Theraband ankle weights, consolation fit wrist & ankle cuff weight set, adjustable strolling weights for cardio, domestic workout, ankle strengthening & bodily therapy, green 1. 5 lb. Every, set of 2, 3 kilos

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  • set of two weights, 1. 5 kilos every, features sleek neoprene outdoors with adjustable strap and smooth non abrasive terrycloth indoors to absorb moisture
  • without problems adjusts to hug the ankle or wrist for custom designed fit, reflective trim offers introduced safety for out of doors and night use
  • boom weight in energy training and rehabilitation applications with out changing method, that is essential to the standards of innovative exercise
  • use with conventional upper and decrease body strengthening sporting events or to enhance balance schooling or stabilization physical activities, for males and females
  • theraband offers weights as a series of units to apply as an adjustable exercising recurring, use one set on wrist and another on ankle
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theraband consolation in shape ankle/wrist weights

extraordinary for rehabilitation and sports activities schooling, the theraband comfort fit ankle and wrist weight sets are a treasured tool for physical therapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, athletic running shoes, private running shoes and their patients and clients. Those weights securely strap across the wrist or ankle and allow at no cost movement throughout day by day sports. Educate and tone muscle mass and assist in publish surgical treatment recuperation with these flexible ankle and wrist cuff weights.

versatile layout

sufferers with a diffusion of conditions have benefited from carrying cuff weights for strengthening muscle groups and enhancing motion. Constantly seek advice from a fitness care professional before beginning any exercising software.

gymnasts, cheerleaders, and dancers use theraband ankle and wrist cuff weights to tone muscle tissues and educate proper shape.

theraband cuff weights are regularly used after surgical operation in physical remedy to reinforce muscle.

those cuffs are discreet enough to cover under apparel to gain a exercise in the course of work, faculty, or each day activities.

available in 3 shade-coded weight alternatives

two 1 lb. Weights.

1. Five lb. Weights.

2. 5 lb. Weights.

adjustable and cozy match

the gentle cloth liner on the internal of those weights gives an brought stage of comfort over plastic and vinyl materials used in other cuff weights. The buckle closure permits for easy adjustment to match diverse ankle and wrist sizes, and the hook and loop strap is long sufficient to drag snugly via the buckle and hold the burden in region thru all moves.

portable and without difficulty saved

use theraband ankle and wrist cuffs at home and on the cross, as these cuffs are light sufficient to take while visiting and can be without problems saved in their tube packaging.

product description

best for domestic exercise packages, theraband consolation healthy ankle & wrist weight sets permit users to growth weight in strength education and rehabilitation packages with out converting method, that’s essential to the ideas of progressive workout. Similarly to traditional higher and decrease frame strengthening physical games, the burden sets may be used to beautify stability education or stabilization sporting activities.


Red – 1 lbs Each, Green – 1.5 lbs Each, Blue – 2.5 lbs Each

8 reviews for Theraband ankle weights, consolation fit wrist & ankle cuff weight set, adjustable strolling weights for cardio, domestic workout, ankle strengthening & bodily therapy, green 1. 5 lb. Every, set of 2, 3 kilos

  1. Liz in NYC

    I purchased the 1.5 lb ankle weights to increase the challenge of my lower body-focused workouts. I found these weights to be excellent on all fronts. Unlike other reviewers, these weights were long enough to fit my ankles — with room to spare. Unlike other ankle weights, these weights have a metal buckle that the straps can be hooked through, ensuring that the weights stay on your ankles even during the most vigorous moves and for the length to be adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit. Kicks, sidekicks, high knees — the weights stay firmly in place. The soft fabric lining ensures that the weights don’t dig into your ankles. Plus, I found the weights to be well-balanced, with delineated sections that allows the weighted material to be distributed evenly in each of the sections. The only negative is that these weights would not be suited for water-based activities, as the main section of material is not waterproof and is lined with soft, terry cloth-type material. So, if you were considering these for an underwater aerobic exercise program, these weights would not be a good choice. But, for standard usage, these weights are a terrific choice, offering comfort, fit, and function at a more than reasonable price point. Read more

  2. Jennifer

    My daughter uses these weights for strength training at gymnastics, and at first they seemed great. They are easy to strap on and fit well. However, after about a month of use, they started to fall apart. The pebbles inside the weights leak, making them hard to use. These were the weights suggested by her coaches, and this has happened to a couple other girls at her gym, so I do not think it an isolated issue. Read more

  3. RJ

    So far so good. I use these while I walk on my treadclimber. I don’t usually secure them, I just pick them up. But on the few occasions I did wear them, they stayed in place pretty good . I love the Terry cloth because I hate the feel of neoprene. I wish I could wash them. And I would like if they were a little thinner. (Though I think they’re par for the course in the world of weights) They add a little something to my workout so they do what I need them to. I’d buy them again. Read more

  4. Rebecca

    I bought these ankle weights because I work out twice a day to a 30 minute aerobic dance video that I love, and I wanted to give myself a little more of a challenge. The first time I tried these, I put them on my wrists. I am not at all skinny, but I do have small bones/ wrists. I started my workout and after about 15 mins, i HAD to take them off because they slipped a little and I was honestly afraid they would go through the tv! 😀 However, after I tried them on my ankles, they worked out great! (no pun intended). I am not in the best of shape (working on it though) so I couldnt keep these on my ankles for the full 30 mins. I have to work up to it. I would recommend these for anyone who wanted to add a little variety or challenge to their workout. Read more

  5. Andy B.

    these really give a nice even toning and strengthening. I walk the dogs with on and a 3 mile walk is easier than I thought. The added weight barely noticeable. I like putting the foot ones on my biceps above elbow and the others on the wrist. Read more

  6. Aimee Quellar

    As I posted on the 2lb weights… these are great quality. BUT, there is just not enough material to go around anything less than skinny ankles. And I think since these are likely aimed at people who are trying to get into shape, we don’t have skinny ankles. Were there even 1/2 inch extra material in the are where the velcro is, I would have nothing but stellar comments about the product. But when I fasten them before walking, the velcro scratches at my ankles the entire time. Read more

  7. Jenn McCane

    I have another bulkier ankle weight with adjustable weight that was uncomfortable to wear and would not stay put. But just like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and although you’re only paying for a specific weight setting, this thing is much more comfortable and conclusively I use it more often now for training. Highly recommended. Read more

  8. DSG4

    The Thera-band ankle/wrist cuff weights are outstanding products. They are well made and are lined with soft material which makes them very comfortable to wear. The velcro with metal loop system for putting them on is easy to use and they stay where you put them. We are using them for rehab from knee replacement surgery. My only problem is that they are sold in pairs. I would like to be able to buy single weights so that I could have an economical set of different weights Read more

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