Theraband bodily remedy, blue-75cm, 75cm diameter

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  • strengthens muscle tissues, improves posture, balance, and core balance, enables save you again and backbone pain
  • 75cm diameter (30″) is designed for people from 6’2″ – 6’8″ tall
  • for guys or women, stretch the limits of your bodily fitness with the aid of integrating balance workout into your exercise or rehab habitual and increase the core muscles for fall prevention
  • smooth to easy, comes deflated with two plugs, one inflation adaptor, and a 24 exercise manual poster, electricity pump for clean inflating offered separately
  • deflates slowly if punctured, use to exercising abdominals, lower back, glutes, hips and other muscle mass, first rate for rehab and flexibility

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from the producer

seasoned series exercising balls offer the equal versatility as trendy exercising balls with the delivered benefit of the gradual deflate gain. This ball become mainly designed to deflate slowly if punctured, thereby decreasing hazard of injury. It additionally offers improved balance at the factors of frame contact and superior overall performance due to the responsive floor layout.

pro series workout ball

the theraband seasoned series workout balls are inflatable balls used to reinforce muscle mass to improve posture and help save you lower back pain. This easy product is a staple for any at home workout or rehabilitation routine. Stretch the bounds of your physical health by using integrating balance workout into your workout or rehab habitual.

  • strengthens muscle groups, along with abdominals, hamstrings, glutes, and hips
  • improves posture, balance, and core balance
  • enables save you returned and backbone ache
  • sluggish deflate era

    the theraband seasoned series scp exercise ball creates an exciting new category of top rate balls that surpass the overall performance of previous preferred and burst resistant balls. This newly designed professional exercising ball combines:

    1. Protection: sense more cozy with the sluggish deflate safety of pro series scp ball.

    2. Comfort: feel higher while you teach due to the fact seasoned collection scp provides advanced comfort at body contact points without excessive softness that impedes guide.

    3. Performance: teach extra efficiently due to the fact seasoned collection scp’s precise layout presents a extra responsive floor for regular consequences with each workout.

    included together with your ball

    every workout ball comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter, along side the theraband exercise ball manual poster detailing 24 sporting activities. This new, full-shade guidance manual with the maximum updated workout positions provides you with the proper tools for an at domestic exercise.

    more than one size options

    5 common sizes are to be had for a custom fit to deal with users from 4 ft 7 inch to 6 feet eight inch tall. Locate the right ball on your top primarily based on this chart.

    belly curl up

    place the ball beneath the small of your lower back inside the bridge function with knees at ninety stages. Lift your trunk upward, contracting your abdominals. Hold your pelvis in neutral. Do not permit the ball to transport. Regulate hand positions to change the mission of the exercising.

    bridge hip raise

    lay on ball in bridge role. Preserve returned stabilized and hips aligned with trunk. Slowly elevate one knee upward, flexing the hip. Be cautious not to permit the hips drop down. Slowly return to starting role. Repeat on different leg.

    walk out

    start with ball underneath hips. Stroll arms out to a push-up function, ending with ball under shins. Keep pelvis and neck in neutral position; hold trunk and legs in a immediately line at some point of the exercise. Slowly stroll hands returned and repeat.

    inclined bridge

    lay on ball with elbows bent and forearms resting on ball. Stabilize with your toes and lift your pelvis. Maintain impartial pelvis and neck, retaining a directly line of the trunk and lower extremities. Don’t allow ball to transport.

    product description

    the theraband pro series scp exercising ball is the latest providing in ball technology. These inflatable balls are used to reinforce muscle tissues to enhance posture and assist save you returned ache. Each workout ball comes with plugs and an inflation adapter.

    8 reviews for Theraband bodily remedy, blue-75cm, 75cm diameter

    1. Kidsis1803

      I gave it 3 stars because I feel it’s good material however, it’s definitely not a theraband stability/exercise ball I’ve owned one prior to this purchase but got tossed in the middle of our move. Note the pictures the indentations, the fake stick on branding and most importantly it does not reach its initial capacity. Do yourself a favor and purchase from their website.Read more

    2. writerted

      This ball was made of a substandard material. In my opinion it was a counterfeit version. After inflating the ball, the crease lines from folding and shipment never disappeared. The ball ended up popping along one of these crease lines. I would not recommend ordering this ball.Read more

    3. M. A. Weber

      My Chiropractor uses this brand in his office and highly recommended it. It included a handy guide to inflate it properly. You can do it with a manual (bike style) inflator, but a mechanical one is much faster and easier. It also included an extra plug. I asked him how often he had to add air to the one in his offices, and he said he has used them for a long time and never had to do that. It works well and seems like it will last us a long time…Read more

    4. Robert R. Fisher

      I’ve used Theraband exercise balls for years and I’ve never had one wear out or fail. Do follow the instructions on the initial fill.If you were introduced to this product in physical therapy or the gym, you may know many of the best exercises, if not, a handy wall poster describes many of the exercises you would want to try.The benefits? This ball helps the user exercise a variety of muscles in a low impact way to protect knees and lower back. Which I need!Read more

    5. PLC

      Really good quality. Glad I paid the extra money for this brand. Feel safe that it won’t leak. Recommend electric inflator rather than hand pump. Comes with helpful booklet of ways to use the ball. Recommend.Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      My hubbbie uses this as an office chair and loves it! We were looking to spend more, but one day he tried it as a joke and hasn’t moved form his office since. He also bounces on it sometimes and baby comes and play with it. Great multipurpose ball :)Read more

    7. corinne kelly

      I did TONS of research on exercise balls and this one had good reviews. I bought it and I really do like it!! I know some have had a tough time with blow up but I followed the instructions And used the tape they gave with it. However mine did not blow up to the size of the tape. The tape was very very big and mine is at full capacity. Anymore and it would be unusable. But as long as you know how to put air in slowly then you should be fine. I also used an electric air pump.Read more

    8. Wise shopper

      second time I received the wrong much smaller size. I wonder if this is a scam because the label says its 75 but at the rehab clinic its 3x the size with the same label. hmmmm who checks this.Read more

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