Strength systems padded pro nylon ankle and wrist strap, electricity training attachment for cable machines or resistance bands, 17 x four inches, black (50765)

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  • heavy nylon strap with wider and thicker neoprene pad for extra consolation
  • adjustable velcro closure to preserve it comfy
  • short and clean d-ring attachment for quick attachment to any cable machine
  • for top or lower body sports
  • weight training accessory for velocity, agility, electricity, electricity, jogging, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer and all different athletic, health, weight, or cross training
  • comfortable and secure in shape
  • d ring attachment and adjustable velcro closure
  • can be linked to any cable fashion gadget to carry out top and decrease body physical games

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product description

speedy connect our seasoned nylon ankle/wrist strap to any cable machine to perform upper- and lower-frame sports. The extensive nylon strap and thick neoprene pad adds protection and comfort while the usage of. Bought in my view. 17 x 4 inches. One size suits most due to the fact that 1986, electricity structures’ passion for fitness has been fueled with the aid of our clients. Strength systems is committed to making sure human beings have the tools to guide active lives with expert-grade products, modern academic materials, and elite customer service. “energy your ability” is the philosophy that guides the entirety energy structures stands for.

3 reviews for Strength systems padded pro nylon ankle and wrist strap, electricity training attachment for cable machines or resistance bands, 17 x four inches, black (50765)

  1. Danielle B.

    Here I am writing a review 3 yrs after I purchased this item because I was browsing Amazon to see if there was a new and improved version. I LOVE this ankle strap, I have used it at leAst 1x per week at the gym, I have left it at the gym a couple of times where others were able to benefit and it has stood the test of time and use. I am 5’4 about 120 lbs & pretty small ankles & the strap goes around my ankle almost twice but stays in place when exercising. No rips, no stretching or compromise to the Velcro or nylon. It also has a bit of padding and is comfortable and does not dig into your skin. Only one small complaint & its the same with all straps I have tried and it’s that the “D” metal loop will twist a little when in use. Not a big deal. Anyway…great product, a little pricey but great quality. I think I have now convinced myself to just keep this one till it dies.✨If you found this review in any way useful, please hit the helpful button below and let Amazon know. Much appreciated✨Read more

  2. Diane Flaherty

    I bought two – one for each wrist, and so far I love them. I have been using flat bands for resistance training for a number of years but as I have arthritis in both wrists it is painful to pull on them. I wear two braces on each wrist when I work out but also need something over them to which I can attach the flat bands so I can pull them without pain. I had to jury rig my own system and have been using similar wrist straps but the velcro started slipping recently. I like these better – they are more heavy duty than my others and the velcro grips really tight. They are a bit larger than my others so I am still wearing them under these and over my braces. Too bad there isn’t a simple system that works for people who don’t have enough strength in their hands/wrists to use the resistance bands or have pain as I do.Read more

  3. Irina

    Although I have not used it yet, it looks like a good quality, well made item. The ring will not dig into your skin as with other models. The square metal part might but given that it sits flat on your skin (unlike the ring part) the weight should distribute a little more evenly. The strap is quite long so it should fit the majority of people.The only problem is that the ring was rusted. It did not look like it was used and I assume it’s just where they stored the item. However, before shipping, they should at least look at the item since it doesn’t come sealed. I sent it back for an exchange.Hope this helps!Read more

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