Theraband expert latex resistance tubing with smooth handles for physical therapy

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  • make sure this suits
  • via getting into your version variety.
  • exercising & give a boost to muscle tissues within the top & decrease frame to build power, growth movement and enhance conditioning
  • big tender grip handles are clean to slip over toes & ankles to supply an powerful decrease frame workout ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscle mass
  • colour-coded progressive resistance device allows customers to recognize improvement as it happens, as you grow more potent you may circulate as much as the following color
  • rehabilitate muscle groups via easy but powerful workout routines to increase strength & improve movement
  • special heavy black tubes are the 6th of eight stages of resistance and terrific for rehabilitation and better stage resistance, they provide 7. Three lbs. Resistance and 25% boom from preceding colour at a hundred% elongation and 10. 2 lbs. At 200%
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  • can i take out the tubes and replace with a exceptional colour? Or are those permanently placed?
  • can i take out the tubes and update with a unique coloration? Or are those permanently located?

  • will the handles assist you to update the rubber tubing if needed?
  • will the handles will let you replace the rubber tubing if needed?


    Black – Special Heavy, Silver – Super Heavy

    8 reviews for Theraband expert latex resistance tubing with smooth handles for physical therapy

    1. Taz Emporium

      Well-made and does what it’s supposed to, but I’ve found that I just don’t use it; I’ve instead gone back to using my old thera-band tube without the handles and moreso, a thera-band flat exercise band. The problem with this handled tube is that the length of the tube is set, so if you need exactly 50″ you’re good, but if you want something a bit shorter, there’s no decent way to adjust it. You could pull the tube through the handles’ holes and tie knots in them to shorten it, I suppose, but then you’d have to undo the knots to lengthen it again; and different exercises will require different lengths, of course.So: if 50″ is exactly what you need, this is perfect and well-constructed; otherwise you might be better off with something that’s less comfortable to hold, but is quickly and easily adjustable, simply by holding your stretchy material in various places. Thera-Band has plenty of options for tubing w/o handles, and more useful than that, I think, are their exercise bands.Read more

    2. M

      yep.I like it. I love using these things. They are great for creating a home gym and then that gym can be placed in a drawer.My advice: buy a two by four and a few eye screws. With the right mounting and screw placement you’ve just built a multi position fly machine.Read more

    3. MLM

      Product is as advertised. Driver left my front dog gate open. Fortunately, I noticed before the dog did!!Read more

    4. flowerchild

      Good, strong bands! My husband uses these every day.We’ll see how long they last…Read more

    5. Ratbert the Optimist

      Works well but not as handy as I had hoped. The handles are comfortable. But with a fixed length, uses with the handles are limited. You can of course still use this tube without the handles, or cut and modify the length to your liking.Also, you get one tube, the black one as stated in the text. The picture shows the different strength tubes and can cause some confusion if you don’t read the text.Read more

    6. Brian

      Do they make this same band with handles heavier – this heavy one isn’t exactly what i wanted and didn’t see anything heavierThanksRead more

    7. jonago

      Cleverly made, nice & light, so good for taking on trips so I can keep up with my rehab.Read more

    8. Rich

      Received a fake Theraband, see band in center of photo.Read more

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