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  • make sure this suits by means of coming into your model range.
  • adjustability: 3 incline settings allow you to change up your workout routines and upload range in your energy and training workouts.
  • comfort: gentle, supple, and cushioned padding supports your frame as you lean into your bends, twists, sit down united states of americaand, hyperextensions.
  • dip bars: the twin functionality of the foldable roman chair permits you to focus on now not simplest your center, glutes and back but also to your upper frame as nicely with the integrated dip bars.
  • area green: searching out a notable exercise however tight on area? The sunny health & fitness roman chair folds without a doubt flat for convenient and easy garage.
  • sturdy design: engineered for the hardest stretches and sports; this roman chair has a max weight capability of 330 lb.
  • portability: just fold, tilt and roll away! Transportation wheels at the the front of the devices assist you to resultseasily flow your roman chair.
  • foot plates: hold stable and right shape using the foot plates for a stage and unshakable squat basis.
  • peak regulate: slide and adapt the padded seat in your favored period. Min / max: 25. 5 in / 33. Five in.
  • padded rollers: foam padded leg rollers ensure that your lower frame is comfortable and guarded for all manners for physical games.
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sf-bh620062 – hyperextension roman chair with dip station

for over 18 years, sunny fitness and fitness has helped our customers acquire their specific fitness desires.

we take extraordinary pleasure in our wonderful health and health merchandise carrying simplest the greatest workout device to make certain efficiency even as you figure out.

sunny fitness and health’ commitment in your health success keeps us encouraged to retain to offer products that assist you come to be higher.

sunny fitness & health hyperextension roman chair with dip station – sf-bh620062

whether you’re trying to add some other piece to your private home health club or get in a brief but severe exercising in your dwelling room, the sunny fitness & fitness foldable roman chair might be a perfect inclusion. The included dip bars provide for a multi-purposeful home exercising enjoy. Adjustable, portable, cozy, and convenient, the sunny health & fitness foldable roman chair – sf-bh620062 can also just be the missing piece of system you need to finish your total frame workout routines.

  • 10 adjustable heights settings
  • three adjustable incline angles
  • foam padding dims: 8l x 7. 5w x 4. 5h in (ea.)
  • adjustable height: min 25. 5 in / max 33. Five in
  • foam rollers
  • built-in dip bars
  • 330 weight capacity
  • 3 incline settings let you alternate up your workout routines and add range to your strength and training exercises.

    soft, supple, and cushioned padding supports your frame as you lean into your bends, twists, sit u. S. A. And, hyperextensions.

    the dual functionality of the foldable roman chair lets in you to focus on now not best your center, glutes and lower back but also for your top frame as well with the integrated dip bars.

    looking for a amazing workout however tight on area? The sunny fitness & fitness roman chair folds clearly flat for handy and easy storage.

    engineered for the hardest stretches and sporting events; this roman chair has a max weight potential of 330 lb.

    transportation wheels on the the front of the units permit you to resultseasily flow your roman chair. Just fold, tilt and roll away!

    keep solid and right shape the use of the foot plates for a stage and unshakable squat basis.

    foam padded leg rollers ensure that your decrease body is comfy and protected for all manners for physical games.


    Original, With Dip Station

    8 reviews for Sunny health & fitness hyperextension roman chair

    1. Kblack

      Ok So I read some awful reviews on putting together and height adjustment issues. I had NO problems assembling this, when put together correctly it’s great! Its sturdy and built well. On the tipping review..if you are rocking side to side your doing it wrong duh! Now on height issues, I am 5’4″ and put the bar on the lowest slide adjustment setting its too short for me, so yes us short ladies are in luck on this one! So far its Perfect love it, I will update progress of evectivness later after having used it for a month or so! Good luck! I do recommend! Read more

