Stott pilates second version pilates kit for novices, teal

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  • basic pilates 2d version dvd: ground your self in the essentials of stott pilates to advantage proper positioning and maximum benefit from your workout routines
  • general body sculpting dvd: sculpt your whole body with this intermediate degree workout, designed to enhance functional fitness
  • flex-band: upload higher and decrease frame resistance training into your matwork exercises through incorporating the ultimate sculpting device into your moves
  • ideal for pilates and yoga, this package includes a 6mm (zero. 25”) thick mat that offers amazing cushion and guide. It also comes with a accessible deliver strap.

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get started out with pilates in the comfort of your private home! The pilates for beginners kit comes with everything beginners need to create the suitable at-domestic pilates exercise. The kit includes a 6mm thick ‘notion’ pilates & yoga mat in teal, a flex- band exerciser (regular power) and dvds: fundamental pilates, 2d edition and overall body sculpting. Get prepared to build a basis in pilates, connecting thoughts and frame to expand a lean and sculpted body! Questions or issues? Our customer service team could be glad to help you at 1-800-910-0001 ext. 250

3 reviews for Stott pilates second version pilates kit for novices, teal

  1. Reasonable Reviewer

    I’m new to Pilates, and this kit is a great introduction.There is an easily transportable mat, two DVDs, and a resistance band included with the kit.The first DVD starts things off slowly and explains all the moves. The second DVD takes things to the next level.Read more

  2. J. Loscheider

    I am reviewing a Stott Pilates 2nd Edition Pilates Kit for Beginners that I received at no cost through the Amazon Vine program.My wife and I are looking for a good exercise regimen that we can do for half an hour, use for strength, flexibility or cardio, and don’t have to spend a lot of time setting up for. So a solution that involves DVD instruction is what we usually lean towards, and we had heard about pilates as a means to strengthen the core and improve flexibility, so we decided to give Stott Pilates a try.The kit comes with a thick yoga mat, two DVDs (one a beginner exercise, one more of a workout), and a stretch band for certain exercises on the second DVD. The yoga mat is thick and high quality, and although it smelled strongly when we took it out of its wrapper the smell went away after leaving it hang over the handrail overnight. The stretch band is fine – I have no other stretch bands to compare it against.The DVDs are well set-up but my wife and I didn’t come away from them feeling excited for our next workout. I understand this is meant to be an introductory kit, which means that we’re learning to use the Stott method. The instruction features a model doing the actual exercises while the instructor talks us through the exercises and prompts us with counts. You’ll feel a bit of a stretch in the instructional DVD but make sure to get warmed up before the workout or you will hurt the next day! I was disappointed that there was only one real workout included – the instructional gets boring after a bit and it’d be nice to have some more variety. But it is a beginer kit.One of the features on the DVD made little sense – it’s an option to have only the music instead of the instruction, which makes sense from a mindfulness perspective but it didn’t skip the rather long introduction! Instead we have peaceful music while the instructor lip-syncs to something unheard off-screen!Overall, this kit pretty much matched our expectations. We weren’t wowed by the method but that could be personal preference.Read more

  3. Busy Mom

    My daughter and I love everything about this kit! We were familiar with Pilates already, but this is a perfect kit for those who are new to Pilates, as well.The kit contains an exercise mat, a carrying strap that holds the mat closed, an exercise band, an introductory Basic Pilates DVD, and a Total Body Sculpting DVD.First of all, aside from its VERY strong odor when we opened it, we LOVE this exercise mat. It’s longer than our other yoga mats and thicker. The tiffany blue color is beautiful and I really like the word art across the bottom of it. The words are all Pilates-related words arranged artistically across one end of the mat. The carrying handle is very handy, with two elastic loops to hold the mat closed. I wish I had more of those for my other exercise mats.The exercise band is a nice length, very versatile, and is necessary for the Total Body Sculpting workout. We’ve never used an exercise band with our Pilates workouts before, but I really like it. It adds a new element of difficulty/muscle use to some of the movements, but it also adds stability for other exercisesThe first Basic Pilates DVD contains an introduction to the Five Basic Pilates Principles for body positioning. The workout is just under 30 minutes long. Moira Merrithew coaches one lady through each of the movements, pointing out proper positioning techniques through the whole workout. Each movement is done enough times to get the hang of it, and to feel the burn a bit, without going too long. Another Pilates DVD we do just does each exercise too many times in quick succession. Slow control is the style of Moira’s Basic Pilates workouts instead. The DVD also includes a bonus 5 minute workout in the special features.The second DVD is the Total Body Sculpting DVD. This DVD also begins with a short tutorial on the posture and positioning demonstrated by Moira Merrithew herself. The workout is 40 minutes long and continues with the slow, controlled movements and just the right amount of repetitions. She hits the muscle group with an exercise but doesn’t over-exert it before moving on to the next exercise. Although it uses slow, controlled movements, it changes exercise often enough to keep it interesting. Moira recommends alternating the Pilates workouts with cardio-vascular exercise for a balanced workout regimen. This DVD also contains a 5 minute preview of a more difficult Pilates DVD.I am very impressed with this set. I prefer these Pilates workouts over some other Pilates workouts I’ve tried, which do fast reps of each exercise and don’t emphasize proper form very well. The slow movements use the muscles just as well and you can definitely feel the workout after you’ve completed it. The stretch band in the Total Body Toning workout really does increase the work of the muscles! It also helps me hold the form better when I get the band positioned correctly.This workout is a great one for Pilates beginners to learn the methods and advance. Even if you’ve been doing Pilates for a long time (or other exercises) it can be a good workout to have on hand for times you want to tone your muscles without getting your heart rate really pumping (like before bed.)Read more

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