Sunny fitness & health overall performance elliptical device cross instructor with mountaineering motion – sf-e3911

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  • make sure this suits by coming into your model range.
  • superior reveal: live on track of your workout sessions and measure time, pace, distance, calorie, odometer.
  • particular hiking stride: extended vertical and horizontal stride length produces a fluid hiking motion aimed to have interaction your entire body.
  • general body fitness: get toned and burn calories with this full frame domestic health club health elliptical gadget.
  • 8 stage magnetic resistance: fine tune the depth level of your exercises to align with your fitness goals.
  • tool holder: secure your cell device onto the holder and observe along for your favored sunny fitness & health workout motion pictures.
  • covered components: elliptical, consumer guide, device hardware, 2 aaa batteries

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sf-e3911 – performance cardio climber

for over 18 years, sunny fitness and fitness has helped our clients gain their particular fitness dreams.

we take superb pleasure in our first-rate fitness and fitness products sporting most effective the best exercising equipment to make sure performance even as you work out.

sunny health and health’ dedication to your health success maintains us inspired to hold to offer products that help you grow to be higher.

sunny health & fitness performance cardio climber – sf-e3911

the sunny health & health sf-e3911 elliptical system cross instructor with mountaineering movement takes total frame home gymnasium machines to the subsequent stage! Get explosive calorie busting workouts in a area green and premiere home exercising elliptical. Particular striding motion places you on top of things of your fitness. Cognizance in your lower frame muscular tissues – quads, glutes and hamstrings or cross for a complete body workout by way of using the swinging top body handlebars.

  • display: test, time, velocity, distance, energy, odometer
  • eight level adjustable magnetic resistance
  • horizontal climb five in / vertical climb 7 in
  • clean waft wheels
  • 220 lb weight potential
  • product dimensions: 42l x 23w x 60. 5h in
  • live on target of your exercising classes and measure time, velocity, distance, calorie, odometer.

    extended vertical and horizontal stride duration produces a fluid climbing motion aimed to interact your complete body.

    get toned and burn calories with this full body domestic gymnasium fitness elliptical machine.

    high-quality song the depth degree of your workouts to align with your health desires.

    cozy your cell tool onto the holder and observe alongside in your favorite sunny health & health exercise motion pictures.

    at simply an arm’s reach away, stay hydrated for the ones long and full of life exercising sessions.

    use the floor stabilizers to balance and level your sf-e3911 elliptical gadget move instructor.

    tilt and roll to be used or away for smooth storage with delivery wheels permitting clean motion of gadget.

    6 reviews for Sunny fitness & health overall performance elliptical device cross instructor with mountaineering motion – sf-e3911

    1. Jeremy Cohen

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Ordered the performance cardio climber on a Friday; Amazon delivered first thing Sunday. I can’t even change a flat tire, yet found the assembly ridiculously easy. From a conceptual POV, the machine itself is ingenious and I’m happy to report that it’s likewise terrific as far as application: the workout is a BEAST, even on the lower resistance levels… much more intense than any elliptical I’ve tried. We’ll find out about durability over time but as of this moment, couldn’t be more pleased with this product and purchase. Read more

    2. SHÆNISY

      I can’t believe how easy it was to assemble this unit from step 1 thru the last step 6… (just follow all instructions from the booklet). Once built, the machine runs smoothly & it’s practically quiet — hardly any noise! I’m glad I did my research by thankfully reading reviews & video. The price is acceptable & affordable. It has a basic monitor with easy to read information with tablet/phone/book holder built-in which is very handy. Also, the water bottle holder is included which I had to attach myself. I like the resistance knob that’s located in the front. It has a clicking action tension control from 1 to 8 resistance levels which is quite effective and offers more force if you should need it. It’s a very solid machine and I can see myself losing weight & toning up — as long as I use it! Which I intend to– especially when all gyms are closed in my state due to this horrible pandemic. Very pleased! 👍🏼 Read more

    3. DannyB

      After 1 month of use, I noticed this climber/stepper began to make noise and ‘click’ or judder with each step. I found the small wheel to be broken. I contacted the manufacturer for warranty replacement of the broken part. Waited a month to receive the replacement. Guess what I received…. a broken replacement! They actually sent me the part (picture included) in this review. Imagine being the person that packaged that broken wheel, put it in a bag and sent it off. I could only wish of being so oblivious. So, here I am waiting again for them to send an NEW part. That being said, if you need a clothing hanger this is a great option! This would also be a great climber for anyone with one leg; has to be the left leg though as that side of the machine runs smooth a silk. Wish me luck folks, I’m going to need it. Read more

    4. lynchez wheeler

      I really enjoy this machine it took me an hour to put it up , as soon as I started working out on it my legs , hips and thighs were on fire . Read more

    5. Cameron

      -Assembly I purchased the Sunny Health & Fitness Performance Cardio Climber – SF-E3911 on August 22nd, 2020. It arrived in excellent condition, with no damages. Assembly was straight forward, and all the tools necessary were included. Assembly took approximately 30 minutes. The most time-consuming aspect was unpacking the climber; it was packed remarkably well. -Use I have climbed approximately 60 miles on level six since the unit’s delivery. I am a naturally thin person; however, I do have some unwelcome belly fat. Impressively, I have noticed a considerable reduction in said belly fat within the very short time that I have owned the machine—translating to about a 1/3 to ½ reduction in fat, over the one and a half weeks of ownership. Additionally, it is important to note; I have not changed my diet or exercise behaviors. The fat reduction is the sole result of using the elliptical. I have ordered other exercise equipment, that with which, I plan to use in tandems with this elliptical. But for the purpose of this review, the elliptical has been beyond expectation. -Likes * Assemblage was a complete breeze, and I have had no issues operating the unit. * I am 6ft tall and the unit operates just fine with my height. * The results from the workout are undeniable. * The workout is extremely intense, relative to the price of the unit. * The unit is not jerky during use. I am 140 lbs. -Dislikes * I am not sure if the unit were designed to work in a reverse direction; when I exercise in reverse, the unit makes a different noise. * I wish the unit had a greater horizontal stride in addition to its vertical climb. However, this was clearly indicated when I purchased the unit, and I am happy with it. Though, store ellipticals with longer strides feel more comfortable for my stride. Read more

    6. Richard

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I bought this for my husband for Christmas as we both wanted to be more active. Considering the price and the overall good reviews, I thought this was a good choice. Boy was I wrong! Putting it together wasn’t necessarily easy but it wasn’t hard by any means. Once it was up and running, we found the perfect spot for it in our family room. It was only about 3 weeks before it started having its first set of problems. It started clicking when we were using it – click click click click click – super annoying honestly to the point where I had to go to a different room in the house every time he wanted to use it with his noise cancelling headphones on… The clicking got worse and worse. It got to a point where it was just so obnoxious all this machine did was piss me off. Company customer service is abysmal and impossible to get in touch with, especially during covid. The box was massive so sending it back on Amazon wound up being an impossible task and we pretty much got screwed. So we decided we’d just keep using it and dealing with the painful loud noises it was making. Until suddenly one of the metal legs bent, snapped, and broke. We are not heavy-set by any means… FYI – so this metal has to be the cheapest worst metal for an exercise machine they could have chosen. Pics and video attached. I’ll reach out to customer service again because there’s got to be some kind of warrant I would imagine… but also not surprised if there isn’t. Until then…AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Read more

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