Stozm weightlifting add-ons and adjustable dumbbell set 50kg / 110 lbs – with colour options

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  • make sure this suits by using getting into your model quantity.
  • this blend features the particular stozm weightlifting accessories set and stozm dumbbell set. The two sets provide notable versatility in equipment, which helps you appoint a greater variety of exercises and permits you to teach greater correctly and creatively
  • combining a extensive range of weightlifting add-ons, the two sets are gold standard for energy schooling, fat burning and upper body sports. Moreover, you may also use them for aerobics, yoga, rehabilitation and plenty of different fitness functions
  • stozm dumbbell set functions more than one weight plate and take care of alternatives, with spinlock collars to keep the weights firmly in vicinity. Steel barbell bars and connector to in addition make bigger your exercising arsenal. Wearing case blanketed for mobile corporation
  • stozm weightlifting set is a reworking addition to any domestic fitness center, making the maximum of your existing equipment. The set helps you to experience kettlebell, dumbbell, and even barbell exercises multi functional reachable, lightweight yet high-quality constructed set
  • both units require mere seconds to collect and take out. Compact, convenient, clean to use and shop. You can revel in the blessings of this combination as soon because it’s arrived
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train like an olympian

a notable mixture healthy for greatest fitness development, electricity education and overall frame exercises, stozm dumbbell set collectively with weightlifting set will assist you reach health perfection. The exceptional gadget and the versatility are what you need to help raise your game to that elusive next level.

having an exceptionally extensive variety of fitness device, this combo will improve your health in loads of methods. You may use it for power training, fat burning, total body workout routines. Even aerobics, yoga, pilates, rehabilitation education and plenty of greater can be completed via making use of the units’ notable flexibility.

it takes no time at all to bring together and get the device of the sets ready and working. As soon as the mix arrives, you may be capable to check them out and get to paintings in no time. This degree of convenience additionally permits you to teach everywhere and anytime, in turn enhancing your health more efficaciously.

more advantage, more existence

the stozm weightlifting set and dumbbell set combination is available in 4 options.


  • keep out of reach of youngsters, pets and any folks that might also require supervision.
  • use on a mat or rubber floor for added security.
  • consult your medical doctor and professional trainers earlier than proceeding with the physical games.
  • more benefit, more life

    the stozm weightlifting set and dumbbell set blend is available in 4 alternatives.


  • preserve out of attain of children, pets and any folks who may require supervision.
  • use on a mat or rubber floor for additonal protection.
  • consult your physician and expert running shoes earlier than intending with the sporting activities.
  • greater gain, greater lifestyles

    the stozm weightlifting set and dumbbell set blend is to be had in 4 options.


  • keep out of reach of kids, pets and any people who can also require supervision.
  • use on a mat or rubber ground for extra safety.
  • consult your physician and professional trainers before intending with the sports.
  • extra advantage, more life

    the stozm weightlifting set and dumbbell set mixture is available in four options.


  • maintain out of reach of youngsters, pets and any those who may also require supervision.
  • use on a mat or rubber ground for additonal safety.
  • seek advice from your physician and professional running shoes before proceeding with the physical games.
  • weightlifting orange + chrome

    weightlifting orange + painting

    weightlifting purple + chrome

    weightlifting red + painting

    product description


    1. Red / Silver, 2. Red / Black, 3. Orange / Silver, 4. Orange / Black

    7 reviews for Stozm weightlifting add-ons and adjustable dumbbell set 50kg / 110 lbs – with colour options

    1. Jane

      I feel ripped off; all of the marketing pictures included the kettlebell attachments and the padded grips and padded middle to the barbell. NONE of these items are included–it looks like you can purchase them separately for an additional $80, but after spending $330 on this set and waiting for weeks for it to arrive, I am not inclined to spend any more money. We’re in a pandemic so I’ll take what I can get, but this is just misleading. There is also nowhere for me to contact the seller and complain, nor can I ship this set back because of how heavy it is and how broken the box was once it arrived. Also, beware–the screw-on clamps take forever to get in place, so you cannot quickly adjust the weight on the barbell or the dumbbell. It still gets two stars because at least the correct number of weight plates are included, even if all the attachments are not. Read more

    2. GV

      The case for the weights was delivered broken. It is aproblem because the equipment is very heavy and the case comes with wheels, which you will defenitely need if you ever move to a new home. I wish there were a way of getting the case replaced. Te equipment iteslf arrived in good shape. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      Everything arrived perfectly!! Pricey, but Awesome quality and worth investing in a nice set. Very happy! Thank you so much!! Read more

    4. Christine Payne

      This is supposed to be a Christmas present for my son. Because of the pandemic, we aren’t buying many gifts. This was his only one. All that was delivered were the bars. No weights were delivered. This set was expensive and it is already December 20th. I don’t even have a contact to reach out to to try to rectify this. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      Terrible product! Arrived broken, rusted & some weights do not fit!! Awful Christmas present to my husband. Read more

    6. jill wilson

      I like the weights but the carrying case for them came broken so we have to come up with a different way to store them Read more

    7. Kraig Foreman

      Weights and accessories are as described and appear to be of good quality. This product was not built to ship in a parcel network. Black carrying case arrived completely smashed with only some of the out we box remaining. Read more

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