Sunny health & health foam plyo box with adjustable heights and high weight ability

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  • make sure this fits via coming into your model wide variety.
  • three-in-1 plyo field: plyo container can be moved to support three unique heights; 30″,24″ or 20″ inches allowing you to add versatility & improve conditioning capacities of athletes involved in sports
  • heavy duty frame: enhance pressure as you leap on and rancid the robust wood plyo field supporting 500 lbs. The timber frame is designed with a difficult outside constructed for excessive depth c program languageperiod training.
  • removable foam cover: the plyometric bounce field comes with a removable vinyl blanketed 1-inch foam padding cowl. The tear-resistant cowl can be reattached the usage of the handy velcro.
  • flexible: extensively growth top and decrease extremity anaerobic capacity via a versatility of squat jumps, push-ups, dips and extra!
  • overall performance training: improve bodily health thru vertical jumps, agility physical activities & plyometric drills. Unilateral and bilateral soar drills can assist set off big performance upgrades.
  • upkeep: cleaning is brief and easy. Truly wipe away moisture and use soap and water to clean.
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no. 084 – wooden plyo container with removable cover

for over 18 years, sunny health and health has helped our customers achieve their precise fitness desires.

we take amazing pleasure in our high pleasant health and health merchandise sporting only the finest workout gadget to make sure efficiency even as you work out.

sunny fitness and fitness’ dedication for your fitness fulfillment maintains us influenced to hold to offer products that help you emerge as better.

sunny fitness & fitness no. 084 wood plyo container with detachable foam cover

plyometric exercising is a completely famous shape of physical conditioning for those looking to combine electricity and persistence education. Regulate to a few extraordinary heights; 30”, 24”, or 20-inches for a versatile and hard plyometric training session. The plyometric leap container comes with a detachable, tear-resistant vinyl cowl with 1-inch foam padding and velcro lining along the rims for clean removal . Padded 1″ foam positioned within the padding gives you the choice for additonal help in the course of jumps.

  • plyometric physical games require your legs and center muscle tissues to settlement quick assisting generate maximum force with every bounce
  • every facet can be changed from 30”, 24”, and 20-inch peak for a versatile and difficult plyometric training session
  • padded one-inch foam positioned inside the padding offers you the option for added guide all through jumps
  • wood body is designed with a difficult outside constructed for excessive intensity interval training
  • heavy-obligation wood plyometric box helps as much as 500 lbs max weight
  • enhance physical fitness thru vertical jumps, agility physical activities and plyometric drills
  • the plyo wood field measures at 30l x 24w x 20h at the same time as weighting an outstanding seventy four lbs
  • detachable tear-resistant cover may be reattached the usage of the convenient velcro along the edges of the complete protecting. The tight grip velcro provides a cozy preserve to undergo the hardest exercises.

    the plyometric bounce container comes with a removable vinyl included 1-inch foam padding cowl. Without problems do away with the protecting off the wood soar field as needed.

    deliver handles for portability. The plyo wooden container measures at 30l x 24w x 20h at the same time as weighing an great 74 lbs and helping as much as 500 lb. Weight potential.

    three peak tiers let you alternate habitual which helps enhance aggressive performance and prepares your body for distinct sports.

    product description

    combining protection, versatility, and space-saving efficiency, sunny health & fitness 3 in 1 foam plyo container adjusts to a few special schooling heights with a simple flip of the container. Plyo container jumps are very disturbing on the metabolic system, making them a first-rate exercise to contain for your education. Constructed of high-density foam or wood and protected in heavy-gauge vinyl for introduced consumer safety.


    28" Max – Foam, 30" Max – Foam, 30" Max – Wood

    7 reviews for Sunny health & health foam plyo box with adjustable heights and high weight ability

