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  • ensure this fits by entering your model variety.
  • virtual screen: the massive lcd console shows time, be counted, calories, total rely, and test. The handy scan mode presentations your progress to help you in tracking all your health goals.
  • more long slide rail: at 48 inches in slide rail period, and 44 inches in inseam length, the sf-rw5515 can accommodate rowers almost any length.
  • adjustable magnetic resistance: with a simple twist, you can increase or decrease the eight ranges of magnetic resistance, so your exercise can continue to be difficult and powerful for the duration of your fitness adventure.
  • transportation wheels: integrated transportation wheels for clean portability. Certainly tilt and roll out to be used or away for storage, no need for heavy lifting or muscle stress.
  • non-slip foot pedals: textured non-slip foot pedals will make sure safe footing all through the most stressful and energetic workouts. Foot straps preserve your toes saddled with so that you can recognition at the workout without feeling unbalanced.

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sf-rw5515 – magnetic rowing device

for over 18 years, sunny health and health has helped our customers gain their particular fitness dreams.

we take fantastic pride in our outstanding health and health merchandise sporting best the finest workout system to ensure efficiency while you figure out.

sunny fitness and health’ dedication on your fitness fulfillment continues us motivated to maintain to offer merchandise that assist you end up higher.

sunny fitness & health sf-rw5515 magnetic rowing machine

row into shape with the top of the line sunny fitness & fitness sf-rw5515 magnetic rowing system! With a newly progressed smoother and quieter magnetic anxiety device with 8 degrees of adjustable tension, convenient big liquid crystal display console, fully padded seat, large anti-slip foot pedals and built-on transportation wheels, the sunny fitness & health sf-rw5515 magnetic rowing gadget is designed for convenience while additionally offering the tough feel of outdoor rowing.

  • magnetic tension device; 8 degrees of adjustable resistance
  • lcd console shows time, matter, calories, general rely, experiment
  • non-slip grip handlebars and absolutely padded seat for comfort
  • provides low effect cardio and cardiovascular workout; massive anti-slip foot pedals
  • built-in transportation wheels
  • complete body workout targets all principal muscle groups, maximum consumer weight: 250 lbs
  • assembled dims: 78l x 19. 1w x 23. 2h in; folded dims: 37. 4l x 19. 1w x fifty three. 5h in
  • monitoring your progress at the sunny fitness & health sf-rw5515 magnetic rowing gadget is simple with the virtual monitor screen! Shows: time, matter, calorie, total count number or experiment through every metric.

    switch up the depth of your workout routines with the convenient tension knob. With a simple twist, you can modify resistance so your rowing gadget workout can remain tough and effective for the duration of your health adventure.

    featuring huge, textured pedals with protection straps. Presenting users with a non-slip floor and the security of tremendous straps, your ft stay in location in the course of your rowing recurring!

    the cushioned seat offers customers a relaxed rowing enjoy. Do not permit pain stand within the manner of reaching your well being goals! Workout longer and get more potent.

    save space when the rowing gadget isn’t always in use through folding the metallic rail upright. Ideal for garage in tight regions.

    slip resistant handlebars with smooth padded foam grip provide comfort and aid that will help you keep performance at some stage in your workout.

    to prevent tipping, rocking and swaying on uneven surfaces for carpets and hardwood flooring alike. Truely flip until degree.

    actually tilt and roll out for use or away for storage, no want for heavy lifting or muscle pressure. The wheels on the front of the unit permit the user to transport their rower round quite simply.

    4 reviews for Sunny fitness & fitness magnetic rowing system rower with lcd display

    1. Amazon Customer

      Was great for 4 months then the handle return broke and I have been sending emails to the manufacturer, Amazon and the extended warranty company (purchased) and no one is responding. The manufacturer is apparently responsible for the first year issues but the website says only the frame is covered. Really? Unfortunately uncharacteristic of Amazon to not help. DO NOT BUY!!! Read more

