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  • made in united states and imported
  • theraband flexbar red is right for the ones stricken by tennis elbow pain and looking to increase flexibility and variety of movement
  • clinically researched and confirmed to lessen elbow pain by means of eighty one% and increase strength in the tendons by way of 72% in tennis elbow patients, tyler twist with flexbar is easy and works
  • ridged layout is easy to grip, twist and oscillate for elbow, wrist, forearm and hand rehabilitation and upper extremity strengthening, lateral epicondylitis remedy
  • flexbar is transportable and convenient workout, rehab, and damage prevention system, packaging includes targeted workout commands
  • 12” lengthy, 1 half” diameter, crafted from dry natural rubber, takes 10 pounds of pressure to bend to a u-form
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deal with tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and tendonitis and improve hand electricity

the theraband flexbar is scientific-research-established to be effective in treating tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. The landmark study, protected through the the big apple times, reader’s digest, u. S. Nowadays, and plenty of different countrywide and international guides, confirmed that one workout finished with the theraband flexbar decreased elbow pain by way of 81% and expanded electricity in tendons with the aid of seventy two% for tennis elbow patients. The theraband flexbar is a easy, fee-effective, surgical procedure-loose, and injection-free solution for tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow.

the theraband flexbar is a flexible, long lasting tool used to complete hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow sporting activities that improve grip and forearm electricity through bending and twisting. Theraband flexbar is perfect for those seeking to support the elbow, wrist, forearm, and hand for sports activities, portray, rock climbing, guitar gambling, and lots of every day activities like starting doorways and jars.

the simple sporting events are provided with the product. By using progressing from one resistance stage to the next, the flexbar own family gives a measurable, useful exercising and schooling program.

  • four degrees of revolutionary problem.
  • made from dry natural rubber.
  • ridged design.
  • 12 inches long.
  • made in united states.
  • workout instructions included

    the theraband flexbar comes ready with workout commands to make sure proper and effective use. These at-home physical activities suggest you may deal with elbow, hand, wrist, and forearm ache without receiving extra pricey remedy. As an example, the exercise for treating tennis elbow is a easy, unmarried motion that is honestly documented in photographs (see underneath) and video. That is actual for the opposite strengthening sporting activities.

    the flexbar is likewise portable on your comfort, providing you with a strengthening and pain relieving tool that may be used at home and on the go. Easily take it with you on a business ride or excursion to by no means miss any of your workout or rehabilitation recurring.

    tyler twist workout

    start with the yellow flexbar and development to the subsequent coloration while you may easily perform 3 units of 15.

    keep the flexbar vertically in the front of you, together with your injured hand on the bottom quit, and enlarge your wrist.

    hold close the top give up of the bar along with your different hand, dealing with your palm faraway from you.

    tyler twist exercise

    twist the bar with the top hand as you stabilize with the bottom hand.

    preserve both wrists constant as you enlarge each elbows in front of you, turning the flexbar horizontally. The wrist in your injured facet need to be extended and your different wrist flexed.

    slowly launch the bar together with your injured aspect at the same time as keeping tension with the uninjured facet.

    tune your progress by way of advancing to the following flexbar degree!

    the extra light yellow flexbar has a 1 3/eight inch diameter and takes 6 kilos of force to bend in a u-form, making it best for amateur patients, kids, seniors, and those experiencing a high degree of elbow pain.

    the light pink flexbar has a 1 ½ inch diameter and takes 10 kilos of pressure to bend in a u-shape, presenting an extended issue. Crimson is the everyday start line for tennis elbow sporting activities amongst ladies and is right for his or her strengthening desires.

    the medium green flexbar has a 1 ¾ inch diameter and takes 15 kilos of force to bend in a u-form. This flexbar is high-quality for ache alleviation in musicians, painters, and gardeners. Green is the everyday place to begin for tennis elbow sporting activities amongst guys and is right for their strengthening desires.

    the heavy blue flexbar has a 2 inch diameter and takes 25 kilos of force to bend in a u-shape, making it ideal for superior and elite sports grip training for crossfit, kayaking, mountaineering, weightlifting, rowing, gymnastics, martial arts, and racquet sports activities.