    1. Mike

      So far so good, but when used on the taller sides, I realized that the foam block inside is not one solid piece. There are two separate pieces of foam stacked on top of each other and they don’t seem to be glued together, so they sometimes compress or shift unevenly. This makes it a bit unstable if you land with too much forward momentum. When used on the shortest side (as in the product picture with “Sunny” facing you, written horizontally across the front of the box, the top piece of foam will sometimes shift/slide a few inches forward while the bottom stays in place. This causes the box to tip forward. When the box is flipped on its side for a higher jump, if you land toward the front half of the box, the piece of foam on that side compresses more than the foam on the near side, which causes the box to tip. I’ve had to bail out and quickly jump off the front of the box a couple of times, so I definitely suggest gibing yourself plenty of space around the box when you use it. **Also – if you want, you can think of this as a feature. It has really caused me to concentrate on jumping with more force up than forward so that most of my momentum is coming straight down when I land. It makes me really focus on sticking the landing and using my muscles to balance as soon as my feet hit the box. Again – just make sure you have space around you in case you need to bail out and quickly jump to the floor. And try not to use it on concrete in case you need to fall completely. For the price though (compared to other boxes), it’s definitely still a great deal, so it gets 4 stars. Read more

    2. Kiki

      First, the effort is appreciated. However those who may be used to a gym standard version such as one at 24 Hour Fitness – in terms of foam quality – this may not do. As another reviewer mentioned, it appears to be two foam pieces inside which makes it ununiform or pieces can slide – didn’t affect my jumps though in my case. I only used the lowest height – sitting on the side with the most surface area. It gets the job done, but for long-term high-quality use, you may want to go elsewhere if you’re used to better quality. Thanks again to the makers for the effort, I’m sure this can fit the needs of many. I’d appreciate if they could make a better quality version with a higher cost, but still target a budget buyer to the extent possible. Thanks! Edit: so I have used this 3 times. My usage is high in that I do 10 straight minutes of box jumps on the lowest setting (Sunny logo on it reads normally that way). First time was a bit out of shape or hadn’t done the routine in a while. It fits its function but has a very basic design flaw: It’s made of two foam pieces, the top being about 3 or 3.5 inches tall. This piece easily shifts over approximately 1 inch, so the upper foam piece is offset. I’m at the lowest default height. I’ve emailed the company. This is really basic, the box should remain uniform. I noticed it the first time I used it. I might keep it because the landing is soft which is the point. But a clean straight box edge for a good landing spot que, this jump box does not provide. I just jump a bit forward to make up for that. It’s possible I might keep it cause of price point. If it costs more $ to make it better, I think consumers would be wiliing to pay a bit more for a box that stays uniform. But really we shouldn’t be having to ask for that. So a basic design flaw and plan to see what they say Read more

    3. Levyfilms LLC

      Thought it was perfect at first but then the internal blocks of foam began to come apart rendering it unstable and virtually unusable unless you pull it apart and re-glue it somehow. The weights fall out. It was filthy and poorly put together upon inspection of the insides. Once you examine beneath the vinyl zip cover, it appears to have been assembled in primitive, haphazard fashion. Th weights fell out from between the foam blocks and were filthy, full of dirt and smelled noxious. If I could send it back, I would. Read more

    4. Tuzeman

      I bought this about a year ago and loved it at first. Unfortunately, as time has gone by, it has become increasingly unstable to the point where I really can’t safely use the highest setting. I used to belong to a crossfire gym and never had this problem before, but clearly, the internal weights have shifted….I’m pretty disappointed. Read more

    5. leec

      I’m a beginner box jumper here. Initially I was hesitant to spend this much money on just “a box to jump on” when I’m perfectly capable of building or buying a wooden one for a fraction of the cost. But, as I’ve practiced there have been multiple times I’ve missed the jump and came down full force on the edge with my shin. With this box I just shrug it off and go again, I don’t even want to think what that would feel like on a solid wooden box. Quality seems good. I could see it being a little unstable on the 30 inch side so I may have to figure out a way to brace it when the time comes. Read more

    6. keith d

      I love this piece. I use it primarily for box squats with both a bar or bells, due to some really bad knee issues. The 20” side is great for controlling the bottom of the squat. The 24” side is great for Teaching beginners the fundamentals of the squat. Also use the 31” side to train clients for explosive jumps. They could have done without the foam covering, which I never use. After a year of heavy duty use, it’s holding up better than I expected. Good piece to add to your home gym. Good value. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      I’m 5’2″ and 110#…the box was stable enough for me to use maybe twice a month for Crossfit WODs. There are no details regarding the maximum weight allowed for this foam box. Here it is one year later, the covering is buckled, loose, and it feels like there are 3 foam pieces inside, they are shifting- no longer stable. Would like to return it but there is no info regarding that either. Read more

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