Tandem sport set ceremony, volleyball placing technique schooling aid, prevents immoderate hand touch (2 straps)

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  • ensure this fits
  • with the aid of entering your version number.
  • use the set rite to train or study right putting approach by way of putting off too much hand touch
  • each strap is adjustable and consists of plastic knob that rests firmly on palm to reinforce proper hand placement on ball at the same time as placing
  • ideal tool while working towards approach, drills, and performance
  • includes bands
  • can be used by solo athletes, coaches, and groups of all levels and a long time

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8 reviews for Tandem sport set ceremony, volleyball placing technique schooling aid, prevents immoderate hand touch (2 straps)

  1. snb7485

    Not sure how I feel about these. The ball is super small, so it still almost feels like your slapping the ball with your full palm vs only using your fingertips. I saw a different brand that seems to be made a bit better. I’ll probably give them a try and see if I like them better.Read more

  2. Jennifer Larmann

    I’ve seen a huge improvement in my setter’s hands in just a 2 week time period. Their hands are much softer during games. The other girls on my jr high team also ask to wear them since they have seen the other girl’s improvements.Read more

  3. C. Jimenez

    My daughter set a goal of being the starting setter next year and has been working in the off season to make that happen. Yes, she plays on a travel team but she works out by herself for about an hour a day with the Tamdem Sports training aids. The Set Rite has really helped her to improve on her form and technique and even the coach has given her positive feedback. She has been using this for a couple months now and other than the “stiffness” of the training aid when it was new and now is broken in it has shown no real wear and tear. I suggest adding this to your volleyball arsenal and use it alone or as part of a team practice.Read more

  4. Janie O.

    I think these would be good for beginner setters. My daughter tried them and they do work for keeping the hands in proper form ,but as a club player, they didn’t really do much for my daughter.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Very much for a beginner player; not ideal for an intermediate player just needing some from reinforcement.Read more

  6. Y. Wood

    Granddaughter loves this for solo practice. She says it works great. No chasing the ballRead more

  7. Mom of Two

    Very helpful tool. I’m a coach and a mom, I use it at practice and at home.Read more

  8. Charles Boldine

    It helped my granddaughter to become her teams main setter.Read more

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