Sunny health & fitness sf-b1714 evolution seasoned magnetic belt drive indoor cycling motorbike, high weight potential, heavy obligation flywheel

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  • forty four pound flywheel: forty four-pound heavy duty flywheel ensures stability to keep away from jolting while riding. Emergency push down brake stops the wheel at once for protection.
  • assembled dimensions: 48. 5l x 24w x 53. 5h in 135. 58 lb.
  • magnetic resistance: while increasing the pedal resistance, the magnets flow towards the flywheel, growing anxiety. Magnetic resistance is clearly no preservation and the anxiety is easily adjustable.
  • 330 lb person weight limit: heavy responsibility and high durability metal body construction with up to 330 lb user weight restriction.
  • absolutely adjustable seat: 4-manner adjustable seat permits you to adjust forward/backward, and up/down for exceptional healthy. The padded seat is absolutely adjustable for more than one motorcycle riders in your property. Inseam: min. 29″/max. 39″.
  • 4 manner adjustable handlebars: the handlebars pass ahead/backward and up/down. Custom sweat resistant grips constructed for comfort to avoid any hand fatigue.
  • adjustable pedal straps: caged pedals with straps make certain ft are relaxed in place retaining stability and luxury.
  • transportable: transportation wheels for clean storage and portability. Adjustable floor stabilizers reduce rocking and swaying as you journey.
  • fitness within attain: exercising motorcycles or stationary motorcycles lets in for comfort of a home exercise workout. The sf-b1714 is a industrial stage indoor cycling exercise motorcycle that is designed to be used as a home gym exercise device biking motorbike.

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  • how powerful is the magnetic resistance? Is it strong enough to present excessive resistance and exercising like climbing?
  • how effective is the magnetic resistance? Is it sturdy sufficient to give high resistance and exercising like climbing?

  • the product description states a minimum inseam of 28, yet dealers indicate the inseam is 30 and 31 inside the q& a. Can all of us make clear?
  • the product description states a minimum inseam of 28, yet sellers indicate the inseam is 30 and 31 inside the q& a. Can everyone clarify?

  • has absolutely everyone connected a pace sensor to this motorbike? If so where?
  • has everyone attached a pace sensor to this bike? In that case where?

  • i am 5’2”, can i experience this bike with ease and with right shape?
  • i am five’2”, am i able to journey this motorcycle readily and with proper form?

    7 reviews for Sunny health & fitness sf-b1714 evolution seasoned magnetic belt drive indoor cycling motorbike, high weight potential, heavy obligation flywheel

    1. Bill N

      I have been road biking for 17 years, averaging 1000-1500 miles per year. Wanted a good exercise bike to use on cold days and as a supplement . I did a ton of research and settled on this exercise bike. I wanted a heavy bike with magnetic resistance, and one that looked attractive. This bike has no computer readout on calories, distance, etc., but I really had no desire to have a readout because I rely on feel to guide how much to do,and I do not trust the durability and accuracy of such computer readouts. I had had a Tunturi upright exercise bike for many years, and while it did the job, I never liked the felt resistance or the fact that the seat could not accomodate my 5″11 height, with a 34 inseam, without being extended to the max.I’ve had this now for two days and although I have not actually ridden for more than ten minutes combined, I can say this was a great purchase and and that this is a great bike, and that, barring the belt drive failing, will last almost forever. Built like a tank, very sturdy, heavy, and stable. I was concerned, after reading some reviews, that the magnetic resistance may be wanting, but trust me, there is almost infinite resistance at the highest setting. I can barely pedal it at that level, so simulating steep inclines or providing adequate resistance to any level of rider should not be a problem. And change in resistance is immediate with the turn of the resistance knob. There is nothing wrong with the seat or pedals, but I swapped both out for a road bike seat and Shimano clipless SPD-SL pedals, mostly for aesthetic purposes.I only have tthree issues, neither of which is anything near a deal-breaker: the water bottle holder is placed too to allow easy access, and the pedals seem much further apart than a Q-factor of 121 would suggest. In fact, the pedals of my kestrel carbon road bike are at least an inch, probably more, closer together than the pedals on this bike. Another issue is that, as with the Tunturi exercise bike, I have to extend the seat post out near the limit to accommodate my inseam of 34. It could be that I just like the my legs more extended than most riders. This is not as much of an issue with a high, padded seat that comes with the bike, but is more pronounced with the less tall road bike seat. If I had an inseam of 36 or more, I’d be worried the seat could not be raised high enough. I also did some research into the Q factor and from what I can gather, it really doesn’t mean too much. So I would not buy this bike based on its small Q-factor.Assembly was easy, though the parts were very heavy and solid. Instructions fine. It does not wobble at all with my full weight on it and pedaling hard. Fit and finish are impeccable. There is no noise evident while pedaling. Completely quiet. Nice looking. Bulky looking. Takes up more space than I had imagined, and seems quite tall, but probably because I have it in my basement, which is confined and with a low ceiling.Hope this helps. I usually don’t write reviews but since I relied on so many of them to make my decision, I felt it would be only right to give some others interested in an exercise bike some guidance from my experience. If there are any problems with the I will let you know.Read more