    2. J C

      If you are used to going to the gym and feeling the rock-solid construction of the gym equipment, then working out on a smaller, less sturdy piece of equipment like this Roman Chair will take some getting used to. I am 6 feet tall and I weigh about 210. After the assembly, I tried out some hyperextension exercises and I could feel the back part of the Roman Chair lifting up slightly. Not good to feel the potential for going forward into a nosedive for somewhat uncoordinated folks like me! The assembly was OK. Though the instructions had graphics too small and there were some poorly drilled holes that made it somewhat difficult to get all the bolts in. (The internal threads were a little rough too.) I think this is just too small. I can’t imagine someone 250 pounds using this. And it just seems to short for a person as tall as me. Yes, I’ll use this Roman Chair, but it is not even close to what I was hoping for. I expect to own this maybe a year or less and then I will be giving it away to someone shorter, smaller, and lighter than me. I’m going to estimate this would be more appropriate for someone 5’7″ tall or less, and 170 pounds or less. Considering all of the above, I can’t give this more than 3 stars. If I ever buy a Roman Chair again, I will be willing to pay double what I paid for this, if the Roman Chair is larger and more stable than this equipment. Read more

    3. R S.

      Perfect. I am 5’3”. I sit at work all day so need to do back hyperextensions more often than I can get to gym. Bench is perfect and good for price, very nice quality. I also bought tribe resistance bands and Brinx heel straps so that I can do hamstring Glute kickbacks using the front of the bench with the door stopper that came with the bands and they work great!! (The weights in the picture are just to hold, they are not necessary to steady the bench as it is very sturdy.) Read more

    4. east side photo

      This bench makes Ikea look easy. Probably doable if the instructions had been good. (see photo). Deciding to forge ahead regardless, about 45 min into the assembly I realize the bolts for the part I was working on did not function. The inside threads only went half way through. and they needed to be tight and gr all the way through,. I called their help number, still optimistic, and there was no one there. they then conneced me to an operator to leave a message, and got a recording that there was no room to leave a message, goodbye. At that point, I put everything back inthe box and am returning. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Read more

    5. jawes

      Assembly was not that difficult, once I realized that all the holes lined up pretty easy if you leave all the fasteners as loose as possible, then go back & tighten them once they are ALL in place . After I finished assembling everything & then tightened all the fasteners, it was “wobbly” as another reviewer described. I really kinda expected this, based on some of the reviews & due to the way it is designed, but it wasn’t that difficult to fix. I loosened all the fasteners, & then had someone stand on the feet(Front & Back Base Tubes) while I re-tightened everything. Its solid as a rock now. Anyone assembling it for the first time I would recommend loosely fastening these 4 main parts below together first & make sure there is no wobble. Everything after that is a snap. – Back Base Tube – Front Base Tube – Back Stand Tube – Front Stand Adjustable Tube + fasteners & locking pin Also, the cushion is a bit on the hard side but I am hoping a few nights with some weight sitting on it should fix that problem. Read more

    6. Jean H. Montes

      I’D PUT ZERO STARS. DO NOT BUY unless you have a metal drill an saw and you like hard labor after you’ve purchased something that was supposed to be easily assemble. You will. Spend minutes trying to figure out the holes…only to find out they are wrong. – there were no holes to attach the handles (everything is metal so it’s not like I can just make holes. – the hole to adjust the height/ length was on the wrong side (should be in the front) it’s at the side…which does not match the base holes. – if you are 5”4 woman, the height cannot be adjusted that low. It’s not like you can just ship it back because it’s so heavy for a woman to carry. I want my money back. Read more

    7. Lilac’s are great

      Sturdy and a great value. I had a slipped disc in my lower back. After months of physical therapy they said I should consider getting a Roman Chair. I looked at every one available on Amazon and EBay. I settled on this one. The instructions were daunting when I first looked at main picture. The pieces are not marked so you need to figure it out on your own. There are pictures with step by step instructions, but again, you need to figure out the piece. I followed the instructions and review suggestions to tighten the bolts after all were installed. There is no wobble when I use it. I am 5’4’’. This is actually a couple inches too big. I knew this may happen when I bought it. I figured out a fix. If you look at the pictures I placed a weight at back by the foot rest. This allows me to be correctly positioned to use this as I was instructed by my physical therapist. Read more

    8. Ran-D

      Comes with 2 open end combo 14mm & 17mm wrenches but if you have a ratchet wrench and sockets you can get it assembled in less than 20 mins. It’s fairly sturdy and should handle over 200 lbs with just a little wiggles. I really like the 1 piece pad so you can do side crunches comfortably. I’m 5’6″ 175lbs and it fits me well and get a good lower back workout. Read more

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