The step original cardio risers – gymnasium size

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  • ensure this suits by way of entering your model variety.
  • two authentic black aerobic risers for use with the step cardio platform – fitness center length simplest
  • 4 nonskid ft on each riser prevent platform from sliding or shifting throughout exercising
  • made in the america from long lasting, recyclable excessive-density polyethylene
  • intensify workout trouble by growing platform height by using 2” with additional risers
  • each riser measures sixteen” l x 16” w x 2” h – like minded with 40” l x 14” w x 4” h gym platform best
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cross higher with the step. Additional authentic aerobic risers will let you intensify your exercise by way of growing the peak of your gymnasium size platform through an extra two inches, so you can burn greater energy. Every red riser is made with four nonskid ft to save you the platform from sliding or shifting during workout. The sixteen” l x sixteen” w x 2” h risers can be used on any kind of indoor floors from carpet to concrete to hardwood with out leaving at the back of scratches. The step is extremely good home-health tool for beginners to professionals and is customizable for a selection of aerobic and electricity physical activities. Made within the u. S., the risers are crafted from durable, recyclable high-density polyethylene that helps up to 500 lbs below a platform. This product is backed by way of a ninety-day producer’s warranty length.



8 reviews for The step original cardio risers – gymnasium size

  1. LimyCrescent61

    I’m so relieved that these risers fit my step! I was worried that they wouldn’t because the product description says “compatible with 40” L x 14” W x 4” H Health Club Platform ONLY.” My step is a The Step brand original health club step, but it measures differently: 43” L x 16” W x 4” H. I tried ordering a cheaper, off-brand that claimed the risers would fit a step with my step’s measurements, but they did not–the step wobbled quite a bit. So I took a chance and ordered these. These fit perfectly! The step is rock solid on these risers. And the box says they are made in the USA–bonus! I think the manufacturer should update the measurements in the product description. I’m probably not the only one who worried that these risers wouldn’t fit my step. Read more

  2. Tracy

    These black risers fit my old original Step perfectly. You can’t tell them from the others besides their color. Sturdy. Happy with my purchase. Read more

  3. Joanna V.

    Because I care for my parents, I had to give up going to the gym. But I’ll be damned if I’ll give up my fitness and the peace of mind that comes from being in better shape. I love Les Mills “Body Pump” classes at the gym so I got it streaming on line and bought some weights, this set of risers and the bench that goes with them and now I can lift whenever I have free time. The risers and bench are the exact ones the gym uses. Read more

  4. Purple Griffon

    For years we had one of the original steps in black and grey – but they only come with 4 risers and after using those for 6 weeks realized I need more height. So I looked on Amazon and not only do they have the grey but they have purple as well. And who could resist purple? (It my fav colour)! These are identical to the original grey and are a nice contrast when the two are mixed together. Even with the step supported by five of these its stable so do not be concerned about that. I was a bit, but it was unfounded. These measure 16″ on a side and each riser increases the height by 2″. You can use these as an aerobic step, to provide a bench/chair to use for weight lifting – and they look nice enough you could put it one side of the room and use as a bench to sit on! Read more

  5. Katarina7405

    I have “The Step” with 2 risers, same as what’s in the gym for step classes. My steps are gray, but these blend in and work good for my purpose. The lengths are the same on all four sides as the other original risers that came with my unit – however, they are not as high and thick in construction as my other step. It’s incorrect that this is the same thing as on original step. There are slight differences in the two, if you can tell from my picture. Read more

  6. AmyLynn

    These are exactly what you’d expect. A trainer at the gym had me use a step with 5-6 risers and I figured I’d get some more for my home setup as well. Also gives me a makeshift bench for doing chest presses, chest flys, dips, and whatnot. I use 5 sets of risers at home and it’s very stable (with proper placement and the usual caution/common sense, of course). Read more

  7. NikInCa

    A relative had a step in their garage that was at least 10 years old, but it didn’t have risers. Luckily, these fit perfectly. It’s one of the standard steps like you see at the gym–teal green color plastic with a ridged, black top. THe step has been valuable for both cardio and use as a quasi-weight bench during quarantine. Read more

  8. Alexander B Grant

    These are identical to the risers that come with the Amazon Basics model. Good construction. No complaints. Read more

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