Sunny fitness & fitness sf-t1407m guide walking treadmill with liquid crystal display show, compact folding, portability wheels and 220 lb max weight

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  • outstanding cardio advantages: this treadmill will help kickstart your fitness adventure, by means of assisting users increase blood circulation, boom bone density, give a boost to muscle mass, improve stability, improve temper, and increase coordination
  • compact and ergonomic: this compact, light-weight treadmill is terrific for small spaces. With a strolling surface of 42l x 13w inches, this treadmill is durable and might withstand power taking walks or mild strolling
  • lcd display: create intention-particular exercises with the lcd screen that permits the user to track time, speed, energy burned, and test. With an available “scan” choice, you could scan through your overall performance data with out lifting a finger!
  • non-electric powered: the treadmill’s non-electric powered characteristic is perfect for electricity saving without sacrificing performance. This also lets in for bendy placement at some point of your dwelling space without the need of an electrical outlet
  • non-slip walking surface: experience secure and secure at the sturdy non-slip jogging surface which helps a max weight of 220 lbs
  • dual flywheels: build momentum and rise up to speed as the flywheels offer maximum inertia to keep you going.

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sf-t1407m guide strolling treadmill

for over 18 years, sunny health and health has helped our clients gain their unique fitness desires.

we take tremendous pleasure in being a most advantageous distributor of remarkable fitness and fitness products sporting most effective the finest exercising system to make sure efficiency even as you figure out.

sunny health and fitness’ dedication for your fitness fulfillment continues us motivated to hold to offer products that assist you be better.

sunny health & fitness sf-t1407m manual taking walks treadmill

start your health adventure and start taking walks at the sf-t1407m manual strolling treadmill by sunny fitness & health. Improve your health as you stroll on the treadmill that requires no plugs or electricity. Absolutely get on and move! Preserve onto the tender foam hand grips which allow you to keep stability as you stroll on the mild constant incline. This treadmill is brilliant for small studios or residences (dims: 49l x 23w x 50h in) and may be without problems folded and rolled away into a closet or from room to room.

  • product dimensions: 49l x 23w x 50h in; folded dimensions: 20l x 23w x 50h in
  • jogging surface: 42l x 13w in; max weight potential: 220 lb
  • digital screen tracks: time, velocity, distance, calories burned, and test
  • guide treadmill calls for no plugs or electricity
  • compact design perfect for small spaces
  • gentle foam hand grips which will let you hold stability
  • sf-t1407m features

    create intention-precise workout routines with the liquid crystal display reveal that permits the consumer to tune time, velocity, distance, calories burned, and experiment. With an available ‘test’ option, you may experiment through your performance statistics with out lifting a finger!

    twin flywheels offer an endless supply of resistance through requiring extra force to be produced by way of the consumer whilst growing speed, power output and anxiety. Sweat defend safety covers keep flywheels free of sweat and debris.

    excessive-density rubber handrails are slip resistant and offer extra assist as you preserve a constant pace. Without problems wipe clean of sweat and particles with a humid material.

    making the transformation of your property into your personal non-public fitness studio is effortless with those convenient shipping wheels. Genuinely tilt and roll out to be used or away for storage, no need for heavy lifting or muscle stress.

    extra remarkable functions

    sense secure and relaxed on the robust non-slip running surface which helps a max weight of 220 lb. Jogging floor dimensions: 42l x 13w in.

    this treadmill will assist kickstart your fitness journey via supporting customers growth blood move, boom bone density, improve muscles, enhance stability, improve temper, and boom coordination.

    this compact, light-weight treadmill is incredible for small areas. This treadmill is long lasting and might face up to strength walking or light strolling. Folded dimensions: 20l x 23w x 50h in.

