the spine. I did have a slight tear the first use from a Bosu. Also, I find that it likes to curl. By the time it uncurls – the class is over.So, I would give it 5 stars for comfort; 3 stars for durability. – Average 4 stars.Read more

    5. Julie R.

      The mat has provided great cushioning on a carpeted floor for my mat pilates workouts, but I’ve only had it for 5 months and one of the straps has already come off. Very disappointing since I only use it at home for pilates and it hasn’t been handled roughly at all.Read more

    6. ADKlady

      Its OK. This foam is very good for Pilates. It slipped around on the floor a lot for me until I removed the velcro straps.It still moves and stretches a bit. My main complaint is the quality control, as the Logo’s are printed off-center and the edge of the matis not cut straight. This is annoying for Pilates. This would be a good mat to take to the gym because it is light weight and flexible. I domy workout’s every day and think a more rigid one would be better for me.Read more

    7. AL

      I actually really like this mat but am disappointed to have to return it due to the smell. It smells like rotten eggs chemicals. It was distracting from my should be relaxing pilates stretching video.Read more

    8. Tatyana Larina

      I bought this because I started doing pilates and things like rollups were killer with the really thin yoga mat that I had.This is much nicer — very cushy. My tailbone no longer hurts from doing pilates.Only quip is that it is very stretchy: though it stays in place, it stretches when you do things like full planks or push-ups. Though I guess it’s not really essential to use a mat for these at all. Also, when you roll it up, it sometimes takes a while before it will roll out flat again. Kind of annoying.Read more

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