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  • enhance balance and flexibility: make use of the anti-burst ball to reinforce, tone and build muscle groups during your body. Using an aerobic ball is top notch for improving and growing flexibility and coordination
  • to be had in one-of-a-kind sizes: to be had in 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm. Flexible sizes fit and form to suit your frame. Exercising ball will assist you during longer exercising and stretching classes
  • anti-burst p. C production: thick % casting provides superior puncture resistance. If punctured, the ball will slowly deflate keeping your frame secure
  • general body: ideal for yoga, pilates, stretching, & more, this long lasting yoga ball is made with anti-burst percent construction. Fortify your average body muscle trying various workout routines or stretching sports
  • inflation pump included: handy inflation pump is included so you can without difficulty inflate your health ball. Gradual deflating mechanism is designed for gradual deflation if by accident punctured
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55cm, 65cm and 75cm – anti-burst gymnasium ball

for over 18 years, sunny fitness and fitness has helped our customers reap their particular fitness dreams.

we take incredible satisfaction in our wonderful health and fitness products wearing simplest the greatest workout device to make certain performance even as you figure out.

sunny fitness and fitness’ commitment in your health success keeps us motivated to continue to provide merchandise that assist you become higher.

sunny health & fitness anti-burst health club ball – to be had in 3 length options

this sunny fitness and health anti-burst health ball is a exquisite desire for those who need to live in shape and strengthen average body muscle tissue. Increase stability and coordination with this fitness center ball by using the use of it to prop up your feet throughout push-usaor without a doubt sit down on it at domestic or at work to strengthen your center. This ball is appropriate for humans of all ages and fitness levels and built to remaining

  • available in: 55cm, 65cm and 75cm
  • support, tone and build muscle tissues at some point of your body
  • slow deflating mechanism
  • gradual deflating mechanism
  • inflation pump covered
  • you’ve visible the ones massive bouncy balls at the gymnasium and in stores, but how exactly can you operate them? Cardio balls (also called stability balls, balance balls or swiss balls) are more than simply fun. While used correctly, they help expand balance, reinforce muscle tissues and enhance patience. We came up with some brilliant stretches you can do on a fitness ball before a exercising.

    right here are some useful stretches you could easily do on the sunny fitness and health anti-burst fitness center ball.

    time: 20-30 seconds.

    get ready to feel your belly feel an splendid stretch! By means of placing the ball in curve of your again and preserving your legs planted firmly at the ground, your lower back, center and chest will feel an outstanding pull. Lean back and breathe. You need to feel comfort and a nice stretch.

    time: try this stretch on every leg for about 15-30 seconds.

    before you hop in your indoor cycling motorbike or treadmill, it’s important to stretch your leg muscular tissues. You ought to experience your inner thighs pulling. In case you are tight, it might be a little painful. Don’t over-exert yourself however supply a bit room to sense the stretch with out hurting your self an excessive amount of.

    time: 20-30 seconds every arm.

    when the ball is placed beneath your elbow, you should sense a stretch right below your arm pit. If you flow the ball ahead you sense the stretch more on your fingers. The nearer the ball is toward your top arm, the more you may experience a stretch in your chest.

    time: 15-30 seconds each leg.

    stretch out your quads earlier than a walk and utilize the health ball to help preserve stability. You should sense the frontal a part of your thigh being stretched.

    time: 30-forty five seconds.

    this is a beginner’s stretch. It’s miles first-rate for starting your day to provide your frame some time to wake up! This can assist you stretch butt muscle mass and internal thighs.

    product description

    this sunny fitness and fitness anti-burst health ball is a first rate preference for folks who want to stay in form and support usual frame muscle tissue for a complete frame exercising. Develop balance and coordination with this gymnasium ball by use it to prop up your ft even as doing push-united states of americaor virtually sit down on it at domestic or at paintings to strengthen your center. This ball is appropriate for humans of every age and health levels and built to final.


