Sunny fitness & health exercising vinyl forty lb dumbbell set hand weights for electricity schooling, weight loss, workout bench, gymnasium system, and home exercises

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  • make certain this fits by way of getting into your model number.
  • forty kilos: every set comes prepared with a pair of dumbbells with enough weight to create 2 dumbbells weighing 5 pounds, 10 pounds, or 20 pounds.
  • workout versatility: enhance your muscular power, endurance, electricity, and boom the usage of these dumbbells to educate each important muscle institution on the body.
  • comfy ergonomic comfort grip: a curved middle handlebar grip contours to the herbal arch of your hand at the same time as the textured grip gives a comfortable grip with out being too aggressive.
  • adjustable weight: 12 interchangeable plates can be adjusted to satisfy your specific exercise needs. Boom the burden of 1 dumbbell as much as 34 kilos while you carry out single dumbbell sports.
  • textured grip: polypropylene lined metal grip supplied advanced grip in addition to rust resistance.
  • includes: (2) 1″d x 17″l inch steel bars, (4) celebrity lock collars; (four) 1. 5lb weights, (four) 2. 5lb weights, (4) 5lb weights

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a curved middle handlebar grip contours to the natural arch of your hand whilst the textured deal with gives a relaxed grip.

the vinyl coated steel bar and weight plates provide a defensive layer too assist prevent damage resulting from the difficult-exposed metal of its opposite numbers.

polypropylene locking collar stars (0. 2 lb. Every) tighten to preserve the plates in region even all through extreme movements. 12 interchangeable plates may be used to adjust the weight to fulfill your particular exercise desires.

this set includes (2) stable steel bars, (4) superstar lock collars, (4) 1. 5lb weights, (four) 2. 5 lb. Weights, and (four) 5 lb. Weights totaling 40 pounds when absolutely assembled

product description

the sunny health & health 40lbs vinyl dumbbell set is designed to offer versatility to your workouts so you can beautify your bodily energy, electricity, muscular increase, and muscular patience. Our health weights feature a solid textured grip. The take care of layout capabilities a curved middle that contours to the herbal arch of your hand giving the consumer a relaxed however not overly competitive feel for a definitely superb exercise revel in. The solid metal polypropylene lined bars are 17 inches lengthy to provide adequate space to house the 6 interchangeable vinyl plates. The mid-point of the deal with bar measures at 1. 1 inches in diameter. This set includes (four) 1. 5lb weights, (four) 2. 5 lb. Weights, and (4) 5 lb. Weights totaling forty pounds whilst completely assembled. Polypropylene locking collar stars (zero. 2 lb. Each) tighten to maintain the plates in region even for the duration of excessive movements. Add or take away the clean incremental plates to target muscle tissues to your arms, shoulders, chest, again, legs, and core while preventing damage to floors and surfaces as compared to forged iron opposite numbers. Take away the want for a large rack for your in-domestic exercise area as you effortlessly collect different weight amounts to apply throughout complete body firming exercises.

8 reviews for Sunny fitness & health exercising vinyl forty lb dumbbell set hand weights for electricity schooling, weight loss, workout bench, gymnasium system, and home exercises

  1. anoda

    Pros: The plates don’t clank when they bump against each other or adjusting the weights (as opposed to metal). The plastic handles are very comfortable to grip. They’re textured enough to provide a good grip, but not so much that they eat into your hands or require gloves. The weight bar is covered in plastic and there is no way to get metal splinters from the end of it (other weight sets had this complaint) Cons: The washer that secures the weights tends to come loose over time, and needs to be tightened occasionally. Annoying, but not a dealbreaker. It’s not like it comes loose when you’re using the weights, so as long as you check it once before lifting each session you’ll be fine. People report a similar complaint with the Amazonbasics weight set, so it’s not unique to this one. They seem fairly bulky for how heavy they are, but I’m not sure if metal would be more compact. Looking at the amazonbasics set, it seems like the weights are smaller, which is more convenient when doing certain exercises (weights don’t bump against your thighs when doing shrugs). The size issue is my biggest complaint. Nitpicks: These are vinyl weights, so the weights are concrete with a plastic cover over them. According to other sites, the downside of vinyl is that you can potentially crack/damage the concrete core of the weights if you drop them on a hard surface enough times, whereas metal will last basically forever. I never slam the weights down, so this isn’t really a concern for me. Visually, they look kind of cheap, and don’t look have the high quality/indestructible look that metal has. Overall, they are solid and do the job, but I think I would’ve preferred to get the amazonbasics set, mostly due to the size issue. Read more

  2. Andrew Kator

    These are plastic/vinyl weights filled with sand or cement, not plastic/vinyl coated iron weights. The weight plates are over twice the size of comparable iron weights. The spin locks are made of plastic as well. Read more

  3. A Brown

    Weights showed up, two of them were punctured and sand was everywhere in the box. Do NOT buy these unless you want sand. Read more

  4. JulieQ

    Does what it needs to do. Holds the weight well. Feels good in the hands. The nuts come loose a lot but this happens for most weights with the screw on nuts to tighten. Just keep them tight and you should be ok. Read more

  5. Gary

    I gave up going back to the gym after the “stay at home” order was over and decided to rebuild my home gym. This dumbbell set is great. The 3 different weights (1.2, 2.5 & 5 lbs) are perfect. I can removed and add the weights very easy. The only con is the size of the weights, for example, the 5 lb is the size of a cast iron 10 lb weight. The set was delivered within 2 weeks. I am very happy with the set. Read more

  6. Ramon Urbaneja

    Cumple su función, aunque los discos son grandes y hacen que el producto sea voluminoso para su manejo. No obstante el volúmen, se puede hacer ejercicio normal con ella. Lo uso en mi habitación alfombrada y estoy consciente que los discos son de vinil o plástico rellenos de arena o algo similar. Recomiendo sellar los tapones de cada disco para evitar que pueda salirse el contenido, de hecho les acabo de poner cola blanca y esperaré a que seque para hacer mis rutinas y, por nada del mundo dejarlas caer o, por lo menos evitar fuertes golpes con el piso o la superficie donde se ejercite. Mi único temor es que las roscas de las barras se deshagan con el uso y el tiempo. Read more

  7. Dennis

    When I opened the box there was at least a half cup of black sand in the box, so the weights definitely leak. I have sand everywhere in my bedroom. The weights are clearly poorly made and definitely NOT worth the money. The bargain price wise was too good to be true. Wait and spend a little more money and buy decent weights. Don’t waste your money on there. Very poor manufacture. I bought two sets, returning both. Read more

  8. JC

    This is plastic, sand inside the weights. I have not seen any sand getting out for now. fingers crossed. I am not throwing them around anyway. Need to tighten it often but not a big deal. For the price this is good enough. You pay this price for a single metal 30pounds. It does the work. Difficult to move when you load it up one to around 30 pounds since you need 3 weights on each side, but one get used to it. Read more

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