Sunny health & fitness sf-e902 air walk teacher elliptical system glider w/liquid crystal display screen, 220 lb max weight and 30 inch stride

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  • sunny fitness & health sf-e902 air stroll instructor provides an cardio exercise, supplying you with all the benefits of stretching, strolling, jogging, go-united states, skiing and aerobic dancing with out jarring affects or unfavorable movements in your body.
  • air stroll instructor: the non-slip pedals will assist simulate a sluggish stroll or work as much as a full run while preserving a non-stop movement functionality with out interruption. Maximum weight capacity is 220 ibs with 45 inch stride length
  • general body exercise: the air walker exercising system objectives muscular tissues in your palms in addition to your legs. While you hold an upright posture on the device, your abdominal muscles will paintings as stabilizing muscle tissues increasing your balance and endurance
  • area saving: when no longer in use, effortlessly fold the product and pedals as much as half the length (15l x 19w x sixty one. 5h)
  • lcd monitor: informative lcd monitor shows time, remember, total distance and calories. Step up your consolation with the adjustable abdominal pad. Move it up and down to ensure proper guide and location
  • aerobic schooling: increases cardio respiratory health, that’s one of the five vital additives of bodily health. With simply 20 mins sustained inside the air walker it assist you to lose, control or keep your weight
  • protected additives: elliptical; consumer manual
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6 reviews for Sunny health & fitness sf-e902 air walk teacher elliptical system glider w/liquid crystal display screen, 220 lb max weight and 30 inch stride

  1. MadmanBlueBox

    Edited rating now with one less star and here’s why: This trainer is functional but there is maintenance required and I would highly suggest a few modifications before it turns into the squeaking nightmare that seems to be common. STEP 1: The arms slide onto 4 posts that have a very thin coating of teflon (maybe even just black paint) that will wear off after prolonged use. I used mine for 30 minutes straight and the friction heated it up and the coating wore off. Causing a very loud squeak. FIX: Use a size 6 allen key and remove the arms and coat the posts and inside of the arm housing with good thick grease. This eliminated the squeak for a while. Please see step 2 for next issue. STEP 2: the arms are held on by an end cap, metal washer, and size 6 allen bolt. The metal washer causes friction against the moving arm/leg assembly which eventually causes yet another sqeak. I removed the washers and replaced with nylon washers with a light coat of grease where the friction takes place. No more squeak! Step 3: The black bushings against the frame heat up and melt if you use the trainer too vigorous and can cause yet another point of squeaking. These I’m sure you can order and replace but I did not. Mine melted after the second week. I simply applied, you guessed it, more grease between the 4 bushings and the frame. Now it glides nice and smooth all the time. Note: I tried WD40 and OneLube which did not do much, you really need to grease the above areas. Since I “fixed” the issues I have had ZERO problems. Personally I am down 14 pounds doing it 20 minutes a day with no added bands. Hope this helps. It’s a cheap way to get a really useful piece of equipment and kept me from throwing it out or spending $400+ dollars on a industrial eliptical. CHEERS! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Loved this when I first got it, read the reviews and yes it did squeak some but not bothersome, nice cardio workout without too much stress on my knees, was fine for the first few months then I noticed the one foot was at an odd angle, there is a weld on the foot where it attaches to the frame, due to the stress, the weld cracked, kept using it a while longer but it finally broke. Got a Gazelle to replace it, much better construction, quite and more fluid movement, don’t waste your money Read more

  3. jt1188

    I absolutely LOVE this little machine, but with two modifications. Modifications: (1) Leave off the abdominal support to increase range of motion. (2) Add Bungee cords for resistance. Master Lock 3023AT Assorted Bungee Cords, 24-Pack There are two holes located on the inside of the front two support bars which make perfect anchor points for attaching bungee cords. I suggest buying an assorted pack so you can mix and match to customize your resistance. With two simple modifications you have a whisper quiet/ silent piece of aerobic equipment than can deliver a challenging impact free work out. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    Update 11/28/18: The left foot of the Elliptical just broke, rendering the machine useless. After having an elliptical for 3 years and one for 15 months, having this one break after a scant 4 months is unacceptable. I would have expected at the minimum to get a year from it. This is my third elliptical after the Gazelle Edge (3 years) and the Body Rider. The stride is definitely on the short side which results in a lot more steps on my Fitbit. I was concerned about potential squeaking based on the reviews but after a few weeks its by far the quietest of the 3. I don’t even need to raise my TV volume above normal. The footprint is small, and the only issue is one of the screws occasionally comes loose but is very easy to tighten back. All in all given the cost this is well worth it. I’m 5’9 175 lbs in decent shape and I consider this good value for working out when you don’t want to go out for a run. Read more

  5. Laura S.

    Normally I don’t bother reviewing things, but this machine seriously annoyed me. After using for one month and two weeks the the foot rest separated from the swing arm at the weld point. Since this happened two weeks after the return point we are out of luck. Cheaply made. Don’t waste your money. Read more

  6. AnAmazon Customer

    I’m an avid walker, 40+ miles per week. I bought this to try during Winter season instead of gym membership and a giving up more space for a treadmill. I’ve been overall impressed with the machine and used it daily, still do even if rainy or to get extra time in after dark. When it begins to squeak I apply wd-40, regularly necessary given my use. It’s gentle on joints and a smooth walk. The counter is very basic but for price it is nice to know how many steps I’ve taken with each use, the total count maxes out at 9999 and rolls over. If and when needed I would repurchase. Read more

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