    Red – Light – New Version

    5 reviews for Theraband – 26100 flexbar

    1. cashen

      I feel a little “weird” about writing a review about what amounts to be what is simply a rubber “stick,” and an overpriced one at that (Although ALL of these are over-priced with this one being the most affordable) but I am because the thing just WORKS! So I guess I should explain why I bought this. Years ago I wrecked my neck wrestling; concussion, blackout, pinched nerve. But it was survivable and I didn’t exactly seek out surgery and such. However, while it got better it never came back and that dang pinched nerve still remains. So jump some 45 years later (Gads, has it really been THAT long? Ouch!) it’s flared up and affects my right side, from neck to foot. Now, we’re not talking CRITICAL here, but when it got to the point that I can’t pick up a cup of coffee, well, time to “take action!” (Do you hear the resounding blare of trumpets in the background?) These are generally sold to help with “Tennis elbow,” but that’s just one aspect they can help with. So, my “call-to-action” was to try out some form of light therapy which led me to try this. I figured it was a good place to start and I ordered, from another vendor, the “green” version of this, what they generally call “medium.” I guess pride drove that decision given I have a very long athletic history including karate, weights, heavy weights, jogging, tennis, so on. Well, the green one brought me to admit I should’a put my pride aside — it was a bit to hard and painful — and bite the proverbial bullet and try a red one, “light.” (Sniff…) At this point lemme do a slight comparison between the green and red ones. The green is thicker, of course, and “harder” to twist and bend. As said, in my case I had to admit, I needed a lighter one and working out just great (More on that later.) And also, the green one, from another vendor, cost more, and came just wrapped in plastic with a label; no booklet nor instructions. THIS one, the red one from this vendor was less expensive and contained some pretty impressive (for such a simple product) instructions, one with color pictures and explanations of the product, and an illustrated booklet showing a dozen or so different exercises that can be done with it, many of which I’d never thought of. So now, to finish this review off I’ll first say this vendor and this “Thera-Band” product is impressive and clearly better supported than the other “stick” I bought (Although the other stick is fine in and of itself, but clearly the Thera-band developers put more pride and care in the product they’re selling.) But does it WORK? Well, while to early to state definitively, I believe so. Hey, after just a week or so (Longer if I include using the green stick) I actually NOW can drink that cup of coffee with my right hand, so I guess it passes the “coffee test!” In time I believe I’ll outgrow this red one and move to the green stick (And one Youtube video said a beginner should, as a generalization start with a lighter stick and move up so according to that advice (and common sense) that’s the right move. After that, assuming this works as I expect, I’ll forego these entirely and move back to weights. “Baby steps,” I know, but I honestly think these sticks are what was called for for me to use. (And one last thing. The instructions/description says the equivalent “weight” supplied by the different colors are 10lbs for the red ones and 15 lbs for the green — the green sticks never applied actual NUMBERS to these products and that does make some sense given elastic materials don’t really provide “weight” per-se, but it’s still nice to get some quantitative guides.) So, obviously my vote is “RECOMMENDED.” Read more

    2. West

      I’ve had really bad tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) for years. It got to the point where my tendinitis was so acute, that I couldn’t open doors or twist open water bottles. I saw two surgeons and endured years of physical therapy, but improvements were marginal. When this was recommended by a third doctor, I really didn’t believe it would help at all; I thought it was just another dumb gimmick. Boy, was I wrong! This product has really reduced the chronic pain and strengthened my arm; it’s amazing. I was advised to do three sets of five and when I started, I couldn’t even do a single one. After persisting a few days, I felt the pain subside and within two weeks, my arm started to improve rapidly. I now do my exercises religiously and they make a huge difference! I have since shared it with other tennis and pickle ball players and they’re converts, too. I wish I had known about this years ago! The ridges can give you blisters, so I found it helps to wear workout gloves to do my three sets of five exercises daily. Watch the Theraband flexbar video on YouTube to see how it is done. Your elbows will thank you! Read more

    3. D. Wright

      I bought the yellow Flexbar to help rehab my hand after surgery. It was light, as advertised, and I wanted something a little more challenging, so I bought the red one. I expected it to be noticeably thicker and more difficult, but it seems to be just like the yellow one except for color. After my hand therapist had me use her red Theraband Flexbar, I knew I should have tried to return mine. (Unfortunately, it was past the return window.) There was a huge difference between her red one and mine. At a later appointment, I brought both bars to show her, and she thought the yellow one was slightly more challenging than the red. A coworker had tennis elbow and I told her that this was supposed to help, so she bought a red one. Hers was the same size as mine, so it wasn’t just a fluke. We both bought the “newer” version, so I wonder if the older one would have been better. Read more

    4. BeckyRene

      I have been struggling with tennis elbow for years. It wasn’t too bad until last November when I bowled and did something awful (not sure what, as I have bowled a couple times over the past several years w/no trouble….). It got so bad and started to radiate down my arm. Thought I’d give the Flex Bar a try. Cheap and easy option. THIS THING WORKS!!!!!! I honestly only do it a few times a day and within a couple days the pain was almost non existent! Mind blown and heart/arm happy! Sure hope this can fix the whole problem – time will tell. 🙂 Read more

    5. Mary Ann Rocco

      Developed tennis elbow due to an ego issue (ie too much weight on my curls) and developed this constant aching pain and hardly any ability to do biceps curls, especially the eccentric part. And it impacted back and shoulder stuff too. I was told to just stop lifting until it went away. Instead I bought this and it was back in the gym immediately. I don’t use this as often as I should, instead I do it between sets when working upper body. I do look like an idiot at the gym, but it makes a huge difference. For reference I’m female, 5’2″ about 112, pretty strong for my size and the red works perfectly. I bought the green too but it was too much resistance (for me) and made the pain worse. Read more

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