Sunny health & health 33lb chrome dumbbell set w/ deliver case – no. 014

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  • knurling grip: pass-hatch textured handlebar gives a at ease, slip resistant surface so you can stay focused to your arm workout. Even as curling, the solid steel collars and handle promote most grip.
  • adjustable energy education: heavy-responsibility strong, metallic cogs securely lock within the adjustable plates. The solid metallic handlebar weighs 2. Seventy five pounds. Cogs weigh in at 0. 55 kilos
  • electricity schooling: perform a wide kind of workout by means of incorporating strength education or accentuate your lunges or squats the use of the dumbbells. Suitable for in-home training.
  • plastic case: revel in health on the go along with the convenient dense molded plastic case so you can effortlessly delivery your unfastened weights.
  • smooth meeting: detaching and reattaching weights is easy. The outside collars lock inside the weights for delivered safety.

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no. 014 – chrome dumbbell set w/ bring case

for over 18 years, sunny fitness and fitness has helped our customers reap their precise health desires.

we take brilliant satisfaction in our excessive nice health and fitness merchandise carrying only the best exercise device to make sure performance while you figure out.

sunny fitness and health’ dedication to your fitness achievement continues us prompted to preserve to offer products that help you come to be better.

sunny health and fitness 33 lb chrome dumbbell set w/ convey case – no. 014

the sunny fitness & health 33 lbs dumbbell chrome unfastened weights permit for complete range movement that fully energy trains every individual muscle. Due to the total movement control of the sunny fitness & health 33 lbs dumbbell chrome set, you could growth the power of purposeful regular actions, train particular game movements, and easily toughen large muscle corporations.

  • adjustable dumbbell set consists of: (eight) 2. 5 lb. Weight plates and (4) 1. 25 lb. Weight plates
  • lets in you to absolutely personalize your exercising
  • go-hatch, textured grip and strong steel handlebars make sure maximum grip
  • heavy-duty solid metallic cogs securely lock in the adjustable plates
  • strong metal handlebars weigh in at 2. Seventy five lbs. And the strong steel cogs every weigh in at zero. 55 lbs
  • experience health at the go along with the convenient dense molded plastic case so that you can without difficulty delivery your loose weights. ** please note: colour of deliver case may additionally vary **

    detaching and reattaching weights is easy. The outside collars lock inside the weights for delivered safety.

    heavy-obligation stable, metal cogs securely lock inside the adjustable plates. The out of doors collars lock within the weights for added safety.

    perform a wide kind of workout with the aid of incorporating energy training or accentuate your lunges or squats using the dumbbells. Suitable for in-domestic schooling.

    product description

    educate like a champion with the no. 014 chrome dumbbell set by sunny health & fitness. Strength education is absolutely doable with this versatile and multifunctional adjustable dumbbell set. The 33 lb chrome dumbbell set comes whole with (1) bring case, (eight) – 2. 5 lb weight plates, (four) – 1. 25 lb weight plates, (four) famous person lock collars, and (2) barbells allowing you to absolutely customise your workout. Multi weight variety options cater for your fitness stage while the adjustable plates sell a sluggish energy education regimen.

    5 reviews for Sunny health & health 33lb chrome dumbbell set w/ deliver case – no. 014

    1. PKS

      Well, I guess I should have known. The price was just too good to be true. The packaging and delivery were fine. No damage. Contents was secured well. No issues there. However, upon inspection, there were metal flakes and splinters present around the bars. Additionally, the “chrome” is simply paint which was already peeling off the threads. See photos. Very poor manufacturing standards. Immediately re-packed and returned. Read more

