Supermats heavy responsibility device mat 13gs made in united statesa. For indoor cycles recumbent bikes upright exercise motorcycles and steppers (2. 5 feet x five ft) (30-inch x 60-inch) (76. 2 cm x 152. Four cm) , black

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  • defensive floor mat: first rate-difficult, long lasting mat allows shield your flooring and carpets from the dangerous outcomes of heavy exercising gadget and particles from mechanical parts
  • cushions workout device from immoderate wear: prolongs the existence of your device through supporting prevent ground and carpet dust from getting into belts and mechanical parts
  • fits indoor cycle and stepper units: the supermats stepmant / bikemat is best for indoor cycles, steppers, exercise bikes, step-aerobics, or simply popular workout stretching – mat measures 30″ x 60″
  • dampens vibration: helps save you immoderate put on and tear to system and muffles device noises so own family and pals are not disturbed
  • made in usaa.: made in u. S. A. The usage of united statesa. Sourced uncooked materials. No harmful chemical compounds or heavy metals. Secure for kids and pets
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supermats heavy obligation system mat 13gs

bikemat is best for workout motorcycles, steppers, step aerobics or stretching. Manufactured from high-quality-tough, odor-unfastened, p. C fabric, bikemat has a non-slip surface that is good and handy for any area.

  • protects your flooring and carpets from the harmful effects of heavy exercising equipment and debris from mechanical components
  • prolongs the existence of your equipment by way of helping prevent ground and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical components
  • dampens vibrations and muffles noises so family and friends aren’t disturbed
  • cleans easily with damp cloth
  • product description

    the supermats equipment mat is the best answer on your workout system needs. This mat is manufactured in the united states of americaa. Within the supermats business enterprise owned manufacturing unit, the usage of u. S. A. Sourced substances. Supermats are made without a dangerous chemical substances or materials, and are secure for use round kids and pets. Supermats offers the ideal answer to use with treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent motorcycles, rowers, steppers, upright and desk bound bikes, and other cardio workout units. Those mats additionally paintings nicely as exercise mats for floor exercising. The heavy responsibility, long lasting vinyl composite construction will shield your equipment investment from dust, extra vibration, hose down noise, and could help expand the existence of your equipment, even as protective your flooring from damage.



    8 reviews for Supermats heavy responsibility device mat 13gs made in united statesa. For indoor cycles recumbent bikes upright exercise motorcycles and steppers (2. 5 feet x five ft) (30-inch x 60-inch) (76. 2 cm x 152. Four cm) , black

    1. Erik Weitz

      While the product did a nice job covering the floor, as soon as we wanted to move our exercise equipment and picked up the mat we found that it left a horrendous, ruinous mess on the wood floor underneath (see picture for just one corner of the damage). This black residue had to be scraped off inch by inch, which took hours. Then it still left a sticky residue which had to be removed by several different cleaning chemicals. We live in a cool northern climate, so it wasn’t as if this “melted” to the floor due to heat. It basically stuck to the floor everywhere, even where there wasn’t direct pressure applied to the mat. Awful product which cost me a lot of time and money and did –damage– to my home. Not worth it – or if you must, put something beneath it (but a protective mat for your protective mat doesn’t make too much sense, does it?). Read more

    2. luis a maduro

      This is definitely not worth the money. I bought this product exactly 3 months and 7days ago and it is already breaking apart. I use it only for working out. One type of workout I use it for consists on putting my bike roller on it and start biking (see pictures). When I use it like this, the bike roller does not move – it is a static workout. So there is not a extreme stress or strain on the mat by the roller. Another way I use it is to do abs in which case, I simply lay it on the ground and I lay on top of it and do the abs workouts. These are literally the only two ways I use this mat. So to be advertised as a heavy Duty product is unfair with the buyers. I have never gotten it soaking wet, only a few dozens drops of sweat sometimes but never more than that. It is not like I bought it to use it in the kitchen of a restaurant where the actual heavy duty mats are exposed to all types of materials (water, oil, grease, etc) and strains. Therefore, I decided to take the time to write a solid review and let people know that this is not a product worth buying from this company. You will be wasting your money. I do not know what company to recommend for this types of products because this is the first time I buy something like this. If you appreciate my review and know of a good company to buy mats from, I would appreciate if you post it here. Thanks in advance. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      Stuck to the floor without any equipment on it yet. Read more

    4. I. A. Levy

      Used it under my Peloton bike. Nice quality and the perfect size. Read more

    5. LRRE

      This is a decent pad for gym equipment. It was part of the suggested purchases with my Sunny Health and Fitness spinning bike. I have it on a hard floor and it provides just the right amount of cushioning without the bike being unstable. I would say it is more cushioning on average that the other mats I have and have seen. It arrived on time and unrolled and stayed flat which i appreciated because i was really eager to try out the new bike! Read more

    6. Kitty Kat

      We bought this mat for our Peloton bike (please, research this bike; it’s amazing!). I wanted something to help protect our wood floors and provide stability for the bike, while not costing an arm and a leg. This solved all my problems. At just shy of $30, this product was a welcome addition to our home gym (and by gym, I mean corner of our bedroom…). It looks nice, seems to be well-made, and does all the things I wanted it to do. My bike fits perfectly on this, with room all around the sides, so I’m less worried about damaging our floors every time I get off the bike with my cleats on. Overall, I think this would fit most at-home stationary bikes, and I think this will do a good job for quite a while. Hopefully a very long time! Read more

    7. P120D1GY

      Bowflex tries to sell a slightly smaller mat for $99 on their website. This may does the job perfectly. I use this on carpet. Read more

    8. Moriah Polach

      I use this mat for my floor exercises. I needed something more heavy duty than a foam yoga mat that tore when I did moves like mountain climbers due to my tennis shoes pulling the material apart. This mat is super easy to roll back up and stick back in the perfect-size box it came in, and it holds up to the stress I put it through. I am about 5′ 1′ and ideally I’d like if it were about 6 inches longer because in a plank position my hands and toes just fit cozily on the surface. Some moves I have to watch so my toe doesn’t end up off the mat. But I would buy this mat again for the same use. Love it! Read more

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