    2. Ramona

      WHY I CHOSE IT: I’m a 54 yo 5’6″ woman with a BMI of 27.4: I’m fairly muscular but need to lose a minimum of 16 pounds to reach a healthy BMI of 24.9..Ideally, I’d like to lose 30+ pounds. I am an RN and am on my feet most of the day. I chose the rowing machine because: (1) rowing is said to use a greater number of muscle groups and burn more calories than ellipticals or treadmills, (2) rowing is very low impact, (3) this machine has a pretty small foot print and stores relatively easily, (4) the price was right. WHAT TO EXPECT ON DELIVERY: ARRIVAL was 2 days after ordering. The total weight in the box is 67.2 pounds: Out of the box, 57.3 pounds. It arrived without any damage to the packaging or the unit. The packing was excellent. There are 7 parts: (1) The main front mechanical drum(main frame) is all in one with the pullbar/strap and timer/counter already in place, (2) slide rail, (3) seat, (4&5) front and back stablizers, (6&7) right and left foot rests….AND 2 packages of bolts/washers/knobs/and tools with an instruction booklet. ASSEMBLY was pretty straight forward. The connectors and tools were all present and all fit in their assigned holes. The instruction manual is step by step and easy to understand. The unit is a bit bulky and my 14 y/o daughter’s assistance was a blessing. It took about an hour to unpackage, read, and assemble, but a second one would take about 20 minutes door to completion. There are wheels on the front end so it can be tipped up and moved from room to room; however we assembled the slide rail to the main frame where it was to be used. I didn’t want to scratch my floors. I’m using a rug underneath but plan to get the recommended mat to keep it from scooting (slightly) during use. MAIDEN VOYAGE: I watched a YouTube video to learn how to position myself during use. (BTW: There are actually workout videos for rowing on YouTube) I like the seat of this unit. It is textured and has an angled back edge. I think without the two I might slide off the back. Wear shoes or you will get blisters on your heels, and you will have more stability with them on. Any other clothing is up to you; just be comfortable. The timer includes time, strokes, and calories burned. I’m not sure about the accuracy of the calorie counter. Everything I’ve seen online is about double what this unit indicates but my goal is heart rate and a balanced muscle involvement. So that doesn’t matter to me. COMFORT and EASE of USE: The machine is very comfortable. I have to adjust my stance at times to avoid knee discomfort but overall I am satisfied with ease of use and comfort. LEVEL of WORKOUT: I have used this machine twice for 35 minutes each time using the level 3 out of 8 intensity setting, I have been able to achieve a moderate to vigorous cardiovascular target heart rate. I can feel very mild stiffness the majority of my major muscle groups (legs, glutes, abs, lats and back, deltoids, biceps, and triceps). I’m not sore by any means but it is nice to feel something. I imagine that in time my coordination will improve, I will need to increase the intensity and speed of motion very soon, and I will get a better and more intense CV and muscular workout. RECOMMENDATION: I think this is a safe and simple and inexpensive way to get a decent CV workout and to improve overall strength and flexibility. Stretching before and after is recommended. It isn’t going to get me ready for competition but in just a couple of days I feel more balanced, coordinated, and energized. I recommend this unit for beginners and anyone who wants to keep moving, burn calories, and stay flexible. I’ll let you know how it works out over time. RATING: I gave a 4 star rating. Minus one star because avid crew team members could not maintain competition performance on this machine. However, for the rest of the world, it is easy to order, easy to pay for, easy to assemble and store, easy to use, and provides decent CV workout for the average person. Read more

    3. PhysicsTime

      The pros: It got us rowing. The frame is still in one piece. The con: We became too good and destroyed the machine. There is a spring inside that controls the drive of the nylon cord back, and this spring snapped after 5 months of frequent use. We took the whole machine apart. It is already out of warranty. This is something to try for first time rowing, but it did not last. On a side note, about 2 months in the rower made a grinding noise for the first 10 minutes of rowing every day. Perhaps this was the spring on it’s path towards death. UPDATE 3/25/17 Well, now we are rowing again! My spouse contacted the company and showed the below pictures. They shipped out a completely new machine without charge. Interestingly enough, on the new machine one of the foot pedals was broken, which we replaced from the old machine that had not been sent to the curb yet. Then the screen stopped working, and we took it out and replaced this with the screen from the old machine. HOWEVER, we did find that the screen on the new machine was not broken, the batteries had just come out in transit. So there you go: overall, for the cost of two machines this is a great deal, and I will raise my review from 2 to 4 stars. For the price, I believe a requisite was that some of the parts are more budget that a higher end machine. However, to replace it when it was out of warranty for the part was clearly good service on the side of Sunny. Read more

    4. L. Rollins

      This rowing machine is the bees knees of home exercise equipment. I’ve been looking for a way to exercise that takes minimal effort (read: I don’t need to put on a sports bra for this) while getting maximum output (read: sweating like a sinner in church). Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons. Pros: 1. incredibly quiet. The actual rowing bit doesn’t make any noise at all. What does make noise is the seat as it goes back and forth. The noise level is minimal and would be perfect for a living situation where rabble rousers would be discouraged. 2. the footprint of the machine is minimal. When the seat bit is folded up, it barely takes up any space. I leave mine unfolded because I have the space for it, but if you wanted to keep it’s square footage to a minimum, this would certainly beat out the floor space of an elliptical (snooze-machine) or a treadmill. 3. you get a serious workout. Like serious. After 10 minutes of moderate effort on level 2, I was pleasantly moist. I have since been banned by my family for using the word moist. Anything above level 3 or 4 is good effort. Above 4 and you could probably carry on a conversation, but you wouldn’t want to. 4. my darling husband put this together for me. I can’t speak to the ease of which it was performed, but he said it was fairly straight forward and took him less than 30 minutes. 5. Cost…you can’t beat this price. The quality of the machine for the price is pretty amazing. Cons: 1. there’s no way to track how many meters you’ve rowed. It tracks strokes, time, and calories. If I had a choice, I would have nixed the calories and added in distance to the monitor. 2. Speaking of the monitor, it’s quite tiny and hard to see without my glasses on. 3. It doesn’t have a virtual 3D glasses option. This machine would be perfect if it came with a virtual reality system that put me on the river in Oxford while rowing to my little hearts content in the middle of New Jersey. Read more

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