    75 Cm, 65 Cm, 55 Cm


    Blue, Grey, Red

    7 reviews for Sunny fitness & health anti-burst gym ball

    1. Lana

      I bought one of these balls to replace my chair at work in 2013. Sitting on a ball is much more comfortable with arthritis in lower back & hips, and helps me maintain good posture & core muscles. Was so impressed that I bought another one in 2016 for the house. Both of these sunny balls are good quality and have consistently performed very well with daily use (carpet, tile, or laminate flooring) as well as exercise. I end up having to re-inflate about every 5-6 months or so, which is not at all bad considering physics. And haven’t had to worry about anything popping, which is what happened to another manufacturer’s ball! Now that I’m going to start a different workout routine, I’m going to buy a couple more balls in different sizes. Hope they last just as long! Read more

    2. anniesreviews

      The ball and pump are a good buy for the quality and price. My husband was excited to see that I had purchased this. He plans on using it when he is working out. It didn’t pop when he sat on it so I would say it is sturdy! This was very easy to pump – my three year old was able to pump the ball full of air on his own. Glad that it came with a pump since we only have an air compressor and not a pump. I’m not a fan of using the air compressor so the pump was handy. I originally purchased this for my infant son who has torticollis. One of the recommended exercises is to have the baby on his stomach across the top of the ball. His head and arms should be hanging off of the ball, forcing him to straighten his neck. Unfortunately the therapist didn’t tell me what size ball to purchase and it didn’t occur to me that a ball could be to big. That was the case with this particular ball – it was too big for him – it was so wide that it wasn’t forcing him to straighten his neck. Since we won’t be able to use this ball for the original attended purpose I am glad that my husband was able to find a use for it. Read more

    3. JustUs

      I have to add to the growing chorus of people who say the 65cm gray/silver ball is way smaller than it says on the box and in the description. I pumped it until the ball was so tight it simply would not take any more air, and it measured only 56cm–much too small. If you need a 65cm ball, maybe order the 75cm ball??? I don’t know if it’s just this company or if it’s exercise balls in general, but I went ahead and ordered a 75cm ball in the hopes that I’ll get the 65cm diameter I need. Amazon’s return procedures have been very easy so far: I just submitted my return request, was sent a link to print out a return slip, was sent an email that UPS will be by to pick up the box and give me a return label which I anticipate will be tomorrow. Incidentally, this ball seemed a bit lopsided/not round when fully pumped up, but for what it’s worth it did seem to be a very good quality thick rubber. Read more

    4. stephg

      I bought this ball because I have chronic knee pain, especially when in a seated position. The concept was if I was having to shift my weight and adjust constantly, then my knees wouldn’t get stiff and start to ache. However, this ball just didn’t work for me. I haven’t measured it, but it seems smaller than the size medium I ordered. My knees are at an acute angle instead of a right angle when I sit on it, even though I am average/slightly below weight and bought the ball that was size larger than recommended for my height. The pump it comes with is satisfactory but will be noisy and gets somewhat tiring due to being so small. My biggest complaint is that the ball constantly seems to lose air, and cannot maintain a high air pressure due to the fact that air rushes out as soon as you try to shut the plug. Would this ball work for someone who plans to use it more for hand/balance exercises? Potentially. However, the size somewhat concerns me, as well as the lack of staying “full” and sturdy. This ball has a lot of give, which doesn’t bode well for exercises that require you to put any weight on the ball. Read more

    5. Kenms

      I’ve never owned another gym ball so I don’t really have a basis for comparison but here is what I’ve noticed. The ball does not stay round but deforms (not horribly) to a less than perfect ball – out of round. The air plug is really hard to remove when attempting to add more air to the ball. The ball seems to need to have air pumped in about once a week – I use it 6-7 times a week for about 25 minutes or so. The pump works fine and the exercise booklet has some good exercises to try. I’ve had the product for about 3 weeks and am seeing some results from my workouts specifically in my upper body and ab sections. I think if I were to diet I would be looking pretty decent. Over all I am pleased with this product. Read more

    6. Sheebley

      If you are using this for fitness purposes, this would be a great ball. If you’re buying this ball for an ergonomic desk chair…don’t bother. I was interested in trying this out because I sit at my desk all day and have some lower back pain. The ball is supposed to make you sit up straighter and relieve pain. My ball however was more oval than round and a lot more squishy than I liked. I ordered the 75cm ball when really probably 60 would have been big enough for me. It was tossed in the closet less than a week after I got it. I’m pretty sure its about 1/4 deflated now as well. Oh well…it was a good idea in theory… Read more

    7. Kayleigh

      I only got to use this one for about 3 months until my cat decided that it would be fun to play on it. Cats and this ball = bad combination. This was a decent ball, but I use this as a chair for my office, and after a few months of use, it was deformed. After the cat mishap, I decided to try a Black Mountain Ball instead. This ball is not in the same league as the replacement one that I bought. This one didn’t smell too bad after it was out of the package for a few weeks, but there was a clear and distinct smell of this ball. Read more

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