    5 reviews for Sunny fitness & fitness sf-t1407m guide walking treadmill with liquid crystal display show, compact folding, portability wheels and 220 lb max weight

    1. Tac

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I’m a mom of two so I wanted something affordable and small that I can use at home to workout since I can’t always walk in the gym or park. Let me say I love this treadmill. It was easy to assemble and 15 minutes in I’m already sweating. I try to use it daily for at least an hour. So far so good. (Update) after 2-3 months of using it daily for one hour the treadmill was no longer running as smooth as it did when I first got it. I tried to lube it and it still wasn’t running smooth and on top of that the belt kept switching left and right. I kept trying to adjust it and nothing was working to make it run as when I first opened and used it. The machine ended in the trash sadly. Read more

    2. amazonian

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. See the attached video for a demo walk. Pros: 1. I bought this product one month after Covid panic for $159. I find that reasonably priced. 2. The non adjustable incline isn’t a big issue, if anything it makes your glute muscles and calves worked a little harder. 3. The incline feels better than electric treadmill since you can go on your own pace. (See pic for height measurement) 4. Perfect for small corners. 5. Packaging is 12 out of 10. Zero tools required. Assembly time was 15 to 20 minutes for me. Could be less for someone who is handy. Cons: 1. Not ideal for running. You would fall on your face. 2. Took a while to ship could be because of Covid 3. You have to hold on to the handles at least with your one hand. 4. The belt makes same noise as the electric ones. Not a con unless you are taking work calls and walking. People would be able to hear the treadmill. Update after 1 year – The good: Very easy to meet 10k steps a day. Gained some muscles without going to the gym. The bad: the sandy part on the sides (Where you are supposed to stand when you want to stop walking) get dirty easily not sure how to even clean it. May not be a deal breaker for most people (See pic) The ugly: the belt dries up a lot. If you are planning on walking everyday, buy a sewing machine oil and pour oil under the belt every two weeks or when you think the belt is making louder scratchy sound than usual. (See pic for oil recommendation) Read more

    3. Alasandro Birdine

      I walk every weekday morning at 5am for 2 hours. I bought this machine thinking I would use it on rainy days and those mornings I just didn’t want to deal with armadillos, wild cats, and possums startling me as they run in and out of the woods near my home. This just didn’t cut it, and rather than keep a machine that would eventually end up in a garage sale for $25 bucks (or less), I returned it and spent a little more for a motorized machine that gave me more options and the ability to walk, run and adjust the incline. My Experience? Package arrived… Great packaging by the way. Easy to assembled. Took approximately 20-30 minutes. I couldn’t wait to try this machine out. I was a bit concerned about the quality and sturdiness of the machine. It feels like… If you are under 150 lbs and maybe use the machine 3 days a week for 20 minutes… I could see you using this for a long time. However, I am 199 lbs and I walk every day for 2 -3 hours.I don’t think this machine would last too long with my routine. Just doesn’t feel sturdy enough for the long haul. First thing I noticed when trying it out is that there is an incline that cannot be adjusted. OK… Second thing I noticed was if you let go of the handlebars you had better be running at a good pace or risk falling off the damn thing. If you’re walking and you let go of the handles everything stops because you are not using the handlebars to help you press your weight down against the belt. This machine will never work for a walker using a Fitbit or other step tracking device because your hands need to be on the bar and not moving so only your lower body gets a workout… Therefore, zero steps on your tracking device (Unless you put it in your pocket). Third thing… this is a manual treadmill so you MUST have shoes on with good grip in order to move the belt and if you even hesitate for one second BOOM…. belt stops… workout over. In my opinion, this machine is for running and running only OR.. if you are on some type of therapy that requires you to hold on to something while you move your legs, this just might work for you. However, if you are a serious walker (like myself) or a runner. I would not recommend this machine. Read more

    4. Sophie B.

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is exactly what I was looking for! Something small, yet it works! You use your own body to determine the speed. Several people say it’s just for running but it’s definitely not. The video is of my 7 year old and she was able to go at whatever speed she desired. We wanted something we could all use and this is prefect! Super easy to assemble my 11 year old helped hold up some pieces but other than that it was a breeze and ready in less than 30 minutes. Overall I’m very pleased so far! Read more

    5. katie beach

      This treadmill was surprisingly easy to assemble, I did it by myself. The tread track is already attached so you don’t have to worry about that. If you want something you can run on, don’t buy this. It’s meant for walking. You have to hold onto the bars or you’ll fly off the back. There is an incline and since you power the movement it’s more challenging than just walking on a flat surface. I love how it’s small enough for my tiny apartment bedroom and I don’t have to plug it in to anything! I just used it for 30 minutes (definitely worked up a sweat and my heart rate accelerated) and that was 1.2 miles and I burned about 152 calories and I did all of that at home while I watched tv. Totally worth it. This is going to be a game changer for me this year! Read more

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