    2. David M.

      I needed to add some new exercise that did stress my aging joints and decided to get spinning a try. The Peloton bike looked really neat but I did not want to spend $2,500 or more for one just yet. A reading a ton of Amazon reviews, reading articles on the web, and watching a bunch of YouTube videos I decided to go with a Sunny indoor bike and create my own Peloton experience.I chose this particular bike mainly because it is belt drive and has magnetic resistance, which all the reviewers said made for a quiet ride. And, they were right. This bike is super quiet! Quiet operation was a very important factor because it is in my office and I wanted other family members to be able to use it while I work.To complete my Peloton experience I simply bought a Peloton digital subscription (cost $19.49 per month and I got 2 months free). I stream the Peloton classes on my 46″ wall mounted tv using my FireTV stick. Just use the Silk browser app to get to the Peloton members site and pick your class! Or, you can stream the class to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device too.The only thing missing was a device to measure speed and cadence. For that I ended up going with the CAT EYE – Strada Cadence Wired Bike Computer ( This was pretty easy to add to bike and calibrate for use.Read more

    3. gwwms

      We received our first Sunny bike and found it plagued with an annoyingly loud clicking noise. We were instructed to send a video of proof of the issue. A second one was sent and it arrived damaged. Upon contacting customer support we were instructed to take parts from the two and construct a working version on our own. Ridiculous ask of a customer, we returned.Read more

    4. D Williams

      The bike was fine for about 4 weeks. I was hoping I’d be one of the lucky ones that never have a problem and love their bike. Unfortunately, 4 days after the return window, it started making the dreaded loud clanking noise when pedaling. I reached out to support and they sent me detailed instructions on dismantling the belt cover and removing the belt to isolate the sound. I’ve completed the steps and sent three videos of the noise. Waiting to hear back on a solution. I will update my review when this has been resolved.Update 3/1/2019:Sunny support said that the middle axle is broken and that it’s something that happens in transit. They sent me two videos on how to repair it. My options were to have the parts and tools to repair it sent to me or exchange the bike through Amazon. If it’s something that happens in transit, I’d rather not take the chance again, so I’m going to attempt the repair. Will update once I do.Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      As you see on the pictures those parts aren’t look new.Read more

    6. SoundSnob

      Giving it 4 stars for now because of initial quality and overall feel. I’ve only had it for a day, so far it’s very sturdy and quiet (this thing is built like a tank).Also because the box came a bit damaged, had a whole in it and parts were exposed. The package where the nuts and bolts came were also opened. (Thankfully nothing was lost).I attached a wahoo candence sensor and I’m ready for my first peloton workout !Edit -7/31 checkout my video, is this normal flywheel noise ?Update 8/1 Support from Sunny saw my video and they said it was normal flywheel wind noise. Due to its size.Read more

    7. j

      This is defiantly a heavy duty bike. Good quality and nice styling. Would defiantly recommend.Update: Started making a ticking noise. I’m sure its a simple fix. I will update on how it goes with the manufacture. 4 stars for now . I still would recommend.Read more

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