Sunny health & fitness sf-rw1205 rowing machine rower with 12 degree adjustable resistance, virtual display and 220 lb max weight

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  • 12 stages of resistance: the hydraulic resistance gadget creates a smooth and quiet row, for the duration of 12 overall levels of resistance.
  • digital screen: song your workout progress on the virtual display, equipped with time, count number, remember overall, energy, and experiment functions.
  • adjustability: tailor your exercising experience via fitting the adjustable pedal straps on your feet, and degree your rower in your space with the stabilizers.
  • ergonomic: experience a relaxed row with the pivoting foot pedals, foam handlebars, and cushioned seat designed along with your consolation in mind.
  • footprint: the compact design of this rower permits you to without problems move your rower from room to room or into storage.
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textured non-slip foot pedals and foot straps will help hold footing at some stage in the most annoying and full of life workouts!

more padding and cushion to ensure right blood glide to the glutes for extended and energetic workouts.

the virtual monitor displays it slow, be counted, total matter, energy and experiment.

absolutely cushioned manage permits for a wider range of motion, providing you with a more extreme top body exercising.

3 reviews for Sunny health & fitness sf-rw1205 rowing machine rower with 12 degree adjustable resistance, virtual display and 220 lb max weight

  1. Smart Shopper

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I was so reluctant to buy this product because of its cheap price. I was thinking that it would be a poor quality useless product but i gave it a try as i didn’t have anything to lose. First off all the body is well made the metal bar seems thick enough and seems very sturdy. I am 5’9” and 195lbs and this machine was able to hold me on without any balance issue. Things I Like the Most About this Items Are: * Very cheap for the quality * The size as we have very small apartment. It fits in a closet when not being used. * 12 Resistance Settings. * Quick installation took only couple minutes to setup. * Light weight yet durable and stable while you are working on it. Things I Don’t Like that Much Are; * The computer: There is no reset button to remove the progress and time on the screen after work out you need to wait till it turns of so new user can start from zero on the meters. * The way it folds could be a lot better and more space saver if there was a easy detach mechanism from the hydraulic pump. With the permanent screw on the hydraulic pump and the handle bar is bound and it can only fold within the limit of the pump which takes lots of unnecessary space. * hydraulic resistance pump heats up pretty quick. At the end this was a great buy when you consider the money spent on. It provides lots of resistance level to workout with and very effective. I like the fact that it works very quite that i can workout on it while my baby sleeps next door. If you think this review was helpful, please don’t forget to vote. Seeing my reviews are helping other people motivates me to write better and detailed reviews. Read more

  2. Holly Holcomb

    I received the package today at 2:09 pm. I ripped it out of the box and was momentarily confused. On first glance it looked almost entirely assembled. After ripping open the plastic, I noticed it needed 3 things- handle bar, connecting the arm to the hydraulic and releasing the back bar. It was such a simple operation. There was no crazy fluff with the packaging so clean up was a breeze. I immediately hopped on and was impressed. I went slowly and did 5 minutes in my living room. I then moved it outside, it is SO light. I can carry one handed if I wanted to. It fits nicely in the space I set aside. The monitor is incredibly easy to use and to watch while working out. I noticed some other reviews that said it was complicated. I’m not sure why someone would feel that way, maybe they have updated it since previous reviews? Either way, I was pleasantly surprised and had no issues. Now, onto the machine’s resistance which seems to be a great debate among other reviewers… Once I moved it outside I adjusted the resistance level from 1 to 3 and did a full 15 minutes. I did experience some change in the resistance towards the end but I realized that I had shortened my strokes as I got faster. Once I corrected my form, the resistance was consistent. So to clarify, I did not experience a loss of resistance. However, how it stands up over time is still a debate. I did not go particularly fast but maintained a steady pace from beginning to end. Another point some reviewers brought up was size, I am 5’4 and 220 lbs. Yes, I’m fluffy lol I had no problems. The seat could use a bit more padding but once I moved forward a little I found the sweet spot. The one *potential* problem I’ve noticed is that the foot rests don’t seem to be very sturdy. At one point I had to adjust my feet because I noticed the fronts were slightly bending the plastic back. Maybe they are meant to have some give? I’m not sure. They felt as if they will be the first thing that needs to be replaced down the road. Highlights: Value- 5 Size- 5 Weight- 5 Packaging- 5 Assembly- 5 Stability- 4.5 Resistance- 5 Performance- 5 Conclusion: Is this a gym quality machine? Nope. Is it functional, practical and worth buying? Yes. This is not something I would recommend to an Olympian but for the average person looking to burn a few calories while watching TV, this is the way to go. Update as of 3/22/2020, When I wrote the first review, I weighed 220 lbs. I now weigh 154. I’m 14 lbs from my goal weight. The rower still works like a breeze. I use my treadmill and bike for heavy cardio but the rower is still a staple. It is amazing for cross training. The foot rests still haven’t broken, so that is a plus 😂 Still no loss in resistance. Now that I am in better shape, I notice that if I go fast, I can actually slide it across my floor with the momentum. I put it on .5 inch gym flooring and have had no issue since. My boyfriend who is 5’10, 180 lbs and a hardcore volleyball player is in love with this thing. According to him, it isn’t a true rower but works on his muscular imbalances caused by playing one sport. I’ve though about upgrading to a more advanced rower but who am I kidding? I’m not a professional and it still does what I purchased it for. No complaints. On a side note, I made significant lifestyle changes to accomplish my weight loss. When I first started and couldn’t walk more than 5 minutes at a time, this rower was a true challenge but I outgrew it about a month in and started regularly walking. I no longer use it every day, maybe 3-5 times a month for about 25-30 minutes. Read more

  3. Vince

    I want to start out by saying for the price, you aren’t going to beat this machine. I got mine for just shy of $80 and it’s definitely worth that. I’m 5’9″ and I weigh 165 pounds, I have a small apartment which was one of my reasons for getting this machine, along with the price. Personally, it’s just not enough for me as it’s resistance is reliant on a hydraulic piece that once it gets warm, is much too weak for me. My girlfriend is 5’2″ and less than 125 pounds, and it’s perfect for her. She doesn’t have to worry about slamming her knees, and even when it heats up she can put the resistance up to one of the higher settings and it works well for her. To explain the “warming up” of the hydraulic piece. As you are rowing, it gets warmer and warmer, and the warmer it gets the less resistance you’ll have. So after 5 minutes it gets pretty easy, and after 10 minutes you are basically just doing the motions without much resistance. Personally, I wish I ordered a different machine (and wish I kept everything because I would return it). If you are 5″7′ or shorter, and if you weigh less than 150 pounds, this might be the perfect apartment-sized rowing machine for you. Read more

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