T series 7. 5s treadmill

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  • make certain this fits
  • via coming into your model quantity.
  • bring home interactive non-public schooling powered through ifit; 12-month ifit family membership protected; create up to 5 individual exercise profiles; get admission to stay, studio, and worldwide workouts ($396 value)
  • immersive 7-inch interactive hd touchscreen streams on-demand ifit workout routines without delay for your system and provides easy stats tracking; flexselect cushioning and an autobreeze treadmill fan
  • experience reduced motor noise and self-cooling generation with a effective durx industrial plus motor best for walking, jogging, and taking walks in the consolation of your house
  • 12% automatic incline matching generation, 12 mph clever velocity adjustment; spacious 20” x 60” tread belt; folding spacesaver design for compact storage
  • 300 lb. Consumer capability; protected with the aid of a 10-12 months frame assurance, 2-year components warranty, and 1-year hard work warranty; fifty nine. Five” h x 35. 5” w x 78. Nine” l

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  • what’s the weight ability?
  • what’s the weight capacity?

  • how extensive is the running belt and is it cushioned?
  • how huge is the strolling belt and is it cushioned?

  • i have stability issues. Are the side handles lengthy sufficient to maintain while taking walks?
  • i have balance troubles. Are the aspect handles lengthy sufficient to maintain even as strolling?

  • will the treadmill sync with you smartphone thru bluetooth for the ifit app?
  • handiest the underpowered t6. 5 s version can sync telephone or tablet ifit app with treadmill. Others like t7. Five s does no longer assist ipad or android, it has its own 7″ or 10″ (t8. 5s) console. But you may run the ifit app to your ipad without pairing with the treadmill. I run both ifit packages the built in console 7″, and my ipad 10″ at the identical time to get a higher viewing experience
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    5 reviews for T series 7. 5s treadmill

    1. Stacey Brewer

      The machine is great and delivery and set up went very smoothly. HOWEVER, the claim of a free 1-year iFit membership is FALSE! After getting the run around from NordicTrack and iFit, I called Amazon Support. Here’s the deal: the CUSTOMER PAYS UPFRONT FOR THE ONE YEAR IFIT MEMBERSHIP AND THEN SUPPOSEDLY CAN CANCEL A YEAR LATER AND GET THEIR MONEY BACK! To me, that’s a $396 gamble. NO THANKS!!Read more

    2. Julie D.

      SIMPLY PUT – THIS IS A FANTASTIC MACHINE! I’m an avid runner… who has run on many treadmills over the years, and this machine is awesome. It has all the features and feel of a gym machine just not as bulky or expensive. It’s got a lot of bells and whistles, some of which we are still discovering but probably our favorite are the touch screen display and the bluetooth. Also, it’s nice to have a built in speaker and THE FAN! …. This will be GOLD in the summer! Our last treadmill didn’t have this and we had to have a ghetto fan rigged up to the machine.We have a pretty small workout space in our garage where this will live and it fits nicely there and can be more compact using the nice hydraulic fold option. Even our 8 year old daughter can lower and raise the machine by herself. Our whole family is really pleased with this treadmill.A word about delivery and set-up. Because it’s an oversized product, it’s not handled by regular amazon delivery. I am always a little leery about the reliability of getting assigned a delivery window, but I will say delivery was prompt and the treadmill arrived within the delivery window as promised. I was not prepared for the size- the box was HUGE! It is a treadmill though so it makes sense. Ha! We chose to assemble ourselves which was a job I passed off to my husband. Self assembly is doable. My husband said the instructions were extremely detailed and there was no problem with assembly as long as you read and follow each step. You’d better give yourself a few hours for set up and an assistant to help hold pieces in place, etc.I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this treadmill. So far, it’s a great machine!Read more

    3. Joseph B Urchak

      As for the treadmill itself:- Assembly was strait-forward (took a little over 3 hours)- Roomy- I enjoy the small features like fan and blue-tooth/headphone jack- Seems solid, I’m 6’/225lbs and don’t feel like it’s being battered when I run on it.Now for the bad. IFit is – for lack of a better term – a money-grabbing joke. They needed to figure out how to move a one-time purchase into a ‘subscription model’ profit generator and this is what they came up with…although all the adverts I get for ‘extended warranties’ are coming in a close second.Highlights (or is it lowlights?)- Free year isn’t really ‘free’ you have to give them a credit card and hope they don’t charge you. Even if you don’t do this, you still need to make a login to login to your treadmill. Luckily, they don’t verify so Farts McKenzie is the actual owner of my treadmill.- The benefits of the program (pre-programmed workouts) have been available on workout equipment since the late 90’s and didn’t require a $400 dollar-a-year investment.- The other benefit (hey it looks like I”m running through mountains!) falls flat when you are staring at an 8” tablet screen.I like having a treadmill in my home as I don’t have the time to get to a gym. But for spending over a grand I should be able to program a workout, or deal with a small list or preprogrammed workouts. As it is I have to constantly adjust the speed/incline on the fly as I need to.iFit is a transparent money grab and needs to be put in the garbage. I will not invest in another treadmill with this garbage, I’ll suck it up, get a gym membership and make the time to get there. It’d still probably cost under $400 a year.Read more

    4. Music Matt

      IFit freezes and crashes constantly – makes it incredibly frustrating to complete a work out. I would Not recommend this product.Read more

    5. BookBlogger

      I ordered this treadmill a few weeks ago and it was delivered last week. I paid $20 extra to have Amazon delivery (subcontracted) move it to the room of my choice which was the best $20 I have ever spent. Why? This thing is sturdy and not the short average online order treadmill. This is full length gym size. Not sure what the description review says but it weighed about 250 pounds and was in a 7 foot box.I assembled it in about 2 hours (should have been one but I was distracted by Game of Thrones re-runs). There were some steps that were a bit hard to see on the instructions but in general it was not tough at all. Early feedback:- The treadmill is sturdy, doesnt bounce around and fairly quiet for a treadmill- The handles and design are good and well made- The screen is a tad small but works fine- The iFit login is a bit annoying every time but maybe I can figure out how to bypass that- The incline and acceleration buttons and features are easy to use and slick- Love the built in fan and bluetooth- Some of the plastic molding is a bit wonky to snap into place as you build it so if it doesnt look right just keep at it, they eventually will pop into placeAll in all we are really happy with this. The alternative was a $3500 gym treadmill and I think we made a great purchase. Will amend if something pops off tonight, besides my knee.Read more

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