The step stackable cardio exercise platform with non-slip floor and non-skid ft

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  • make sure this suits
  • with the aid of getting into your version variety.
  • made within the u. S. From long lasting, recyclable excessive-density polyethylene
  • consists of stackable step (22″ l x 12″ w x 4″ h) gray cardio platform
  • platform functions nonslip, textured surface for delivered protection
  • eight nonskid toes save you platform from sliding or scratching floors
  • capabilities a resistance band notch, which properly holds the band in place
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  • does this only include one step for $20
  • yes, just the step itself. I failed to buy it for it is aerobic “charms”, i bought it to use as a step up into and out of my tub, due to the fact my bath is better than most and it really works perfectly for that, and genuinely less high-priced than some different merchandise which are sold to advantage the protection of seniors, and this works as nicely or better. See much less

  • i want a 6″ & four” stackable with every other for 10″. Will the 2 work with every different? Description sizes were conflicting.
  • i need a 6″ & four” stackable with every different for 10″. Will the 2 paintings with each other? Description sizes have been conflicting.

  • do the general public use just one 6 inch step, two 6 inch steps or one 6 inch step & a four inch step? One 6 inch step would not appear like enough.
  • do most of the people use just one 6 inch step, two 6 inch steps or one 6 inch step & a 4 inch step? One 6 inch step doesn’t appear to be sufficient.

  • the scale indexed are 22×12, is that this correct??
  • the dimensions indexed are 22×12, is that this accurate??


    4 Inch, 6 inch

    8 reviews for The step stackable cardio exercise platform with non-slip floor and non-skid ft

    1. Rhapsody

      Would work great as a stepper in home. My purchase was for my mother (90 y/o) to bed able to easily step into her bathtub shower combo. Since having both knees done, and advancing age. She’s lost some flexibility in bein able to bend her knees enough to get in the shower. She doesn’t have any problems with steps, so I figured getting her a step would make it easier on her to crest the edge of the tub. It works magnificently. We put a small bath rug on it so when she gets out, she’s not stepping onto the plastic.Can also be used as a stepper and off set for doing elevated lunges. Made of quality materials, not to heavy about 6-10 lbs. So it’s easy to be picked up and moved around. Wide platform area, so you don’t feel like your stepping on a plank.Read more

    2. Vicki G

      I’m an older woman and my bed is just a touch too high and difficult to get into especially now that I have had to have knee replacement. I bought this to use as a step up and it is perfect, I love it.. it is better than a step stool in that it had a larger surface area allowing me to turn around and when I sit I don’t slide off my bed like before. I feel so much more secure now…Read more

    3. spikedearheart

      I love this step. I don’t use it for aerobics I use it as a step to reach items in my kitchen. I like how wide and sturdy it is. It’s light weight and easy to slide from location to location in my kitchen. I prefer this to higher narrower step stools as I can use this to prep a whole meal and keep the counter height appropriate to my body. At 5″ I need a few more inches to feel comfortable working at standard counter height. This is perfect. I recommend for use at any non adjustable work stations.Read more

    4. mlo

      Exactly as described. The steps are sturdy, right size, and stackable as I needed. Plus, I was delighted to receive a product made in the USA via Amazon. Plan to purchase more in the near future. I recommend this product and seller. Well packed and well shipped. Go USA!Read more

    5. SandyT, In God We Trust

      I love this step! I was looking for something to make it easier and safer to get out of my bathtub, which is higher than most tubs. The only thing I could think of that would be inexpensive (anything classified as a “medical device” seems to be much more expensive) was an aerobic step. It is just the right size and very sturdy. Actually, it makes getting IN and OUT of the tub much easier. I may get another one to put at the side of my bed, since the bed is rather high, too, with the thicker mattresses.Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      I like these very well made steps for my Physical Therepy at home. They stack securely, aided by the indentation that goes around the entire outer edge. The indentation also makes it easier to swing your foot up onto the platform without stumbling. The width fits nicely between the arms of my walker and I push the front edge against the wall. I now own two of these in different heights and sometimes combine them. These are the same brand and style that my Therepist has been carrying from client to client for five years, so with my use I would expect these to outlast me. Comfortable size to fit both feet onto at the same time without feeling crammed.Read more

    7. The Od

      I’m short and sometimes work for hours at a drafting table with so much photo reference on top it’s not practical to steepen the incline or everything will slide off. So I have trouble reaching the higher parts of large drawings. Made myself a wooden step to stand on, but it’s heavy and awkward to move. Recently I’ve been standing on a little 10″ plastic stool which is too puny and too high. Bad for the back. This 4″ step is lightweight, stable, and wide enough to reposition my feet. It also “gives” a little bit, so I don’t feel like I’m standing on concrete. Also got the 6″ step, to work the highest areas. Durable construction and affordable price.Read more

    8. A Little Bit of Everything

      The 6-inch step is perfect for just stepping up and down while watching tv or doing a few minutes of cardio in between weight sets, especially if you have a small space and need to stow your exercise equipment when not in use.This step is made by the same company that makes the gym-version STEPs. I found the larger gym-version step a little too big and cumbersome (all those risers). The smaller hi-step version was way too small for step-ups. This in-between step was just the right size for a basic step-up/step-over workout. When used a single platform, I think it is the sturdiest of the bunch, with no shifting. It fits under a coffee table or bed when you’re done using it. I was also surprised to open the box and find the product labelled “Proudly made in the USA.” Bonus.For those who need exact dimensions and other details, the step area on top is 22 x 11 1/2in. This seems like the perfect size for step-ups, with comfortable room on either side while stepping so you don’t feel like you’re going to slip off. The base of the step, which is a little larger than the stepping area itself, measures 26 x 15 1/2in. And I can confirm the height is 6 inches from floor to top. In the picture, the step looks almost navy blue, but in person, the color was a medium blue, like the top of the hi-step ([…]).On carpet, it is stable and doesn’t budge. It has two rubber feet at each corner, and grips nicely on flat surfaces, too. It’s light, but very sturdy, and doesn’t feel like it’s bending or dipping when you step on it. Recommended maximum weight capacity is 250.I bought this product through Amazon for under forty dollars with free shipping and received it within 3 days. Yes, most plastic things I buy are cheaper; but for a piece of exercise equipment that will last decades, won’t break or require repairs, is of good quality, is made in the USA, and arrives on my doorstep with little effort on my part, it seemed reasonable and I am happy with the purchase.Read more

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