    2. Kimberly Smith

      These were the first set of weights I was able to get ahold of during the pandemic. I was late to the workout game but started in May. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find some dumbbells until I started looking. I found these at the beginning of June and ordered them. They arrived pretty quickly. The set is very pretty if that’s a thing. The case is garbage like others have mentioned. I got the delivery and I’m actually surprised I got the set in one piece because the box was falling apart and the weights were coming out. The pros: -since Dumbbells are hard to find and no longer reasonably priced I think this set gives you varied weight for your money. -They are a very good looking set of weights. -There is a “storage case” so they don’t take up too much space. -My set was well machined so I didn’t get metal flakes or anything. The cons: -the “storage case” will likely come broken. I wouldn’t use this to travel with, only to store them. The case is incredibly flimsy for holding 33 lbs of metal. -The combinations you can create are a little strange. Instead of 5lbs and 10lbs you’re probably getting combinations like 6lbs, 11lbs, 13lbs, or 16ish lbs. Not a big deal breaker for me though. -The quality is not awful but I wouldn’t throw these weights down after completing a set. I do tighten them and even so the plates will jiggle slightly by the end of my workout. So I’ve been careful in how I place them down after a set. -They are not as comfortable as neoprene weights. Also because they are round they will roll on a hard surface. I don’t do a ton of lifting but if you’re doing a long workout the bar is not that comfortable and you may want to use gloves. For me I don’t use them enough to invest in gloves but something to consider. Overall I’m not disappointed with this purchase. I was able to find some neoprene weights right after I bought this set but I’m going to hold on to it because I don’t have weights larger than 12lbs. I would recommend this for someone looking for some weights that aren’t too heavy but not too light. Read more

    3. Andy

      I’ve owned and heavily used a set of these for a while now, and I can honestly say that these are a nice, solid option if you don’t have either the space or the money to buy a full set of dumbbells at the different weights. The great thing about it is that you can also purchase additional weight plates as you need them…I’ve purchased several 5 lb and 10 lb plates to use with these to modify the amount of weights as need be depending on the exercise I am using it for. That being said, what other reviewers have said about the case being crap is true. I store mine with the plates on them, and additional plates elsewhere…I really don’t think the quality of the case should be a factor in getting these or not, because the functionality is what matters most, and these are functional. And for me personally, if I have to travel, I don’t find carrying this much weight to be a practical option, I’m much more likely to train with a body weight routine or bring a single kettlebell for those occasions. So I marked these down because like Sunny Health’s barbell, the metal nut piece that keeps the weight plates on loosens up and has to be periodically tightened down, and it also makes them slightly more time consuming to change out weight plates on. I think that’s something that can definitely be worked around, but it would make moves like the renegade row particularly not safe with these dumbbells. Actually, if you’ve got your heart set on doing that move a whole lot, I’d recommend hex dumbbells personally, but that may just be my take on it, because they have flat sides that won’t roll on you, because regardless of what the nuts do on these things, they’re very round, very smooth, and they’re going to roll, even on carpet, which I think increases your risk of injury with that particular move. Otherwise, these are very functional for a full range of strength training moves. Read more

    4. devilangel

      I love these. They are so beautiful they make me want to work out and I have not had any problems with metal flakes. I was very nervous about buying them and almost didn’t because of what a previous reviewer said about metal flakes, because years ago my boyfriend was making a ninja sword in the garage and somehow I ended up with a tiny metal shaving from that in my eye, I couldn’t get it out no matter what I did so had to go to the emergency room to have it removed, to make sure I didn’t lose my sight or something. Not fun. But I rarely have problems with purchases on Amazon, plus they have such a great return policy that I decided to take a chance.. and I’m so glad I did because they arrived in perfect condition.. no metal shavings, no broken case. Sounds like the company just needs better quality control to make sure the few rare problems don’t slip through the cracks. I also wish they sold heavier weights and sets. But these work great combined with other ones I had. Read more

    5. M

      These are a great set of weights but I’m giving them 3 stars because you can’t get to a standard weight because of how much the bars and locks weigh. For example, putting (2) 2.5 pound discs on the bar should yield a roughly 7/7.5 pound weight based on what they say the bars and locks weigh. But it makes an 8.8 pound weight. I bought these to help move to the next level in my strength training but the jump from 5lb to 8.8lb led to pulled muscles. So if you’re a beginner, these are not for you. But if you are experienced/advanced with strength training, then this is an excellent set of weights that look nice, too. Read more

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